1. vdiv says:

    Off-duty or on-duty, these people have no right breaking the law and driving like maniacs without their emergency lights being on. Hats off to the state trooper!

    • Hmmmm says:

      Have they ever thought of using the radio?? A cruisers have a number on the back.

  2. Mac Guy says:

    I guarantee you she’s probably the most hated statie in Florida right now.

  3. msbpodcast says:

    It must be something in the water, like alligator cum…

    Almost every story/blog-entry about some idiot doing something stupid seems to come from Florida.

    Florida, our most fucked-up state.

    • Kent says:

      Thought that was Texas?

      • deowll says:

        Then you can’t be doing much thinking. It’s the fastest growing state in the Union with the lowest unemployment rate.

        • Cap'nKangaroo says:

          Stop getting all your news from the “Perry for President” website. Ever consider that they may tell untruths.

          As of Aug 2011, from the US Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas’s unemployment rate is 8.5%. These state are lower: ND, NE, SD, NH, VT, WY, OK, IA, HI, VA, NM, KS, LA, MN, MA, MD, UT, ME, AK, MT, WI, NY, DE, WV, AR, CO, and PA. Texas is 28th out of the 50 states.


        • bambi says:

          @deowll-North Dakota (yes, an actual US state) has the lowest unemployment rate at just 3.2%. Also two-thirds of all jobs created during Rick Perry’s “Texas Miracle” between 2008 to 2010 were created in the PUBLIC SECTOR. Rick Perry (Tea Party Favorite? LMFAO!) LOVES big government. Just ask his BIG MONEY contributors who average about a 10 to one return for their “investment” in him. Additionally under George W. Bush’s stewardship as Texas governor 48 out of every 100 Texans worked. For the last ten years under Rick Perry on average just 44 out of every 100 Texans worked. Additionally Texas has led the nation in job creation relative to population growth for 41 consecutive years.

    • LibertyLover says:

      Still not as bad as Arcadia Parish, Louisiana — those cops will write a ticket to their self on a slow day.

  4. Publius says:

    OMG the police have to obey our laws for once?

    Oh the humanity

  5. Publius says:

    @Mac Guy

    I can guarantee you the citizens don’t give a f*** who cops hate

    I can’t thank that state trooper enough for pulling over the reckless driver in the uniform

  6. laxdude says:

    Trust me, in my local jurisdiction every district’s cops hate every other district’s – unless they are both RCMP.

    Mind you, it doesn’t usually end up like this. The only time you ever write them up is if they crash with a citizen.

    It is one of the reasons why I was told it would be best if I didn’t make the jump from reserve cop to active duty – I didn’t play the game and was told not to expect any ‘support’. it all started when I refuse to kill a ticket for a drunk wife of a neighboring jurisdiction’s officer.

    As much as the fucktard needs to be fired, he assumed he was on camera so was not saying what he really thought which was “You stupid cunt, I can’t believe you are doing this! I thought you were giving me an escort through the jurisdiction. What is wrong with you? You are breaking the fucking code!”

  7. Si Brindley says:

    Do you meant FLOUTING the law?

    • #11- bobbo, OCCUPY DVORAK: what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

      My sister got stopped for speeding, but got off because she FELLATED the law. She said I should try it, but thats a different joke.

      “I thought the car was stolen.”//// probably provided about 3/4 of the actual motivation.

      Pretty liberal policy there getting to drive police vehicles when off duty? I thought only very small police districts did that—or maybe I’m thinking of Mayberry?

      • Rudedog says:

        Here in Florida most officers take their cars home with them. I live in a community with about 5-6 police officers, all of which park their work vehicles in their drive ways.

        I think I’ll donate to the FL state police fund now that I know they are actually enforcing the laws, no matter who breaks them – well done!!

        • Zybch says:

          Please don’t think for a single moment that this will EVER happen again, especially this HP officer. She’ll be shuffling papers on a desk in no time.

  8. High End People says:

    That bitch is gone. How dare she get all authority with OUR cop.
    Bub-bye Trooper Judas.

    The High End people have spoken.

  9. msbpodcast says:

    Read the headline: “Cops Flauntiing the Law.

    Really? “Flauntiing“?

    I’m not a spelling Nazi but … what language is that supposed to be in? Suomi?

    • Dr Peppermint Fur says:

      You didn’t close your quotation mark on the first line. I’m not the Kubla Khan of punctuation, but hell – that looks like DCL.

  10. James B says:

    I salute (and maybe LOVE) that female officer.
    I have always thought that highway/traffic offenses should be people that are not typical officers, and have no other professional affiliations with normal ‘cops’, so that this sorts of situations can be dealt with all the time.

  11. John E. Quantum says:

    Next time they should use the stop sticks.

  12. BigBoyBC says:

    If I had a nickel for every cop I’ve seen driving while talking on a handheld mobile phone, I’d be rich…

    (FYI: It’s illegal in California, to drive while using a handheld mobile device)

  13. memesis says:

    I got run off the road by a cop once when he swerved into my lane while looking at his on dash laptop. I skidded off the road he kept driving. Didn’t even stop to make sure I was ok.

    • Rob Leather says:

      I was driving down a steep hill, covered in snow. And as I got to the bottom of the hill a police car pulled out in front of me and got stuck. I was able to stop the car with inches to spare.

      So I got out and let them both know EXACTLY what offences they’d committed.
      1) Driving without due care or attention.
      2) Dangerous driving.

      Oddly, and perhaps because I was wearing a suit and their onboard camera caught the lot, they were very apologetic and came up with three separate excuses.

      Now I guess I can’t enter Tavistock, Devon (UK) without a disguise.

  14. Gilgamesh says:

    John! Lay off the sauce. Holy cow. A man of your experience falling into the flout/flaunt flub? Zoiks!

  15. MPL1 says:

    I would love to see Her on NJ Turpike

    Question is would she be brave enough to pull over other state cop?

    There is a chance since “high end pepole” shielding attempt did not make any impression on Her.

  16. Larry says:

    I’m pretty sick of this shit. I know it’s nothing new. Look at all the medals given to the LEO attackers and murderers of old men and women and toddlers at Waco and at the Weavers in Idaho. Common tactic to cover their asses in false awards. After all, [the reasoning goes], who’s going to question, let alone prosecute, a “hero?” Currently there are over 70 agencies with their own SWAT teams. WHY??? Who the fuk are they??? Yes sir reee, I’m getting pretty sick of this shit. This fine lady can drink from my canteen any day. What she should do to save her own ass from the wrath of the “Blue Wall” defenders is now run for political office so she becomes their boss. The voters who feel as I do would give her a plurality based solely on what she did here.

  17. Grandma Ellie says:

    I am 67 year old school, been on both sides. I have had both good and very bad experiences with the legal and moral sides of the “guvvamint”.

    I worked for three states/Commonwealths and have tried to defend myself and others against/for laws, statutes, and rulings (self described).

    I have 13 paid and 20 volunteer years in the arena. Yes, it is adversarial. As an advocate I see both sides. Huggles, Ellie

  18. DeeHexi says:

    If I would get caught taking a government vehicle home I would be suspended and I would lose my driving priviledges for gvt vehicles. So why can a cop use a police car for private stuff??? That clearly falls under fraud, waste and abuse…

  19. bob says:

    i would love to shake her hand and hope theres more like her out there not only that but that they’d be signin their own warrants if they ignored her or got rid of her. its news now its net , its unstoppable

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