If all you can front are candidates who make the average voter wonder if they could govern a trailer park, it’s time to rev up the old tactic that worked so well before. Plus threaten violence.

After the commission’s hearing on the request to remove President Obama from the New Hampshire presidential primary ballot, Attorney General Michael Delaney said a member of his staff had to lock himself in an office with the assistant secretary of state out of fear for their safety due to the aggressive behavior of the crowd that included several legislators.

California attorney Orly Taitz, who has challenged the president’s citizenship in many venues, filed the request to remove Obama’s name from the ballot along with a half a dozen Republican House members. The commission unanimously turned down the request.

After the vote, supporters of the request called the commission members traitors and said they had committed treason.

  1. #01- bobbo, OCCUPY DVORAK: what if "we-all" number our own posts and post seriatim ourselves? says:

    Free Speech is protected activity. Violations of law should be prosecuted. The only way some people will ever learn the difference is in post conviction half way houses.

  2. Inquirying Mind says:

    How did that Obama birth certificate thingy work out? Does he have one?

  3. BigBoyBC says:

    Now if we really want transparency, we need to crack open his transcripts…

  4. So what says:

    “wonder if they could govern a trailer park,”as one who grew up in a trailer park I would have you know that we didn’t let trash like these folks in.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Hell No!

      Not even within the same town limit as where there was a self-respecting trailer park.

      They would have had to park by the side of the road, wherever the engine finally quit.

      These poor Québecois schmucks took off the wheels, leveled the frame up on bricks and it morphed into a diner.

      The derelict bus would have had a deep fryer set into the back where they turned out artery stuffing burgers, hot dogs, and french fries.

      If you were lucky they wouldn’t serve a breakfast of pan-fried eggs with blackened bits of bacon.

      The rest of the bus was altered to have a half a dozen of so tables placed in between where the rows of seats had been. (the debris was usually dumped unceremoniously behind the bus.)

      Maybe it was painted some color other than yellow but it always looked like a school bus burial site.

      The fancier ones usually had some crudely painted placard made out of plywood announcing some fictitious female name to inspire some though that a woman might actually been in the place and cleaning it. (HA! HAHAHA! Dream on! The best you could hope for was that the lard laden menu killed all of the roaches, mosquitoes [in Québec the fuckers were so big they needed landing rights,] or black flies [which ripped nickel sized chunks of flesh out of your hide. OUCH!!!])

      The sign was usually held in place by some 1x2s toe-nailed into the roof of the bus.(These people were definitely not artists, artisans or even competent workers.)

      And don’t talk about the bathroom facilities; these places were by the side the road; there were ditches… Nuff said. You traveled with a roll or a newspaper in the car.

      We had quite a few of those in Québec and my father would always rail about them.

      R’garde moi don’ ça. Des maudites chiottes sur le bord de la route. Ca vaux rien, ca investis rien. Ca â une trallée de p’tit morveux pis ça te regarde passer comme des maudites vaches en train de ruminer parc’que t’ arrête pas manger chez eux.

      This was dad’s favorite travel rant #3 (we knew the dozen or so favorite rants and my sister and I had long ago started numbering them,) as we made our way, puttering along at 40 or 50 miles per hour along the road to Rawdon or Roxbury or Saint Dônat or some other destination north of Montréal, usually to see my uncle Dick and Aunt Mary who owned some property up there.

      This a rant, barely kept from the censors by my mother’s exasperated sighs and my father’s military discipline, was spoken in a rapid patter French from behind the UN-airconditioned, finger-searingly and frighteningly solid steering wheel of a very dark blue 1956 Chevy Impala (or maybe it was a Chevette, I was only three when he got it. [It was a long time ago. I’ll cop to senility… 🙂 ])

      “The Tank,” as my sister and I loathed to call it, was hot as fuck in summer, compounded by the black vinyl seats which would raise blisters right through your clothes. I hated wearing short pants.

      Fuck, we got to drive past some of life’s real little losers in that Chevy.

