A Los Angeles police sergeant was arrested Sunday on suspicion of burglary after a woman found him inside her home near the San Bernardino National Forest and sprayed him with a potent form of pepper spray that is typically used to ward off bears, authorities said.

LAPD Sgt. Lucien Daigle allegedly fled but crashed his car a few miles from the woman’s Mentone home, said San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Sgt. Paul Morrison. Daigle reeked of pepper spray when he was approached and had valuables inside his car that belonged to the woman, Morrison said. It was only during the booking process, Morrison said, that deputies learned that Daigle, 44, was an LAPD sergeant.

Authorities said there is no indication that Daigle, a Highland resident, is acquainted with the victim. “It was a burglary,” Morrison said. Morrison said the break-in occurred sometime before 6:20 p.m. Sunday in the 8900 block of Tres Lagos Drive in Mentone, a remote community near Redlands.

The homeowner told deputies she had taken her dogs for a walk and returned to find a man inside her home, Morrison said. “She had sprayed the intruder with bear pepper spray. It is five times more powerful than pepper spray we use in law enforcement,” he added.

Too bad it wasn’t a bear trap.

  1. Speed Racer says:

    Well, it’s all because of the economy, and it’s George Bush’s fault.

  2. EnemyOfTheState says:

    Visit Mentone Beach!

  3. John E. Quantum says:

    “a potent form of pepper spray that is typically used to ward off bears” greatly understates the capability of this product to cause agony.

  4. McCullough says:

    Yeah, it was a good choice.

  5. Animby - just phoning it in says:

    “Too bad it wasn’t a bear trap.”
    Or a .44 mag.

    Being California, the cop will probably sue her for restraint of trade or something. Or assault with a spicy weapon…

  6. deowll says:

    I’m glad she didn’t use a bear trap. She would have gotten into a lot of trouble where as this way only the perp got in trouble.

    Please do not take this to mean I have any objections to using a bear trap to catch a thief. I had an ancestor that did however it is most likely a miracle he didn’t break the man’s arm. He didn’t have him arrested either. He let him go after letting him spend the night with his arm in the trap. He heard the man scream but didn’t check the trap till morning.

    I had another relative that shot a chicken thief with bird shot while he was departing over a fence with one of his hens. It was most likely an in law not noted for his work ethic. At least he was known to have visited a doctor and had some shot removed. No arrests were made but no more humans were caught visiting his hen house in the middle of the night.

    However commendable such actions may be they would result in the property owner being imprisoned and sued for everything they owned in this day and age.

  7. Dr Peppermint Fur says:

    I keep a bottle of Sriracha for just such as occasion.

    • Animby - just phoning it in says:


      Poop! Here in Thailand, they use rooster sauce to ease a baby’s teething pain. Nursing mothers to soothe cracked nipples. Farmers use it as eye drops after a hard day in the field. (Okay, I admit, the farmers usually dilute it 50/50 with Sang Som.)

      • Dr Peppermint Fur says:


      • ubiquitous talking head says:

        That stuff is DEEEE LISHUSH. It’s so popular around here now that they sell it just about everywhere, even some convenience stores.

  8. sargasso_c says:

    Had he ID’d himself as an investigating officer to the owner, before getting #bearsprayed then she would now be wearing orange overalls and ankle chains. There needs to be provision in military law that covers law enforcement officers in army Court Martial.

  9. msbpodcast says:

    Yay, a thief’s clawing his eyes out. (Just because he was wearing a badge and abusing the office in the second worst way possible by breaking and entering, doesn’t means that he’s not likely to be given his badge back though. [This happened in LA. Rodney King country…])

    He probably crashed his car because the constantly streaming tears made it too hard to see.

    He’ll have to take a lot of ribbing about that.

    And I bet she’ll be the victim of a domestic disturbance at her home next time.

  10. bb says:

    I’m out of here. The redesign sucks.

  11. Post #14- bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist CANNOT FIX this blog all by hisself, but tries nontheless says:

    I understand good cops going bad but not this cop just becoming a common low class criminal akin to any dope head looking for his next fix.

    I would think looking to rip off drug crime money or store robbery safes would be the thing to do? Immediately someone else to blame if the crime is even noticed? Makes me think either this guy is really just this stupid or maybe the crimes of opportunity I day dream about really don’t come up that often?

    So many fantasies done under by reality. Reality really sucks you know? Like this blog.

    Speaking of which: question to our editors/monitors: you must review the entire thread several times to make sure Alfie is on his meds and what not? Do you have to “search” the threads as we do or do you have a notification system that presents them as entered? Just curious if you are more comfortable with the new system BECAUSE you don’t have to use it.

    Rather amusing—a critical blog/service about all things that insulateS itself from criticism. Complains about non-responsive government but is non-responsive itself.

