Have you ever dreamed of traveling to distant planets, meeting exotic alien women and having sex with them? If so, you — and possibly Captain Kirk — are the target audience for brothel owner Dennis Hof’s newest Southern Nevada business venture.

The reality television star and outspoken sex merchant recently bought a rundown bordello 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas and unveiled plans to renovate and reopen it with a science fiction theme. He is calling it Alien Cathouse and promising “girls from another world.”
Hof, whose Moonlite Bunny Ranch east of Carson City is the setting for a long-running HBO reality show, expanded his adult empire into Southern Nevada last year when he bought Richards’ two brothel properties in the tiny town of Crystal, north of Pahrump. With his latest acquisition, Hof now holds five brothel licenses, the most ever by a single owner. He hopes to add one or two more in the near future.

“Unless they’re married, I don’t want anyone in Nevada having sex unless I get a cut of the money,” he said with a laugh.

Since your Uncle Dave lives in the Las Vegas area, perhaps John would front the expenses for a… um… full bodied review of the place when it opens?

[Get the price list. That should be educational enough. — jcd]

  1. Rob Leather says:

    Love the addition of Ann Coulter there. Sadly, she’s a species that is indigenous to planet Earth.

    • dusanmal says:

      Though there should be requirement that whenever Ann Coulter image is included in a story it must be accompanied by Nancy or Michelle image, depending on context. To each their own alien vision.

      • jpfitz says:

        Why is it always a D or R thing with some posters on DU. Coulter is in a league of her own.

      • Rob Leather says:

        I don’t recognise Ann Coulter as representing any political in the United States. She’s in her own political party of one…. Mainly because nobody wants to be associated with her.

    • Cursor_ says:

      Only the men interested in sex with 14 year old boys with huge adam’s apples will want Coulter.


  2. Dallas says:

    Strange, giraffe-like humanoid on the right. What Star Trek episode was that on ?

  3. jpfitz says:

    [Get the price list. That should be educational enough. — jcd]

    JCD still the Cranky Geek. Not that I could pay for such services either.
    Uncle Dave your on you’re own dime there. When the web site for the alien adventure shows let us know.

    I do miss the Cranky Geek show, it was my Thursday evening entertainment. John got pretty good at flipping those index cards.

    • LinkHelper says:

      Uh, 2/3rds of the Cranky Geeks Show is still on, silly!

      It got renamed, and has a fixed group of hosts now, and is still at mevio.

      Go to http://x3show.mevio.com/

      • jpfitz says:

        Thanks, not the original Cranky show I became fond of. X3 is similar but too short. The longer format kept my attention.

        I also was a fan of Tech Tv till it changed to G4. Some great programming gone. Call for Help was a favorite.

  4. Animby says:

    No thanks. I’ve been married three times and I’m certain at least two of them were alien life forms.

  5. Luc says:

    Yes, send Uncle Dave. Whatever you do, just don’t send Marc Perkel, his reviews are awful.

  6. Jim G says:

    mmmm Planet Playtex, here I cum!

  7. deowll says:

    Yep, that one is really going to add to the positive ratings this place gets. No doubt this site will get blocked a few more times in a few more countries.

  8. Cursor_ says:

    But you can already have sex with aliens.

    And the Tea Party people want it to stop cos they are taking away all the Ameikun hooker jobs!


  9. orchidcup says:

    I have had sex with an alien woman and an earth woman.

    There is no difference.

    They both suck.

  10. allthenewsthatfitsweprint says:

    Why bother? In space no one can hear you scream.

  11. Glenn E. says:

    If the “girls” all end up looking like Jerry Ryan’s “Seven of Nine”, you can bet every scifi nerd in the world will show up there. One things for sure. It ought to be redneck free. Cause I doubt country boys go in fer sex with green skinned slave women. Just to be clear. Are we talking Star Trek TOS alien women? Or much later franchise’s alien women. Some of those later generation Klingon women would be a rough sell. If not a traumatic experience. I’m sure it’ll come down to a bit of face paint, a weird wig and costume. Come to think of it, that Elaan of Troyius chick on Star Trek was pretty hot. A few well tanned nubile warrior princesses, a half-borg blonde or two. And the guy’s in business.

  12. Glenn E. says:

    Just a coincidence, I recent found the Howard Hanson “Symphony No.2 Romantic”, used in the movie “Alien”, in place of Jerry Goldsmith’s ending score, on Youtube. Most Alien soundtrack albums I’ve come across, never supplied the Hanson piece. But that’s what the movie used, so what up? Anyway, I thought it was neat that the Giger art showed up here, the same day I had been to Youtube for the Alien music.

  13. Rabble Rouser says:

    WTF is Mann Coulter’s pic doing there. Don’t you all know he’s a drag queen?

    • jpfitz says:

      Proof, and an adams apple is not proof. Interesting how many believe she’s not a she. Inquiring minds want concrete proof. I’m nor defending “she/he” but just fascinated with how public Ann is.


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