  5. jpfitz says:

    Why do I feel I’m living in an alternate universe? Upside down topsy turvy everywhere you look.

    Happy Turkey day to all commenters and the DU staff. Gonna listen to “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” early. Have a happy and safe journey tomorrow everyone.

  6. steven says:

    As seen on TV, Saddam Hussein was a threat to America, Neil Patrick Harris is a womanizer, and Obama has a legitimate birth certificate. Then why prosecute beat cops that ran his ID through NCIC? Why does e-verify flag Obama’s SSN as possibly fraudulent.
    But seriously, The United States is a corporation. The President is the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO of any corporation is not required to be a natural born citizen, therefore Obama’s presidency is NOT unconstitutional. I’m with the birthers on this one. They have a legitimate case for consitutional eligibility. But the constitution is not in effect anymore. It’s called administrative procedure and you volunteered to abdicate your constitutional rights.

  7. NewFormatSux says:

    I’d like to know why he has an SSN that is assigned to the state of Connecticut.

    • mainecat says:

      I have a SSN number assigned to Guam. I applied for and received it in Upstate NY in the 1970’s. I was born in Upstate NY. It’s given me problems from time to time. The SS administration screwed up. Explanation enough?

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Not really. Do you have any connections to Guam that explain this mistake?

  8. Dallas says:

    This coincides with the availability of Walmart eggnog .

  9. orchidcup says:

    I hate to inform the “birthers” of this most important fact:

    Barack Obama has been President since January 2009, and he was a Senator for three terms.

    If there were any basis to contest his eligibility, somebody should have mentioned something before 2008.

    • tcc3 says:

      Yes, the Republicans must be pretty incompetent not to be able to prove it by now. Doesn’t speak much for their ability to lead or legislate does it?

    • Cap'nKangaroo says:

      To be clear, Obama served less than a full term in the US Senate, being elected in 2004. According to Wikipedia, he served 3 terms in the Illinois Senate.

      If we are not careful, the birthers will cite your post as proof that his entire life history is made up.

  10. bernardino says:

    Relying on Fox Noise probably has a good deal to do with it. Here’s a university study which determined that watching Fox News makes you dumber than not watching any news at all:


    • Dallas says:

      Yep, I saw that. Kinda sad as it says alot about a large number of their viewers but not entirely surprising.

  11. deowll says:

    Obama may well be the worst President this nation has been cursed with in the last century or two. If you want to call the opposition clowns fine. A clown will still be a massive improvement over Obama.

    If you are demented enough to vote for him you deserve every bad thing he will bring you.

    • dittmv says:

      On my list Obama is the worst in the history of the country with Bush being number 3.

      I am so glad we have term limits… now the slaves will be slower to recognize that Obama is the third term of Bush and currently seeking to continue the Bush legacy into the fourth term.

      • msbpodcast says:

        Standard rant #1,

        Face it, our politicians are equipped with the morals of gutter cats.

        The problem with republics is the same as with monarchies. After a while, the noble intentions at the start are as dead as the noble individuals which founded the kingdom or the republic. (The methods of creation for either are equally bloody.)

        If we want a representative government, we’ll have to create it.

        The first thing we do is change from an elected to a selected form of government.

        Pick names out an eligible citizen pool and they’re stuck with doing the job for one, and only one, four year term.

        There is no such thing as a career in politics. (The only thing worse than getting stuck with somebody who didn’t want the job is getting stuck with some idiot who did, figuring it was going to lift him a few rungs up the social/economic ladder.)

        Eligibility requirements are:
        • were you born here or are you a naturalized citizen?
        • are you a permanent resident in a village, town or city within our borders?
        • are you above the age of 25?
        • are you healthy enough? (you don’t suffer from any clinical health issue(s) or mental impairment(s) which would prevent you from fulfilling your duties?)
        • have you NEVER served on the government before?
        • have you NEVER been found guilty of a violent crime?
        • have you NEVER been found to be clinically insane?

        Answer yes to all of these questions, you’re eligible for selection.

        Don’t want to be bothered?

