Connell (Wash.) High’s Cole Vanderbilt was a relative unknown in the basketball world, but all that changed two days ago, when a viral YouTube video turned him into one of the most hated players in Washington.

  1. Joe says:

    Wouldn’t want to get between that center and a box of donuts

  2. He should join the police force if he wants to do shit like that.

  3. denacron says:

    Well sports is nothing more than an attempt at entertainment, and that certainly was entertaining. 😛

    I have seen enough of this happen at small schools and expect it. Corrupt refs and cheating players, whats the point of even showing up?

    Give tubby a scholarship, he is what America is aspiring to be.

  4. This should continue with MORE cameras running:

    Yahoo! Sports and Deadspin, a tabloid sports website, highlighted the video, which shows two Connell players fouling Cowiche’s Highland High School players Dec. 22.

    While commentators around the internet are calling for both players to be suspended, the coach to be fired and the team to be disbanded, North Franklin School District officials said they already have handled the matter internally.

    “We saw the video, we worked with Highland and felt we did everything right,” Superintendent Gregg Taylor told the Herald on Thursday. “We met with the team and the coaches and the district officials, and made sure everyone knew what we needed to do to change our sportsmanship, and how we should act on and off the floor and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

    Read more here:

    10 bucks says the kid’s Mom looks just like him and thinks this is great.

    The school record as of this date is 1-7. Losers.

  5. Dr Spearmint Fur says:

    Anyone who has played high school sports knows the coach drives the style of play.

  6. Dallas says:

    That fat ass Teapublican knows he can’t compete as a basketball player (just look at him). His strategy (and probably that of his coach) is to foul and maybe get some sort of loser reputation.

    • So what says:

      Ding, Pavlov’s doggie.

    • ABO says:

      Dallas, you are such a dick. How could you POSSIBLY drag your perverted politics into this? Oh, wait, it’s Dull ass.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When did they start letting ADULTS play HIGH SCHOOL sports?!

    Isn’t it obvious? Ol’ fat boy is on “the juice.” He’s either on a good old fashion “roid rage” or those aren’t fouls – it’s police cadet practice!

    I don’t know about you, but when I see full-on facial hair on a high school “student” (even a senior) there’s probably a lot more to be concerned with than just silly little game fouls.

  8. Mac Guy says:

    Gotta love the internet when everyone here suddenly becomes a sports official.

    I’m an umpire going into my 20th year behind the plate, and I’ve called State, Regional and even National tournaments. I’ll tell you that there’s more behind this story than most of you realize.

    1 – Lately, the emphasis has been to keep youth players in the game. While no real official likes this mandate, it’s what we’re given, so we do our best.
    2 – We only call violations “flagrant” or intentional if we know without the shadow of the doubt that it WAS flagrant/intentional. If we aren’t absolutely CERTAIN that the violation was flagrant/intentional, we have to give the player the benefit of the doubt.
    3 – Safety is first and foremost on the mind of every referee, umpire, and line judge out there. With an overly-letigious society (especially surrounding youth sports – just google “louisville slugger lawsuit”), we don’t want to take too many chances. If we see it and KNOW that’s the right call, we absolutely call it.

    You can armchair officiate these plays to death, and you have the added advantage we don’t: replay. To these two officials assigned to this game, this may have been just another overly-clumsy player, and we’ve seen our fair share of those.

    So unless your ass is hustling up and down the court or running in a 2-umpire crew, knock off the whining.

    • Dr Spearmint Fur says:

      I’ve played a ref’d a lot of sports. Being a ref or umpire is not just about adjudication but some measure of control over the game. It’s a question of balance between restriction and letting the game play out.

      It’s a tough job but great refs work with coaches, players and occasionally even fans and take charge in various ways, not just calling penalties. It’s called leadership. Someone has to do it.

      Technically the refs may have been right. In reality the refs in this video let the players take charge.

  9. Dog Ears says:

    I’d bet half of you never played a game that didn’t involve a joystick.
    Any good bball player will hate playing against unskilled guys who are fat, slow and clumsy.
    Anonymous – First, that’s not what kids on roids look like. Roids will help you build muscle mass, make you faster and give you back acne, they don’t make you fat, slow and clumsy. Second, boys typically hit puberty in middle school, so facial hair that looks scraggly and unkempt in high school is also pretty typical.

