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  1. Osama Bin Laden says:

    They DIDN’T HAVE to kill the dog too!

  2. bobbo, you must respeck mah authoratay!! says:

    Thinking about it, while dogs do form attachments to their masters that survive death, I don’t think they survive the Master Gone overseas for who knows how long and the body being presented in an entirely new setting and probably smelling of oak stain, cordite, camel shit, and embalming fluid.

    I’m going with staged.

  3. Peppeddu says:

    # 2

    Why do you think they use dogs to find smugglers who carry drugs in well sealed boxes?

    If dogs can smell drugs while playing (’cause for them it’s a play thing) they can definitively smell the master well sealed inside a “box” when they are purposely searching for it.

  4. BigBoyBC says:

    “Play Dead” No Mike, I was talking to the dog… Mike? Mike? Oh Hell Mike you’re not playing!

  5. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    McCullough…I apologize too. Bad day, indeed.

  6. fpp2002 says:

    To everyone who thinks this is staged, you’ve obviously never had a dog. It’s bloody amazing what they can smell. Dog’s noses are a million (literally, a million) times more sensitive than a human nose. There’s even evidence they can smell certain types of cancer. So don’t try to tell me they can’t smell their owner in a wooden casket.

  7. Miguel says:

    Not staged, I’ve heard of similar situations quite a few times.

  8. Observer says:

    The funeral director did a crappy job getting the casket centered on the church truck.

  9. brm says:


    “this is a beautiful moment and you denigrate it by politicizing it.”

    Yeah, nothing more beautiful than the dead bodies from a pointless war.

    War is political. Get over it.

  10. bobbo, you must respeck mah authoratay!! says:

    Evidently, since just about “everything” has or can possibly happen, there is no likelihood at all for anything ever being staged.

    Oh wait……events have been staged too. The flag planting on Io Jima?

    How does one tell the difference? How about appeal to emotions, lighting, composition? Who brought the dog to the funeral home? Who didn’t let the dog out of the room.

    Ok, not staged. Forced.

  11. fpp2002 says:

    bobbo, wow, how difficult it must be for you to by so cynical all the time. That must suck.

    My dad, a retired minister who has done literally thousands of funerals over the course of his long career, has seen this before. He’s even seen them scratch and whine at the coffin. Disturbing, but true. Dogs definitely grieve, and they’re definitely a part of any family, worthy of being present at a funeral.

    Sometimes a photo is just a photo. Too bad you have to put your cynical spin on it with no evidence other than saying, “things have been staged before”.

  12. bobbo, you must respeck mah authoratay!! says:

    fpp==actually, it is fun, self rewarding to be cynical, to see thru things, to see things as they really are.

    Is this picture staged?

    Define staged: dog brought to the funeral home==staged. Dog left home and he ran 25 miles to the funeral home and jumped in thru an open window to be near his master?==not staged.

    My common sense tells me the truth of this picture is closer to staged as defined than as not staged as defined.

    What is your definition?

  13. fpp2002 says:

    bobbo: people bring dogs to funerals. It happens more often than you probably think. I highly doubt that the taker of the photo, a cousin, was even the same person who brought the dog there. She took the photo for other family members who couldn’t see what she could from the aisle.

    My common sense tells me it is nothing more than a dog grieving for its owner. Simplest explanation is usually the truth. You sound like a conspiracy theorist. A bunch of unlikely events would have to all line up for this to be staged.

  14. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas. says:

    fpp–a conspiracist? …..ok, yes, I can see a cynic going either way. I am more on the cynical anti-conspiracy type unless it involves sex or money/sex and money==and politicians.

    No–I would simply ask you to focus on what I more often than not do: define your words–its how we think.

    I would “advise” you that until you can see/construct/imagine/hypothecate pro’s and con’s to both sides of a question======you are really being unthinking.

    Yes===I ask you to THINK. Is that being cynical???? Ha, ha.

    More here especially for those that love having sunshine pumped up their ass at funerals. There is a war on afterall.

  15. brm says:

    I have never before been so definitively on bobbo’s side of a discussion.

    You know, everybody else, you can still believe the photo’s genuine while acknowledging these kinds of pics are sometimes staged.

    And since you can’t prove it *wasn’t* staged…

  16. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas. says:

    brm–thanks. But it was staged as I defined the term.

    Take a picture of a dog trying to go to sleep outside in your back yard. Is it actually mourning the death of the family parakeet from two years ago?

    The only difference would be the caption.

    Ha, ha.

  17. bobbo, to my good friend Rob Leather says:

    Let’s ASSUME what the dog is “thinking?”
    Let’s ASSUME its actually his master in the coffin?

    Let’s ASSUME we aren’t being MANIPULATED by the media for our eyeballs.

    We have to ASSUME, because none of us know. But let’s ASSUME, disagree, and fight one another. Its how Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson and his 21 buddies got killed in Afghanistan: doing what he loved. Not assuming though: just following orders: take a slow moving aircraft with no defenses and go into a hot zone during daylight hours.

    Be proud.

  18. fpp2002 says:

    Yes, I completely agree these things can be staged, absolutely. brm, you can’t prove it *was* staged.

    bobbo, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  19. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas. says:

    fpp–you ain’t gettin it.

    You can’t disagree with a conditional statement.

    You are trapped in your own limitations.

    Would you still disagree if I asked you if you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

    That kind of thing.

    “By Definition.” //// Thinking.====Yea, verily

  20. fpp2002 says:

    bobbo, YOU don’t get it. You think it was staged. I do not. Hence, we disagree.

  21. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas. says:

    fpp==what would your opinion be “if” ((you know what if means right?))—if “staged” meant the dog was brought to the funeral home?

    simple question. You should answer as your intellect allows knowing all the while that you can define staged as whatever the caption on the picture says.

    Ha, ha.

  22. Respect says:

    I hope all of you stupid fucks grow up one day.

  23. Rupert Murdoch says:

    This is so Wag The Dog that it was even IN Wag The Dog… Good Ol’ Shoe…


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