Thanks to Gasparrini

  1. spsffan says:

    I loathe motorcycles. Noisy annoying things. Like dogs and children. Feh!

  2. Derek says:

    Putin is MEGATONS more badass than Obama. Putin would kick Obama’s ass any day of the week. Of course, I would rather have Obama as an American president any day of the week. I would rather deal with a whiny man child that I disagreed with than a dude that could hold his own.

  3. Zybch says:

    Seems to be that one of them is trying to compensate for a small penis.

  4. darkwolfbc says:

    I would give Obama mad props if he rolled out of the white house in a big biker gang instead of in the limo

  5. deowll says:

    Kind of antiquated.

    I think if I was going with a three wheeler I’d prefer one of the newer designs with two wheels in front and one in back. They are much more stable in turns.

    Not wearing a helmet is foolish.

  6. President Amabo says:

    One has really smelly farts. One likes to smell his own farts.

  7. BigBoyBC says:

    One is the leader of a powerful nation and the other is Obama…

  8. KMFIX says:

    Is this really a Troll site now?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Did I miss something? Isn’t Dmitry Medvedev the current President of Russia? I’m pretty sure Barack Obama is the current President of the USA. So wouldn’t it would be more fitting to compare Obama to Medvedev?

    But if you want a real belly buster, how about comparing Dmitry Medvedev to Bill Clinton?! You remember old Bill don’t you? The guy who put America on the fast track to hell by signing NAFTA and normalizing relations with North Vietnam. Ya! That other non-deserving Nobel Prize winner who was also IMPEACHED!

  10. Miguel says:

    OMG, Putin is more hardass than Chuck Norris!!!

  11. McCullough says:

    AND he only drinks Dos Equis…be well my friend.

  12. Peppeddu says:

    Putin is doing it for a photo op
    Obama is just excercising

    If you want to compare toys for toys get the photo of Bush landing on an aircraft carrier.

  13. Ah_Yea says:

    So Bush is more badass than Obama also?? I believe it.

  14. Miguel says:

    Obama would have to ride the Space Shuttle to beat that… oh wait… he killed it…

  15. Dallas says:

    No, I would say Bush is less of an ass but both Putin and Bush attract a fair amount of dips needing to worship a powerful father figure.

  16. Ah_Yea says:

    Kinda like how Dallas worships Obama??

  17. Look at that determined look Putin has on his face like he is going somewhere
    While Obama looks like “Driving Miss Daisy”
    How come Putin is in the much more deadly vehicle with no motorcycle road helmet
    and Obama tools around with the mandatory epa approved bicycle “crash helmet”

  18. Glenn E. says:

    Putin has his own custom built muscle trike. While so many of his countrymen can’t even afford a regular bike. Let alone a gas fueled behemoth, surrounded by bodyguards on more bikes! Good old Ten Speed Obama, at least appears to be more in step with what the rest of Americans can afford these days. You can bet that if a Republican follows him, that prez won’t be tooling around on anything that doesn’t cost at least a year’s wages for the rest of us. So what’s so awful about having a frugal prez, for a change? Or the first lady wearing the same dress a few times. The recently married UK Duchess, was seen wearing the same jeans, three days in a row. And not a single Republican/FOX wag, said anything against her. But apparently, they prefer first ladies who spend, spend, spend. As long as they’re republicans.

  19. e? says:

    #50 – Glenn E.

    Frugal?? You mean like the $50,000/wk holiday homes in Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii, the 80 rounds of golf, his wife’s huge vacation spend in Spain and South Africa and taking a separate plane to their vacations together to save a couple of hours, and tooling around on the $1.1m Canadian bus?

    Yeah, really frugal. A true example for living within one’s means.

  20. Angel H. Wong says:

    One is a fascist creep with a ties to the KGB.

    The other one is Urkel.

  21. GregAllen says:

    This has to be one of the dumbest discussion threads I can remember on D.U.

    The photos are meaningless.

  22. green says:

    I know which one I’d rather chat over some drinks with.

  23. honeyman says:

    Ha! You know America is at an all time low when Americans are envious of the mafia state that is Russia.

  24. tyre equipment says:

    Yeah! They are the man of the century.
    I wish I would become like one of them!


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