Two Swedes have been arrested by Norwegian police for smuggling more than 250kg of butter into the country, offloading one consignment for more than £25 a packet.

The two men, from the Northern city of Umea, managed to make their first delivery before a police patrol stopped their van on Saturday evening.

“They allegedly sold the coveted butter packets in Beitstad Steinkjer before they drove north along the county road 17,” police officer Lars Letnes told Norway’s Adresseavisen newspaper.

“Then they were stopped by a police patrol, which found 250kg of butter in the small van.” A sudden spike in demand has left Norway with a butter shortfall of between 500 and 1,000 tonnes, leaving the country’s citizens facing Christmas without their seven traditional varieties of home-cooked biscuit…

The arrests follow the seizure earlier this month of a 90kg consignment found stashed in the car of a Russian man at the Norwegian-Swedish border. The Norwegian police plan to destroy the confiscated butter.

They could always switchover to lard. That’s the traditional way to handle shortages of plaque in your circulatory system here in New Mexico.

  1. Glenn E. says:

    My parents told me that during WW2 many food sales were rationed. Supposedly the food supply was being used to feed the troops, overseas. However, not everything travels well across the sea. Butter was one of those things. And it must of gone off, when it reach England or Europe. So they gave it to the Russian. Either it when bad on the long trip, or the farmers dumped rancid butter on the government, who didn’t bother to check it first. Same with any cheeses they got. One wonders if the food supply the military gets, has ever been of decent quality? Seems I heard during Desert Storm, that the MREs were considered awful. Meals Rejected by Everyone. Between military chow, and public school lunches, it’s quite a racket they’ve got going.

  2. TThor says:

    The reason for the butter shortage is the ‘no-carb’ diet craze that promotes all fats including lard. And it works, as long as you stay away from any kind of starch/sugar based food: cereals, pasta, bread, potatoes and sugary vegetables like carrots etc.
    What happens to the cholesterol level is another issue.

  3. Bonammi says:

    Tisk Tisk Tisk..What is this world coming to?

  4. David R Jenkins says:

    When butter is outlawed only outlaws will have butter.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Makes it hard to hold a gun steady; too slippery.

      Not to mention that people wipe their hands on your vest after shaking hands with you while going Yuck!

  5. W.T.Effyall says:

    There’s only one thing to do: Declare a war on butter.

  6. Winston Smith says:

    THAT’s what we need HERE: a butter shortage.

    My God, this one has “new jobs” potential written all over it. We can employ 50,000 Butter Control Agents in black ninjacop uniforms. Of course, they’ll need lots of black helicopters, and we’ll have to gut that whole 4th Amendment thing again, because God knows WHAT else people are hiding in their refrigerators, right?

    And remember, it’s FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!

  7. Dallas says:

    Speaking of butter fat, please post more Noob Gingrich campaign stories!!

    The TeaPublicans are starting to embrace the Mormon again and there’s lots to talk about yet from the Noob camp.

  8. Chris Mac says:

    what year is this