        Go live elsewhere!

        That would get rid of all PACs, K Street lobbyists, a lot of graft, waste and expense that WE’RE all paying for.

    • Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

      I find it interesting that some people have apparently created an entirely new criteria for “worst president” since 1/20/2009.

      The new criteria goes something like this:

      1: Named Obama?
      2: doesn’t matter

      • deowll says:

        1. Status of national debt. Will break economy causing massive depression and failure of social safety net in the not so distant future. Personally responsible for bringing the date of this event forward by years or even decades.

        2. Loss of status as a super power and maybe as a power. You don’t think that’s going to hurt because you don’t know what it is not to have a nation state like the US around.

        3. The guy is a war monger sticking his nose into every stench on the planet.

        4. His administration is totally corrupt. They’ve sold out everybody they could possibly sell out.

        5. Less than clueless about how to grow an economy. In fact brain dead clueless would be a huge improvement over Obama.

        Obama’s only solutions are to increase taxes and put people to work for the fed gov or on the dole. His second love is increasing regulations to strangle business and limit choices of everyone relating to anything. After all he and his elite friends, not one of whom have actually run a business successfully expect for the ones that pay him off and manipulate him for their profit, know best and have all the answers.

        This man has thoroughly earned the contempt both inside and outside of the US with which he is commonly regarded.

        He may have charm and wit, be a nice guy, and a loving father and husband but we need a President who is, at worst, completely incompetent and totally unqualified for the job he holds and Obama has a lot of improving to do to reach that level.

      • dittmv says:

        My criteria for worst president is simple.

        1) Respect this principle, “No freeman shall be taken, imprisoned,…or in any other way destroyed…except by the lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to none will we deny or delay, right or justice.”

        2) Not act as pathological liar.

        It in shocking how even prior to 01-20-2009 the anti-war movement has gone silent when it became apparent to most people that McCain had lost the election.
        It is shocking how abuses that enraged the “Left” prior to 01-20-2009 are accepted from Obama and even demanded.

        Many of the same illegal policies that Bush, et al ordered Obama, et al has ordered with greater intensity. Obama has gone to the Supreme court to defend Bush policies that he has claimed to disagree with. He has installed the person who was in charge of defending those policies on the Supreme Court! There is simply no argument that Obama is a terrible president.

  12. dittmv says:

    I think Obama was abandoned as a kid and was raised by a pack of wild Minnesotans. The birth certificate issue is a distraction to throw the rest of the country off the real problem.

    Consider the following evidence.

    1) He clearly has issues with accepting criticism.
    2) He does not like the Green Bay Packers and made a point of this.
    3) A situation going on in Minnesota right now could easily have the names changed and would describe Obama’s interaction with his political opponents to the letter.

    The DFL (Democratic-Farmer Labor) Governor vetoed the Republican redistricting proposal that was passed by both chambers. The DFL whines and complains that the process is not fair and forces the process to go to the courts. Not one DFL member in either chamber of the legislature introduced a redistricting proposal of their own.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Maybe it wasn’t introduced because it wasn’t needed.

      Re-districting a.k.a. gerrymandering shouldn’t be done at all.

      • dittmv says:

        You missed the point, but I will answer your point anyway.

        The people of this state made a reasonable law says all districts should be of a uniform population. The population patterns have shifted in the last ten years as they have in every other decade therefore creating the need for new boundries.

        The implication that the redistricting process even existing is an absurd argument. It is also gerrymandering to give a smaller population more influence now just because 50 years ago they had a larger population than they do now.

  13. NewFormatSux says:

    Why couldn’t people in New Hampshire have been this angry and upset in insisting that the local town seize Justice Souter’s house in eminent domain in protest of his Kelo decision that gave a house to a drug company. I would have enjoyed going to the Lost Liberty museum.

  14. msbpodcast says:

    The accusing him is called “Orly Taitz“, “Orly Taitz“, really?

    WTF kind of a name is that? Foreign?

    It doesn’t sounds like a proper ‘murican name.