    Foul #1: Typical foul by a fat, slow and clumsy (fsc) player. Swats at the ball and misses, hits the player instead. Not really flagrant or intentional, but no complaint from me if I’m his coach and they call it that way.
    Foul #2: Not even close to being flagrant, just a simple reach in hack. Shouldn’t be included in the video.
    Foul #3: Yep, that one should be called. Fsc is no excuse here.
    Foul #4: Another one that shouldn’t have been included. Just a simple push.
    Foul #5: Not only flagrant, but the kind of foul that starts bench-clearing brawls. Any foul against an airborne player that isn’t an attempt at the ball is extremely dangerous and should merit an immediate ejection from the game.
    Foul #6: More fsc stuff. Rough, but not flagrant.

  10. Howard Beal says:

    I see mostly a klutzy player who might be better suited as a wrestler, or some sport where keeping an eye on the ball is not involved.

    Worse than a lack of remorse for the potential injury he causes he is high-fiving his teammates after the fouls. If these same fouls were followed by him expressing a “sorry man my bad” in stead of a joy would this tape have been compiled?
    Just a bit of sportsmanship in the coaching could have prevented this from going viral.

  11. shooff says:

    I bet a survey of his classmates would put him in the “Bully” category. He’s spends all his time wanking over a teammate’s girlfriend. Maybe he should hit the weight room and mix in a pick up game..

  12. Rob Leather says:

    Jez. He washing lines that kid around 3:00.

    I used to play Rugby for my school. Some kid of our team did that to one of the players of the other team and OUR school banned him from playing for an entire season.

    Seems it’s “ok” for these guys.

  13. Sam says:

    By the looks of most of the players on his team they are a football school and don’t really care what happens during basketball. They are probably a pretty small school too and there isn’t much else the coach can do but let the brutes be on the team. If that is all wrong – it is a flagrant coaching problem and he should be fired.

  14. Semantics says:

    He would make a good editor here at Dvorak Uncensored, they are all cheap shot artist and the kid could learn a lot.

    • Dr Spearmint Fur says:

      Let me guess. You got wedgied a lot as a kid? Or maybe even an atomic wedgie or even the “dreaded Rear Admiral”?

  15. McCullough says:

    And you come here because…..?

  16. Dallas says:

    I’d like to see Chaz Bono kick that Teabagger’s ass after the game.

    • mharry860 says:

      Your an idiot.

      • ABO says:


        As in “you are”
        The apostrophe substitutes for the missing “a”.

        Once again: “your” means “your car”
        and: “you’re” means “you are”.

        Now, go find your middle school English teacher and apologize.

  17. Franklin Ironsides says:

    Holy hell. Yeah this kid looks like a thug player, and I’m sure that if he had played against my teams in high school a fight would have ensued, but he’s still just a high schooler. It’s depressing to see what I presume are mature adults piling on this kid. Grow up.

  18. #35--bobbo, everything is political says:

    Sports should be played by kiddies, and only for fun and recreation. As MacGuy stated the kiddie games should be officiated for maximum safety which is negated by his earlier point #2–that fouls should not be called unless flagrant. I call BS on that.

    Either safety is first, or not. Either learning the skills of the game or the dirt of the competition comes first.

    When “experts” with no skin in the game can have their understanding of basics exactly wrong, its no wonder antics like those shown are given a pass by all too many.

    Our society is half way in the sewer–sports just one more of the many ways it is shown. Rick Frothy Sanctorectum is another if not the whole Republican field/party.

    Did I say everything is political?

    Ha, ha. Yes, it is.

    • ABO says:


    • #54--bobbo, everything is political says:

      Well, at least one or more of you can understand direct exposition. Humor may never come, its an entirely different appreciation and much more individualized.

      What ties them both together is the truth in all things uttered.

      When did I last mention everything is humorous? Even with you two. Such is the power of humor. Its everywhere.

  19. Its like Canadian ice hockey that used to be a good clean sport
    Now hockey – whether it is the Winnipeg Jets or whatever is just wrestling or rollerblades on ice

  20. UncDon says:

    That kid will make a fine cop someday – no training needed!

  21. two to the head says:

    Here is the latest in Minnesota.

    One kid paralyzed for life and another in unknown condition.

