1. Jim Davis says:

    Harrison and I rode our tricycles and played in the sand box together. We are only months apart in age so I have known him longer than anyone. We were good friends through the years even though our jobs moved us apart. Our families grew up together and we have wonderful memories of our adventures. We had the best years of this country to live and play and we had a great life. I will miss him every day as long as I live. I loved him like my brother.

    Jim Davis

  2. Phil MC says:

    I was a lurker here and could not miss his contributions.

    RIP and thanks so much for all.


  3. Matt Day says:

    Rest In Peace.

  4. Spark says:

    RIP hhopper, a true gent and a fine man.

  5. Peter Manes says:

    I am saddened to hear of Hop’s passing. I worked alongside him for many years. He was a guy who didn’t act like he was always right, but he most always knew best. He always took the time to explain to me, with whatever time was needed. I learned so many things about our work at the company, and with life in general from him, too many to list here.

    I shall always remember him and regret not having spent any time with him in what has turned out to be last few years of his life. There were good days and not so good days throughout all the work years but we shared a common like of music, movies and comedy, and I frequently have, and will probably continue to remember all those best of times always.

    God Bless, and may those he left behind have peace and joy in your remembrances.


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