Here’s a 96 question test for you to see how knowledgeable you are about our country. An interesting question, given how often we hear about how bad the schools have become, is how well would the high school grads from this year would do. Another one would be how would they (or the general population) do against a group from another country? I’d like to see how candidates for President would do.

In order to become a US citizen, immigrants must pass the Naturalization Test. American citizenship bestows the right to vote, improves the likelihood of family members living in other countries to come and live in the US, gives eligibility for federal jobs, and can be a way to demonstrate loyalty to the US. Applicants must get 6 answers out of 10 in an oral exam to pass the test. According to US Citizenship and Immigration services, 92 percent of applicants pass this test.

You must get 58 or more of these test questions correct in order to pass.

  1. Buckit says:

    Got 97% (93/96). One was an incorrect read. Surprised I made it through considering it was so boring. I could’ve passed this before I was ten.

  2. Hahnarama says:

    This is a story WHY? I got 96 out of 96, no Google-ing required. These were BASIC grade school/High School questions.

  3. Dajestar says:

    What ocean lies to the east of the United States?

    How stupid are these people?

  4. Buzz Mega says:

    It’s a pretty broken web test. Has to load every whole page twice for each question/answer. Gets into picky dates. Why not ask which WEEK the Constitution was finally ratified by all? Okay, so I missed that.

    Be nice if you had to pass this in order to register to vote, though.

  5. JimD says:

    Every CANDIDATE for Public Office should pass a Constitutional Law Test, a US History Test, and Perhaps a World History Test as well – seeing how POORLY THE REPUKE CANDIDATES ARE and EMBARRASSING THE GOP with their IGNORANCE of such FACTS !!! (Of course, Repukes and Baggers don’t want to be CONFUSED WITH OR BY THE FACTS – ESPECIALLY WHEN IT CONFLICTS WITH THEIR THUMPIN “RELIGION”

  6. Mystify your mind says:

    93/96. I’m not even American.

  7. JimD says:

    So this test is about 8th grade US History/Civics and maybe 5th grade Geography (are you smarter than a 5th grader?) – We should give it to every Candidate and REJECT ANY that doesn’t score 100% !!! That should ELIMINATE ALL THE CURRENT REPUKES !!!

  8. spsffan says:

    93 out of 96. One was due to a misreading. One was 1789 vs. 1787 for the writing of the Constitution. The other I had John Adams as being a writer of the Constitution when I know damned well it should have been Madison…I clicked too fast, but considering the dismal format and refresh rate, I’d give myself that one.

    Actually not a bad test for very basic knowledge about the US. You’d most likely be surprised how many people living here don’t know where the Atlantic Ocean is, much less who takes over if both the President and VP are out of service.

  9. NewFormatSux says:

    JimD, Obama said there were 57 states, and about people speaking Austrian. Biden said Pres Roosevelt went on TV after the stock market crash.

  10. hurricanejohn says:

    This Canadian got 81% and i barely follow US Politics and Constitutional law but i will admit that your form of government is the best.

  11. Marc Perkel says:

    I got 91 out of 96! Woo Hoo!

  12. Dr_Wally says:

    96 of 96. Yawn…

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