    Maybe immigration should look into Orly Taitz?

  15. Dallas says:

    Once the Teapublican beauty contest is over, they’ll throw all the smut on the wall that would stick. Best strategy is segment Teapublicans into four different buckets and direct the birther smut to buckets C and D and careful application to B.

    Teabagger landscape:
    Bucket A: Smart Publicans (College graduates…IQ 85-99)
    Bucket B: Majority (Fox News crowd…IQ 60-84)
    Bucket C: Loon by any measure
    Bucket D: Has a couch on the front porch

    • deowll says:

      It does concern me that some of them may follow your example and the example of those you admire. I hope they don’t sink that low but people do tend to respond in kind.

    • Somebody says:

      Dallas, Relax.

      Did you notice how Limbaugh ran all those anti-McCain parodies up until the last presidential election?

      Did that strike you as odd?

      He wanted Bush’s 3rd term. (Or at least his handlers did.)

      I’m sure “they” will want the 4th as well.

  16. GregAllen says:

    >> BigBoyBC says:
    >> Now if we really want transparency, we need to crack open his transcripts…

    I refuse to the accept the legitimacy of his presidency until I see his oil change records. The original records, not copies. What is he hiding?

  17. Milo says:

    This is almost enough to make me wish we could return to the days when people would just call Obama a ******. Instead we get this birth certificate ritual; it’s less transparent.

  18. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    Oh the days when certain Americans would scrunch up their face, grit their teeth, and mutter “Anybody but Hillary.”

    And look, their dream came true. HA!

  19. smartalix says:

    This birther BS exposes the hate, fear, and racism the teabaggers and the other right-wing mouth-breathers keep trying to foment as they are destitute in the area of ideas.

    The fact that the right feels the only way to win is to disenfranchise the opposition instead of presenting better ideas only makes me disgusted. Hate over enlightmenment, fear over facts, and racism to twist emotion, that’s the right-wing way. Just look at pandering liars like O’keefe the video whore, they can only win when they lie, and when they have to operate in the daylight they shrivel up like the fecal scum they are.

  20. Somebody says:

    Look, even the National Treasure has gotten a clue:


    Worst. President. Evar.

    The fact that he was not born here is just gravy.

    But you do have to admire how skillfully they “disappeared” this story with the help of Trump.

    But, as the song goes: “WTC 7 won’t go away!” Neither will the JFK assassination “conspiracy theories” nor this apparently.

    Go back to sleep sheeple!

    Disregard millennia of recorded history.

    On these blessed shores there has never been a conspiracy. Not once. Never.

  21. NewFormatSux says:

    >the right feels the only way to win is to disenfranchise the opposition

    That’s Barack Obama that does that, not the right. In a campaign for state Senator, he threw his opponents off the ballot by challenging their nomination signatures. Then in his campaign for Senate, he got his allies to unseal the court files of his opponent’s divorce, because his operatives had already found out what was inside. Then he did it again in the general election. No doubt if Newt wins the Republican nomination, we will see it one more time. In this presidential election, we see a woman from David Axelrod’s building make allegations against one frontrunner, while another adviser says the plan is to ‘kill Romney’

  22. Glenn E. says:

    So it’s the Republican voters and legislators who are the violent ones now. Are they that insecure about their almost total control of Congress, that they also need the Presidency to have the ability to do absolutely nothing useful? Except to make sure the rich get and stay richer. So if you think about it. The wealthy greatly fear that their good time might soon be over, if they don’t have a 100% lock on American politics. And a few Democrats might start listening to failing middle class voters. Maybe even some soft Republicans. So its time to be sure there’s a Republican tyrant in office. To veto any average citizen benefiting bills. Even if it means acting like a bunch of screaming brats, who can’t get their way all the time. The GOP party is sinking to new lows in irresponsible juvenile and extremist behavior. What’s next, the White Bed Sheeted brigade?

  23. Rick says:

    And they wanted to elect that Panamanian John McCain, and now they want the Mexican Mitt Romney as president.


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