A new work by British artist Banksy, in the form of a billboard, adorns a wall near the Canary Wharf financial district in London, December 22, 2011 – Reuters Editors’ Choice.

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  1. Ted says:

    I am loving Banksky’s latest work… makes you think.

  2. pwuk says:

    Nice, I’d like to see that, anyone know what street it’s on?

  3. The DON says:

    A quick search suggests that it is on the “East India Dock Road” but rumour has it that it may already have gone.

  4. AdmFubar says:

    not only is it outta stock it is no longer being made. there is the newer cheaper lifestyle known as minimum wage, no organized labor bargaining, tax burden shifted from companies that can afford to pay taxes, to the new minimum wage earner that cant, all the while that new health care tax will be shifted from companies responsibility, the minimum wage earner. 🙂 isnt that special!? (now if corporations push through legislation to be treated as individuals, then wont they have to pay personal income tax, and the new health care tax?? hhmmm)

  5. Gorgo says:

    If you want to learn more about this type of “work,” see the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop.

  6. Richard Edmunds says:

    No that artwork is still there, and is totally excellent

  7. Jay Rowden says:

    Yup, it’s still there as of Sunday 26 Feb 2012.
    Saw it yesterday and didn’t realise it was the work of the great man.
    Quality work it is too.
    Makes you wonder how he managed to get it up there without being noticed???


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