Police in Utah are searching for a group of construction workers, students and bystanders. But for a good reason.

This group is credited with saving a man’s life by working together to lift a burning car and pull a man to safety.

It was a “life-saving move that the Logan Police Department does not want to go unnoticed,” said Jeff Curtis, assistant chief of the police department in Logan, Utah.

The incident occurred Monday morning on a street near Utah State University and was captured on video.

Police said the BMW pulled out of a parking lot and in front of Wright. Curtis said the motorcyclist tried to avoid the car, which resulted in him laying the motorcycle down. After crashing, gas spilled out of the motorcycle and ignited, engulfing both the motorcycle and the front end of the car in flames…The motorcyclist became lodged underneath the burning vehicle…

Curtis said police are trying to find the people who helped so they can be recognized for their efforts at a city council meeting.

People torn from an ordinary day by extraordinary circumstances. Caring – as we all should – for the life of another human being.

  1. bobbo, the law is what happens whether you like it or not says:

    nate–I think what we both agree on that Micky will continue to refuse to even consider is that these situations are fact specific. There will be errors and mistakes made by people whatever the rule is. Mike and too many social critics like to isolate themselves and think there is only one good rule and Obaman/Democrats aren’t following it.

    Reality is much more interactive than that. I would take the rule as the common language clearly means: as a volunteer helper I cannot be sued even when I am stupid and negligent as long as I am not intentionally or grossly so.

    With more time–the guy in the video should have had his head and neck protected from damage as he was pulled from the wreck==but there was no time to do so and I saw no “gross” activity going on. Now–same scenario and a street curb was 10 feet away. I’d say actionable negligence if the guy was dragged 10 feet away and then head bounced off a 6 inch curb.

    Others may differ.

  2. kida says:

    They did what they had to do- and ragging him out they way they did was the best way- his neck and spine stayed pretty much straight. They did not have the space or strength to maintain holding the car up to get someone under there to brace/splint his neck or spine. And at the end of the day, a crippling injury beats the hell out of burning to death…

    How about the flip side of this argument? What about the dangers they faced?

    I have my first aid cert. (I know CPR and basic injury treatment) and had a situation a while back where I unwittingly gave CPR to a car-crash victim infected with a blood-borne disease, without a protective mask. I had no way of knowing (He carried no warning cards, tattoos or medi-alert bracelet). Luckilly for me, I was un-infected, but my point is, it is risky for everyone; the person being saved, and the person doing the saving. It is not an easy or small thing to do. Would i do it again? Definitely.

    Ps. Guy lived- sends me a small bunch of flowers each year on the anniversary of his accident 🙂 (Not asked for/needed, but a sweet and appreciated gesture)

  3. Scarlett says:

    This story is truely amazing! I got ran over and trapped under the motor of a car when I was 16. I was under the car over 45mins. Here is my link.. http://neverdoubtpossibilities.blogspot.com/?m=1


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