Although this is from a few years ago, it should help those who don’t live on or near the West Coast to understand that we, unlike the politicians in Washington, have clear solutions to the, you know, world’s problems and stuff.

  1. Lamoora says:

    The gray sweatshirt guy, in the third row, should have WTF? over his head throughout the video.

  2. Gildersleeve says:

    California, where dressing up for a formal party means you wear sox.

    At least this girl overcame her fear of public speaking. Of course the fear is generally based upon not wanting to come across sounding exactly like this. And she could have avoided this by preparing some notes first. Do yer homework, this isn’t UC Santa Cruz. Uh, well, not exactly anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t look now. Your ignorance is also showing! My guess is that you’re either in Boston or Chicago. Cause only a baseball (insert adjective) would spell SOCKS as SOX!

      • Animby says:

        I love when people make stupid mistakes while complaining about other people’s stupid mistakes. “Cause” instead of BEcause? At the very least it should have been ” ’cause ” to show missing letters.

  3. orchidcup says:

    “The food is free, we should sell it at the farmer’s market.”

    This is the average mentality of a high school graduate from our public school system.

    Of course, I am assuming the girl is not a dropout.

  4. Dallas says:

    Although it sounds more like a filibuster, I encourage more young people to come forward with an interest in improving society and speak up.

    • deowll says:

      The nice thing about free speech is it allows people to more accurately judge your character and intellect so yes I do like people to speak up.

      On the down side the good book notes that if you keep your mouth shut maybe people won’t find out you are profoundly ignorant and completely fail to understand what few facts have penetrated you mind.

      Okay so the good book was rather more blunt in how it said it but I wanted to be rather more obscure.

  5. B. Dog says:

    She is, like, stacked!

  6. McCullough says:

    That was hilarious. And I thought the valley girl was sort of a myth.

    The East Coast believes in slavery!!!

  7. Lou Minatti says:

    These meme is so 6 months old, Uncle Dave. The rest of us laughed at this dingbat last summer. Where’s the cutting-edge stuff?

    • Uncle Dave says:

      It’s a holiday week. Congress is off so they can’t get into trouble (at least in Washington). I somehow doubt Katy and what’s his name divorcing isn’t ‘cutting edge’ enough. Iowa won’t be interesting until it’s over, if then.

      Closest to anything interesting is about Ron Paul being right about the CIA and drugs, but that’s not news to anyone here.

      Otherwise, sloooooow.

      • deowll says:

        The Liberals loath him because Ron Paul is a lot more liberal they most of them have ever dreamed of being.

        The conservatives can’t stand him because he stands for the Constitution and traditional values like freedom of speech and the right of the individual to live their lives their way and let the chips land where they may without a police state watching every move they make or trying to run the world.

        Yet Ron Paul has proved time and again that he is much more perceptive and honest than than are.

  8. TThor says:

    And this 5 year old is now 9…. maybe she should be allowed a second try?

  9. MWD78 says:

    people like that are exactly why the founding fathers established the Electoral College.

  10. Animby says:

    Give the girl a break. She’s obviously handicapped. The blood leaves her heart, gets lost in those mammoth tits and never makes it to her brain!

  11. kerpow says:

    Do you know how many guys have told this girl she’s totally right?

  12. Hairy German says:

    I could not make it past 45 sec.

  13. Binkey says:

    Like, uhm, what she’s saying, uhm… Is like, uhm, like totally uhm, and like you know like, when you like, uhm, it’s like totally, uhm, and like uhm, but more like uhm, but not totally uhm…


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