The interesting Occupy Wall Street protests are growing since their inception on the 17th of Sept. The news media has either trivialized it (NY Times) or suppressed coverage (CNN, etc.) on behalf of unstated special interests. One can assume that bankers and the city government of NYC does not want to give anyone any ideas. That said a scan of out-of-state Craigslist postings for ride sharing to NYC for the sole purpose of joining these protests is increasing. Episodes of police brutality on otherwise friendly and non-violent protesters will make matters worse as the NYC city officials grows inpatient with the crowd. The on the ground crowd estimates vary widely but the number of protesters in not insignificant. This could be the final straw that kills big media if they do not step up and cover this story immediately.

There are good home brew videos available that are being taken down for no apparent reason by You Tube.

What we have left are a lot of unedited and random videos that need to be consolidated into a real narrative,

  1. Drive By Poster says:

    Assuming anybody’s still reading the replies to this post…

    noname said,
    “# 30 Drive By Poster
    Regarding your pnt#1, nice try at re-writing history!

    From Bush’s earliest days in office, …”

    That actually started way back either during the end of Bush Sr’s Presidency or during the 1st term of the Clinton administration. It was pushed by congressional democrats on the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae side.

    Frankly, it’s getting seriously tiresome how the Political Left functionally insist that American history began with the G W Bush’s Presidency just so you can make him out to be the source of all of the world’s Ills that Obama “inherited”.

  2. tcc3 says:

    #39 DriveByPoster

    Nice, try to slip in the last word when you think no one is looking. Living up to your pseudonym.

    So you’re getting tired of the left blaming bush, then you finish up with an implication that its Clinton and/or Obamas fault. As long as the blame rests with the left, it doesn’t even have to make sense, right?

    Bottom line, blaming the CRA is exactly the partisan fear-mongering blame you claim to abhor. Not only was it not the issue, it doesn’t even make sense.

  3. smoke51 says:

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