A Las Cruces woman has been charged $1,122 by a local hospital for a forcible body cavity search ordered by the Metro Narcotics Agency that did not turn up any illegal substances.

She is now asking the county to pay her hospital bill.

The woman, who is not being named because she was not arrested or criminally charged, was searched at Memorial Medical Center on July 1, according to a tort claim notice Las Cruces attorney Michael Lilley served to the county this week.

The woman is refusing to pay the $1,122 she was subsequently billed for the body cavity search, the tort claim notice shows.

Metro Sgt. Mike Alba said agents had “credible information from a reliable source” that the woman was concealing up to an ounce of heroin, leading to the search warrant from Magistrate Court. The woman, who has no criminal history in New Mexico, was in custody for several hours…

The county has a policy of not commenting on threatened or pending litigation.

Idiots. So much for what Las Cruces considers credible and reliable.

Thanks, Cinaedh

  1. WmDE says:

    She was probably given two choices for the search:

    1. The County Jail

    2. Nice clean Hospital with medical personnel.

    She chose the one that would send a bill. I don’t think medical folks generally touch you without your consent.

  2. sargasso_c says:

    UN International Criminal Court web site. “It is by now a settled rule of customary international law that crimes against humanity do not require a connection to international armed conflict.” Crimes within the Court’s Jurisdiction http://bit.ly/oAT7dJ

  3. What? says:

    I hope she sues the sheet out of NM.

  4. Jim G says:

    “reliable information from a credible source”….. NOT!

  5. god says:

    I get it. Pedro’s going to volunteer to perform the cavity searches on the Irish priests.

  6. TooManyPuppies says:

    Send the bill to Obama, let Obama Care pay for it. Then sue the individuals involved in the search personally, not the agencies. The doctor or nurse and each office for rape. Sue for the name of the “tipster” and sue him personal as well.

    This right here is exactly how it worked in Germany with the Stazi. Huge numbers of people were ratted on not because they did anything illegal, but because of personal vendettas.

  7. Derek says:

    Nice to know that getting an 1122 dollar bill is more outrageous than her getting violated because she “might” have drugs. Are people REALLY this supportive of the war on drugs that they thing government forced molestation is ok? If someone wants drugs so badly that they will hide it in their ass or vagina, then let them have the drugs. Sink all the money spent on the “war on drugs” and dump it into rehabs. It will do far more to combat drugs than paying doctors to inspect ass holes or vaginas.

  8. Chris Mac says:

    paying to fly deserves an ass raping.. buy your own plane!

  9. pedro says:

    #25 I thought priests molested kids for you. Or shall I say, they look for kids for you to molest.

  10. Grandpa says:

    When they catch someone in this country illegally a forced cavity search should be automatic procedure.

    • Dr. Norman Murphy says:

      And, who said she was an undocumented worker? Likely at your age their isn’t much body left to search or you are so obese they couldn’t search you.

  11. Franklin Mossheadinger says:

    I had a cavity, but I had if filled.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anyone starting to get a 1938 Nazi Germany feeling here?

  13. DoctorWally says:

    All you “Obamacare” nutjobs — stop talking out your butt. Read the ACTUAL legislation, don’t just spout what you heard from Rush or Fox. It makes you look stupid (ignorance is excusable, willful ignorance despite the facts is just stupid).

    When are we going to admit defeat in the “war on drugs”? What has it accomplished besides filling the prisons to the burst point? Has demand for drugs diminished? Has the amount of money involved diminished? Has the level of violence at our southern border diminished? Is there ANY objective measurement you can point to that indicated any sort of “success”? At this point in any war, it is time to fire the Generals (DEA) and switch tactics. Otherwise we just continue to pour money and lives down the rathole, while we trample the freedoms of people like this poor victim. I would think all you TeaBaggers would be all about reining in the wasteful “war on drugs”, or is that just part of the towering mound of hippocracy you espouse?

  14. pedro says:

    #34 Tell that to the Wacko nutjob supreme court judge who had his head up his ass watching Fox when he ruled against it.

  15. GeorgiaRulz says:

    For many of Americans, the Nixon Administration is ancient history, with only the vaguest association to something called “Watergate.” In fact, the so called “war on drugs” was started in earnest by Richard Nixon and then Attorney General John Mitchell. This was enthusiastically supported by conservatives who saw it as a way of protecting the “moral majority” from the nefarious influence of drug besotted hippies.

  16. Benjamin says:

    Agreed. End the war on drugs. We don’t need to pay to house a bunch of drug-addled hippies in a prison for years and years. Those of us who don’t take drugs don’t want to deal with the collateral damage in the drug war, never mind paying the costs.

    Not only should this woman not have to pay for being groped, but she is entitled to a bit of money for her troubles.

  17. Dexton7 says:

    Drugs are illegal to enforce scarcity – so that the government can profit from their own drug imports and make lots of money for their favorite black book projects.

    It also gives the government an excuse to do pointless disgusting things like this. Way to go out-of-control oppressive government. Good job..

  18. morramm says:

    she should charge them

  19. Dr. Norman Murphy says:

    The officers and the judicial official who authorized the search should all be sued. Judges know full well that policeman are the most blatant liars in the United States and particularly New Mexico.

    Let them all be hung by their balls until they are castrated and then put them in prison and make them pay at least 1M USD per person involved.

    The law may be an “Ass,” but these law enforcement idiots are the toilet of mankind.