  22. Dave says:

    As someone who does ref basketball, (IAABO referee) foul #3 was clearly flagrant and cause for immediate removal from the game. If he had been ejected, some of the other nonsense would never have happened. And foul #1, BTW, was clearly an intentional foul. It could have been a technical, but, clearly it was an intentional foul.

    The refs screwed up here for sure. There’s no need for excuses for them.

    • Rutger says:

      The reason why I didn’t see it as a flagrant was because the defensive player had an open hand and didn’t follow through with the swing.

  23. Rutger says:

    Foul #5 was the only flagrant. And the player should have been tossed for that. But you can see the ref chatting with him after. The rest were just hard fouls.

  24. B. Lambeer says:

    I don’t think the tubby scuffy dude is so mean as he is slow and uncoordinated. Foul #4 was too obvious.

  25. Mac Guy says:

    I’ll say one last thing about this video.

    How do we know these clips were in chronological order?

    You’re seeing what the uploader WANTED you all to see, and most of you fell for it.

  26. tigerjuju says:

    #34 seems to think he is Andrew Bynum…

  27. TheOne says:

    hahah since when did DU posters “care” about sports. Cmon, where’s the “this isn’t a sport, golf is”, “this is a braindead tossing a ball in the basket game..”. Cmon, I need to laugh a lot harder when it comes to sports talk here. Make my year…do it!

    As for the clip, this is white trash rich kids type of basketball. We eat these turds like nothing out on the court. Two can play the same game, only be able to win as well 🙂 These idiots can’t even play for sht and hence have to resort to this. Someone out there there are black and asians laughing their ass off on these fat white kids who can’t play basketball to save their life. HAHAHAHHAH

  28. Otter says:

    Shame on the person who put together and distributed the one-sided and biased video. It’s one thing being an over-aggressive basketball player, it’s another to vilify a minor with the sole intention of public humiliation. This kid could, in fact, be the biggest a-hole in the world, I don’t know. But, I do know if someone put together 20 seconds of my worst moments, I would look just as bad as him.

    • Mac Guy says:

      I agree. My understanding around the campfire is that he is a high school senior who normally plays football (on defense, if I remember correctly).

      It’s also my understanding that the basketball coaches double as the school’s football coaches.

      I’ll just let that one sink in for a while.

    • #68--bobbo, everything is political says:

      “But, I do know if someone put together 20 seconds of my worst moments, I would look just as bad as him.” /// Not if the game was for the purpose of the sport/skill involved and not if the coaches/referee’s were doin’t their jobs.

      People who don’t know how to play the game as you suggest should be penalized OUT asap.

      Do you put safety/fun/sport FIRST or just how far down the list? “Give the bully a break, he may not know what he is doing?” ////Liberdrools.

      • Mac Guy says:

        I call what I see, not what I want to see. If it’s part of the game (and that’s the key in all of this), then it’s part of the game. Let the coaches handle safety issues, I’m there as an impartial arbiter. Nothing more.

        Why does everyone assume the referees/umpires have some obligation to be the babysitters in all of this?

      • Mac Guy says:

        And to clarify the “not what I want to see” portion…

        I’m not there to be an external influence upon the game. I call what I see, and I enforce the calls as appropriate. My own personal feelings about this player or that coach are to have absolutely no involvement on the field/court.

        I’ve seen noses get shattered, patellas bend 90° to the outside, lost teeth, foreheads split open (including my own in 2009), broken bones (even had some broken bones myself), dislocated limbs, players get knocked completely unconscious, and the list goes on and on.

        It. Happens.

        Do I want things to be safe out there? You bet. At the end of the game, I want everyone to go home to their families without requiring a doctor’s trip.

        But let’s be real here, people. It happens.

        • #73--bobbo, everything is political says:

          Well—what Pedro said.

          Mac Guy===really? I mean REALLY!!!!!!

          The germane issue you are exposing yourself on is not “what happens” and not responding to what the parents, coaches, or teams want it simply is whether or not you put SAFETY FIRST or not.

          So–what do you see? What do you understand? What are you encouraging and discouraging with every call you make and you don’t make? You do realize that effect is there REGARDLESS of whatever you think you are doing in a vacuum? You know there is no vacuum on a sports field?

          What would you think about “erring” on the side of safety? If its close==call it a foul. What would be “wrong” with that?

          We’ll wait.

  29. Brisbane says:

    He should become an hero.

  30. Versacourt says:

    so sick! way to take one for the team!


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