    Answer the question: why are you NOT NUMBERING the responses? What advantage of nesting do you find that outweights anyone interested in the entire subject from being able to follow the development of ideas? What??????……you think everyone is like Loser or Alfie, et seq, who have no ideas to develop and just need a place to come and drop their droppings?

    Hmmmm. And the hit count/revenue is going up too?


    • Animby - just phoning it in says:

      I suppose, since this post is nested, no one will ever read it. -sigh-

      I just want to add on to Bobbo’s salient and sapient points:

      The blog has become very unwieldy even on my large monitor with mouse control. But, this is the age of the iPad and Android. I often use a tablet to use the site and it is truly godawful to see and use. Why oh why would you choose a format millions of tablet users cannot accommodate?

      More importantly, as Roberto stated, you’ve been entirely non-responsive to our complaints. (Or perhaps your responses are nested so no one will ever read them?) I remember Dvorak running a contest to redesign the damned logo but a major format change doesn’t even get a “screw you”?

      I’ve truly enjoyed (most) of my visits here but when it becomes more chore than stimulation…

  12. SayWhat says:

    Too bad this didn’t turn out like the incident three doors down from me in San Antonio.

    Off duty cop shot and killed by home owner during commission of burglary. Burglar tools were found on the cop. The case was open and shut, SELF DEFENSE.

    When the cops asked me what I had seen and heard, (nothing but a loud pop) they also advised if I am ever in this situation and kill the perpetrator to make sure the body is inside the home when the cops arrive. So if he falls outside, drag him inside prior to calling 911. Sometimes Texas Justice works.

    Give this lady a medal !!

  13. dan says:

    Here is the important sentence:

    “It was only during the booking process, Morrison said, that deputies learned that Daigle, 44, was an LAPD sergeant.”

    Had they learned that earlier, he probably wouldn’t have been arrested at all.

    Blue Code and all that bullshit.

  14. #17- bobbo, what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:


    He’s from OAKLAND! Will I get pepper sprayed? Removed to the Free Speech Area?

    Or only ignored—by Dvorak or my fellow hoomans?

    Just a little effort. So little.

    Care less.

  15. spsffan says:

    She shouldn’t have left that box of doughnuts on the table! And it is notable that although the perp works for LAPD, this happened in San Bernardino County.

    Still, what a low life, resorting to burglary when he could be beating up speeders!

    • legnedinmyownmind says:

      Well, you know what they say “don’t shit where you eat”.
      Of course he would go to another jurisdiction for his off duty criminal activity.

  16. McCullough says:

    bobbo- I agree it is annoying. Instead of replying directly to the comment, reply to the person just the way we used to…at the bottom of the page. Only thing missing is the number.

    Just like I did now.

  17. #23- bobbo, what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

    McCullough–you surprise me. Thank You. You have my empathetic support?

    You didn’t add a number though. I think that helps even when defective nesting is used.

    When the History is written on this New Coke, I’d like to read it.

    YES—other sites use nesting but they implement it with an expandable outline system and the Response Notifications go to your nested comment only–not the whole thread.

    There are pro’s and con’s to all we do. When did “modernization” mean to make all the wrong choices “if” developing a subject was one of the goals at all.

    What “Is” the goal of Dvorak dot Used to be Good?

  18. McCullough says:

    I have no idea, “Management” doesn’t consult us on these decisions.

    Send JCD an email…you might get an answer, then again…..

  19. #25- bobbo, what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

    McCullough–what do YOU get out of being an editor here then? You contribute to the threads more than any other editor. Then Dave, then the Squirrel Guy, the JCD hisself, then no one else.

    I could see doing it for the joy of really concentrating on a few subjects and posting to them—but only thru contribution. Without that, where is the joy?

    Not a criticism. Just curious.

  20. #26- bobbo, what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

    DVORAK======FIX THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!

    I have noticed the little tweaks you have been making since “the big men -of- pause”.

    You returned to FIFO chronology. Anything else?

    Now I notice you changed the bottom of the page to indicate “Next Page and Last Page” instead of the more informative “Older/Newer” Comments.

    So, what is this? A Bezerkly Hooman Endurance Test to see how much bad structure a casual reader will take?

    Next and Last?–less information, same space. Must be more modern huh?

  21. McCullough says:

    bobbo – the only thing I get out of this blog is the chance to present my skewed vision of a world gone mad to a healthy number of miscreants per day/month/year.

    And of course there’s the privileged of having Dvorak shake his cane, steal the ball, and scream at us to get off his lawn. (If you don’t like it…Get your OWN blog).

    It’s fun from time to time.

  22. #28- bobbo, OCCUPY DVORAK: what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

    #27–McCullough–That makes sense. I can see a lot of pleasure/satisfaction from “culling” thru your sources for just the right issues to present. But a skewed view is more effective when argued for?

