Just kidding, he was definitely non-threatening. I guess the cops just needed the target practice.

  1. NewFormatSux says:


    In a revolutionary struggle, there will be violence. The state is violent and it will use violence to destroy threats to it. It will protect the property and capital of the economy. We must defend ourselves against this attack and be able to defend our movement. In this struggle people will engage the police as well as the property of their enemies. More and more, people are going to break the law in large groups. They will go on strike largely without union support, occupy their workplaces, students will walkout of school and occupy them, people will expropriate goods from businesses, and people will engage with the police. These are all things that have already happened, in this and other struggles, and will continue to happen as part of a revolutionary struggle against capitalism.

  2. msbpodcast says:

    Something just occurred to me… “Agents Provocateursaren’t exclusively employed by the left.

    How much you want to bet that the guy in the thin blue line was on the payroll of somebody who wants to stir up shit? (Koch Brothers maybe?)

    The worst part is that “Workers Vanguard“, which is a communist rag I get, doesn’t have a clue either.

    They have a front page sub-head “Workers Revolution To Expropriate The Bourgeoisie“.

    Talk about needing some dough to buy a vowel, Pat.

    Its not the workers, its the unemployed ex-bourgeois and the not the bourgeoisie but the rich who are facing the opprobrium, if not the short march to the Guillotine.

    • So what says:

      Your right, I suspect the cameraman was a republican plant. The cop took a pot shot so I guess it also makes him a potted plant.

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    msb, you need to understand Communist radicals better. It’s always the middle class they hate more. The rich can be coopted, and frequently will bankroll their operations.

  4. NewFormatSux says:

    Occupy Oakland took a bank account at …Wells Fargo!

  5. Whats happening in poor California ?
    It used to be such a nice place with friendly people , surfing and the Beach Boys
    Now this
    Its a shame

  6. Glenn E. says:

    This whole demonstration is typical of Tea Party style thinking. Occupy Wall Street. Who would want to? What does that phrase even mean? What they really ought to say, is Expose Wall Street. Get what it does, and how it operates, out into the open. Open Wall Street, would be even better. Occupy? That’s just crazy talk. More of an anarchist phrase, than a practical solution to the problem of all the closed door secrecy of Wall Street. So the demonstrators are allowed to occupy parks, as far away from Wall Street as possible, in cities other than NY or Chicago, where all the trading takes place. I can’t see this really bothering WS that much. Come winter, the protesters will be gone and forgotten. I feel sorry for these people, thinking (being mislead) that they’ll make any impact, by camping out in the parks. It will just burden the cities with expense of cleaning up after them.

    They really need to figure out something that effects WS’ bottom line, more directly. But I’m sure the media will keep steering such ideas away from all of us. Occupy, is the only way?


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