DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Call it another sign of our difficult economic times: Hallmark has taken a cue from the nation’s 9.1 percent unemployment rate and released a line of cards for people who’ve lost their jobs. Caring or insulting?

“It’s says something about the economy I suppose. But it also says something about that folks are still loving and caring and want to encourage folks along the way,” Emily Louis said. Louis was in a Dallas Hallmark store looking for a birthday card. Asked if she would give someone who lost a job one of the new cards, she said, “Yeah, I think I would.” Frank Fernandez, who owns Monica’s Hallmark in Dallas, said, “The cards are flying off the shelves.”

Call it caring with a twist. The kind that tells you, “When life gives you a lemon, go ahead and make a martini with it,” as one so boldly suggests.

Confucius say: Never let a good crisis go to waste…Or was that Rahm Emanuel?

  1. legendinmyownmind. says:

    Like some other holidays this is just the first step to create a national unemployment artificial holiday to benefit the greeting card companies.


    just step one.

  2. alanwrench says:

    Why tell them in person when a card will. It’s better than being e-mailed.

    Is this how Hallmark fired their workers?

    But I care. Pick up your things so that security can escort you off the property. And don’t forget your card.

  3. MikeN says:

    You get your job when Obama gives up his.

  4. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    They need a card for the small business owner to give to the employee after screwing him over on his pay.

    A local restaurant withheld most or all of the pay of some of its employees. After numerous attempts to get the backpay, the wife of an employee went to the local TV station (“Ch 6 On Your Side”). The TV station investigated and found that it is now a different restaurant, but run by the same management/owners. The TV reporter then went to the state Dept of Labor who gave the sage advice of maintaining a record of hours worked (perhaps by using an app) and then turning it in to the DOL.

    They will be on the streets or on food stamps before the state gets any results. John Boenhner and Eric Cantor should be proud of such “Job Creators”.

  5. Derek says:

    You know what helps an economy rebound? Constantly changing tax codes, constant threatening of tax hikes, massive increases in health costs and coverages, and an administration that hasn’t a clue about living within a budget. Nothing makes investors spend and businesses grow than never knowing what tomorrow’s taxes might look like. It instill massive confidence and allows business to clearly know future operating costs, right?

  6. msbpodcast says:

    Used to be you got an “Exit Interview” by some little girl in H.R. who didn’t know what you did, with who and why, and to whom complaining would have about as effective as telling your sex troubles to your neighborhood imam/minister/priest/rabbi.

    Now that they laid off the little girl, all you get is this crummy card.

    Shut the Hell up about working here, we certainly will about your ever having been here; and don’t let the door hit’ya where the lord done split’ya.

  7. MikeN says:

    Send a card to the designer of this web page.

  8. MikeN says:

    Noname, that link is deceiving in two ways. One, it is not up to date, not the writer’s fault. The other is the scale. Bush had 8 years while Obama has 2, If you stretch out Obama’s chart by 4, then you see the underwater period is the same as Bush, and actually a bit worse. About the only thing Obama has going for him is the single highest month, but overall Bush is better. The most recent period shows Obama with a net zero jobs, President Zero. And this is not total employment, but change in employment. So Obama hasn’t grown much of anything out of the bad economy he inherited, while Bush did pretty well with the economy he inherited.

  9. Glenn E. says:

    Was Hallmark around during the Stock Market crash of 1929? Because I wasn’t. And I might have missed their line of “So you just out of your office window” sympathy cards. Just asking.

  10. Jerome Tllo says:

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  11. I see no solution to the dire job situation. I believe that it will worsen. Think about this even in the very best of times companies were in some cases very unwilling to give decent raises and benifits. Now we have a situation where they don’t even need all the personal they have now. In a environment like today a company can easily get away without giving raises or even offering benifits in many cases. Earnings of fortune 500 companies are at record levels. The problem is not that most companies are unable to compensate their employees fairly its that they just choose not to do so.


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