1. TM says:

    Thank you for this post. I am preparing for a trip from the East Coast to Seattle in the coming weeks, and US Air had been one of the airlines I was considering. After watching that video, I took US Air off of my list, and sent them a complaint explaining why I will not be flying their airline.

    • pedro says:

      Well, American started charging for luggage too about 2 weeks ago, so be warned

    • ArchiePHL says:

      I fly Southwest whenever I possibly can. Have logged a million plus miles in the past on the majors airlines, today Southwest provides the best overall travel experience: easy to change tickets if needed, no bag fees, and overall the best chance that your flight will take off and be on time.

  2. Traveler says:

    This woman is a moron. I can’t believe TV would cover this. She looked to be in pretty good shape for someone who supposedly just spent 8 days in an airport. Other than the drawn smokers upper lip; I guess she had enough money for cigarettes. Anyone claims they made $30 last 8 days in an airport is lying.

  3. George says:

    She’s a big girl. She probably could have put most of her valuables in her purse (which they have to let you carry), layered on a few of her best clothes and thrown the rest of the junk in the trash.

    If you’re homeless and broke, then shopping in the thrift stores at your destination is probably what you’ll end up doing anyway.

    • Yankinwaoz says:

      Have you been to a thrift store lately? They are no bargins. It is actually cheaper to go to Ross, Target, or some place like that. I couldn’t believe how much the Salvation Army wanted for basic things.

      • George says:

        I go to Salvation Army every week. My local one has 50% off sales every Thursday. You are right though in that you can find clearance clothing for just a few bucks at the big retailers. I’m wearing a $2 Gap T and a $5 Sports Academy flannel jacket right now.

        I know how to live inexpensively.

  4. msbpodcast says:

    The woman is an idiot, (par for a US citizen,) and she behaved like a monkey with its hand in a jar holding a banana.

    There are lockers at train and bus stations. Don’t airports come with lockers where you can leave luggage when exactly this kind of thing happens.

    Isn’t there some kind of luggage facility where this could have been handled with her presenting some form of ID? (Which she would have needed to get on a flight in the first place.)

    US Airways is another bunch of idiots for being so unhelpful and not pointing that out to her. (I flew US Air a lot on business and later switched to Delta because US Air sucked. [I’d rather go through Hot-lanta every fuckin’ time than through US Air’s hub in the snow in Pitts-burg. {They both suck… (In fact, I remember a night watching the balls run through the stupid races at Logan airport over and over, and over, because Delta missed a connection. The airport was closed and all of the hotels you could reach on the stupid board there were all full. I took Air Canada to Ottawa the very next morning and screw Delta’s regional carrier.)}])

    • jbenson2 says:

      “Don’t airports come with lockers where you can leave luggage when exactly this kind of thing happens.

      Nope, not after 9/11

      • spsffan says:

        And not in bus or train stations anymore, either.

      • spsffan says:

        Well, it servers all you flyers right. I still can’t believe that more airlines have not gone out of business due to lack of sales, but I guess you air travelers are masochists of the first order!

        As for the women in the story. I bet she could live on $0 for 8 days as long as the drinking fountains still worked. Her butt alone looks like it could feed a family of 5 for a week.

    • UNKN says:

      Nice way to add in that little (par for US citizen) there, very relative.

  5. seetheblacksun says:

    It’s Lindsey Lohan!

    • Rob Leather says:

      Nope… It’s clearly the human inspiration for Miss Piggy.

      Long blonde hair, pretty curvy… and likely to shout “Hiiiii-YA!”.

      OK, I made the last bit up.

  6. scandihoovian says:

    Sounds like Occupy SFO didn’t quite take off like the movement has elsewhere.

  7. jpfitz says:

    1.4 BILLION, I say again BILLION in baggage fees.
    Airway robbery.

  8. Animby - just phoning it in says:

    I feel for the lady but you know who I really pity?

    The poor schlubb who was in line behind her…

  9. Speed Racer says:

    I was about to watch the video, but when I saw it was that complete asshole, miky finny, I turned it off. He is the biggest prick in television, and a complete fool.

  10. kerpow says:

    Wait wait wait. When and where was this footage shot? Both the narration and her telling the story are in past tense form. So did News 7 bring her back to the airport to shoot this segment and if so why? The story says she was moving to Idaho but when they interview her the lower third says Petaluma under her name. This is a totally produced piece.

  11. Miguel says:

    Didn’t she have *any* friends?

  12. B. Dog says:

    Hey, she got a raw deal. I don’t care how smart, pretty or rich she is. The airline shoulda cut her some slack. She is a poor down and out human being and nobody has any sympathy, except me.

  13. pedro says:

    What a bunch of jackasses. I really & sincerely hope that US airways goes belly up as well as all the other greedy bastards that keep charging such luggage fees.

    Meanwhile, the lame sheep keep bringing their heads down everytime something like this happens.

    This really boils my blood

  14. Cursor_ says:

    But the corporations are supposed to make profit to pay to employ people.

    You wouldn’t want them to fire all those workers that said there was nothing they could do to lose their jobs? That would add to the 99%.

    Sarcasm, for those who can’t figure it out.



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