Click photo for more of the same


  1. Mextli: ABO says:

    Liked the whole series. Good way to end the week. Thanks.

  2. spsffan says:

    That’s gotta be the most useful information ever put up on one of those signs.

    I like the Easter Island Pez thing, too.

  3. Zybch says:

    Whats with the sudden rise in fake videos/photos here?

  4. President Amabo & my wife Chewbacca (Give us a flat, chronological (civilised) comment view please) says:

    How do you know they’re fake? I see speeches from some guy named Obama all the time. When you listen to what he’s saying you know they can’t possibly be real.

  5. GogglesNTeeth says:

    Irony…. if true, taken by a camera phone? hmmmmm


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