In this time of mourning over the passing of Steve Jobs it is important to understand what made him such and outstanding individual. And although it is an inconvenient truth to some people, his success was due to using LSD. That is what Apple’s trademark phrase “Think Differently” is referring to.

In his own words, Jobs said that taking LSD was “one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.” This is what Steve Jobs himself believed was his advantage over Microsoft Windows, saying of Bill Gates, “He’d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.”


Although it is generally good to teach our children to “say no to drugs” not all drugs are the same. Kids should definitely say no to drugs like cigarettes, excessive alcohol, cocaine, and methamphetamine. But when it come to the psychedelic drugs like marijuana, mescalin, and LSD one has to appreciate that when used properly these drugs can have a profound and permanent positive effect transforming the individual in a way that allows someone to “Think Differently” and be the forefront of computer development like Steve Jobs was.

So when you sit down in front of your Mac computer, your iPod, iPad, iPhone, and listen to you music on iTunes, think of Steve Jobs and wonder where the world would be today if not for the people who “Think Differently” that create all this wonderful technology we enjoy.

  1. horse says:

    How did that work for his pancreas

    • bloom says:

      I think the HIV is what killed him.

      • Noah says:

        Uh, did you really just crack not only a joke about HIV, but also on a great person who recently died? That’s in really bad taste.

  2. John Dingler, artist says:

    LSD, DMT, and similar psychoactive drugs are beneficial when used properly, but then Fundamentalist Christians and the National Security State demonized it and its users to the detriment of a better world.

  3. mike says:

    I really like it when drunks get down on drug users and the only difference is the legality of the substance used.

  4. Jason says:

    I know two people whose lives have be ruined by LSD. One hung himself while on LSD, the other now hears voices, has delusions and can’t work and probably never will be able to. And even though this person got lots of support and has tried all sorts of medicine, not much has helped.

    I hope doctors and scientist can figure this all out, and soon.

    • Dan says:

      I know about 10 people personally who’s life got transformed for the better by psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. People got cured of their OCD, depressions (even when medicine didn’t help them), paranoia.
      It’s a double-edged sword. A tool. You can’t blame the hammer for the idiot who smashed his face with it.

      • justareader says:

        I can fully support that claim. I took psilicybin mushrooms in my late twenties at a weekend hangout at my best friend’s house. I never did any drugs before besides alcohol and cigarettes. The trip took about 8 hours and was one of the most stunning and beautiful experiences I had up to that day (I rank it right after the first kiss with my first girl friend:). In the following two weeks the personal insights I had gained on that night completely transformed my life. I was working with the police at the time and realized that up until that night I was a total arrogant and selfish prick that mindlessly repeated (and believed) anything my superiors threw at me. The downside was that I suddenly realized that most of my fellow officers and friends still were the same kind of prick I used to be and I just couldn’t stand them anymore. So it took me three more month until I finally quit the police force and enrolled at university. Now I’m a security advisor at a european embassy. A job I would have never dared to dream of back when I was patrolling the streets. I also would have never met my wife (and children) if I stayed the person I was before. So looking back, I owe everything I achieved to this one psylocibin experiment. Of course I would never tell that to my wife and kids (because it sounds insane) but it’s the truth. It changed my life completely.
        However, for my two best friends who talked me into this weekend trip, nothing changed at all. So I guess, it’s different for everyone.

  5. jdmurray says:

    If LSD was responsible for the phrase that made every English teacher scream (and not in a good way), it may have also been responsible for the phrases “It’s more cheesier,” “Got milk,” and “…the world in which we live in” too.

  6. Bob the Builder says:

    “one has to appreciate that when used.. these drugs can” cause pancreatic cancer.

    • Noah says:

      “one has to appreciate that when used…” your keyboard can make you look like an ass.

  7. the thing is, those meds are wrought for abuse,,, getting them “properly used” is an elusive reality because of their addictive properties..

    Jobs simply made good sense.

  8. youfuelmyrage says:

    Dewy @ Brochure Printing, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. The psychedelic substance LSD has NO addictive properties what-so-ever.

  9. I think use of illicit narcotics could certainly explain your personal politics. And the format still sucks.

  10. Joel says:

    This makes me like apple so much more. 🙂 LSD has a lot of potential to boost creativity, and I’m glad Steve Jobs has done his part to eliminate the stigma.


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