    I think all you editors have more credibility and impact in your contributions, when you choose to make them, than you think/give credit to yourselves. Its why I wonder why the editors post their positions so infrequently. Even JDC used to do it more often and even when I disagreed, I saw the wisdom of experience in what he said and I always moderated my position.

    Amusing what we find satisfaction in. More or less meaningful than a ship in a bottle?

  23. Animby - just phoning it in says:

    McCullough / Bobbo;
    Thanks, Mac, for the courtesy of a reply. I join Bobbo is wondering, if you have no input into the format, why do you do it? I assumed you and the other mods saw some percentage of the ad revenue. If that’s true and my belief the number of visits are down, I’d think you guys would be bitching royally. (Will you rename it: Dvorak Unsponsored when the ad revenue decreases?)

    Most of the people who visit this blog are certainly not Luddites. We’re not afraid of change or innovation. But we want it to make things easier not decrease our lifespan!

    The new format has been designed by someone who does not understand the dynamics of spirited interactions. When it first appeared, I asserted, with half my tongue in my cheek, the redesign was probably a bit of nepotism. Now, with the refusal of anyone to actually address the issue, I have removed my tongue entirely from my cheek. Tell us: Is it someone’s 14 year-old niece writing in all the pastel colors and nested Faceb0ok posts? Or maybe one of Perkel’s squirrels?

  24. McCullough says:

    Animby – it’s not about money, obviously. It’s about what I see as a need to bring alternative news/ideas to the forefront.

    Just like No Agenda, I see a need , and have respect for that, thus I work for free.

    As a doctor in the geographical areas that you work, I’m sure you donate your time as needed, much more valuable than my time.

  25. #34- bobbo, OCCUPY DVORAK: what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

    I have always been under the impression the Mods work for free. I can see that on a tech blog for the pleasure in sharing one’s expertise==perhaps only when needed in extremis (wet finger before inserting into light socket) so it has always perplexed me that the Mods don’t post more regularly on one point or another in the items they post. THAT would be the only reason I would be a Mod.

    Take Global Warming. If I were a Mod, I would have a file of articles and links, charts and graphs, best thread comments that supported the various aspects I thought made the item worth posting to begin with.

    No one does that.

    The thrill must be otherwise.

    McCullough says its still the pleasure of selecting the items that get posted? I find that thin gruel—but to each their own. I would guess that there is some personal connection to JCD that makes the task half favor, half pleasure? But then JCD seemingly only abuses the free labor by not involving them in decisions. Seems a shame==to the degree true?

    In a very strange way, I think “free” labor is disrespected even more than low wage labor==but certainly entirely more than high paid labor. Our pyramids of hierarchy are constructed that way. Hard to tip over.

    Money is not everything though—unless you want a babe way out of your class. Then its nice. Ha, ha.

    Yea, verily.

  26. #35- bobbo, OCCUPY DVORAK: what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

    Woke up with this Haiku on my mind:

    Made changes to Blog
    Those who care, Don’t Like them Much
    I’ve got mine, screw them.

    Ha, ha. How long before I quit or get fired? Are we Luddites? Sadly, trying to look like Huff Po is already a “known” experience, so its not rejection of changes or whats new or modernization.

    When are you going to start moderating the posts so they don’t appear for 4 hours after they are submitted? Start censoring them without rhyme or reason?

    Interesting aspect of the free market. DU vs HuffPo. Why did they sell for millions while DU struggles on as it does? Just watched last night “What Billionaires Know that Could Save You” a nbc special with Babs Walters. Interesting none the less.

    Follow your dreams.

  27. Animby - just phoning it in says:

    McCullough – These days I hardly ever get paid in anything except peasant suppers. And a lot of love. I’m afraid you’re not getting the love you deserve for this work. I didn’t for a moment figure you to be getting rich off the blog but I certainly felt there must be some remuneration. Next time someone offers me a bag of fried crickets, can I send you some? Waning: Sometimes the legs stick in your teeth…

    Bob, “Money is not everything though—unless you want a babe way out of your class.” Most “babes” are well out of my class. Still get my share, though. Egad, I LOVE Asian women. There’s this one, Quyen, runs a coffee house in Hanoi. Mmmmm.

  28. #37- bobbo, OCCUPY DVORAK: what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

    Oh Animby–so like a child in a candy store with all his teeth you are:

    1. Ok, I bet you bought a few cups of coffee?

    2. ……and about the rest?

    Don’t be such a kill joy. What better to spend money on?

    Hanoi huh? In my day she would have been called a “Red Light.” Too far away to drive to date. You live in Thailand and fall for a Vietnamese? Figures.

    Go Local.

  29. #40- bobbo, OCCUPY DVORAK: what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

    Animby—write that book. You know the one. The one we all have within us: the story of our own lives. I find yours fascinating. A high water mark having nothing to do with monsoons.

    Isn’t it great to be Alive?////Keep on truckin.


    wtf==thank you. Your animosity is what keeps me going.


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