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Executive Producer: Scott in Dawsonville
Associate Executive Producers: Michael Klink, Sir Todd Symmons
Art By: Nick the Rat
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  1. Dr Spearmint Fur says:

    Congratulations Adam on your upcoming nuptials.

  2. TThor says:

    Hey – Ron Paul is very important for Europeans so don’t even think about stopping that part of the show. Ron Paul represents a shift of paradigm. His influence in the US as to limited government, Austrian Economics and sound money, will heavily influence the direction of European politics. It may seem difficult but to the socialist Europe to change but when they are all bankrupt and the riots go wild, the Cabal will have to consider Ron Paul’s universal message.

    I do however share Adam’s fear of the wellbeing of Ron Paul. He challenges very powerful people….

    On another note, I read the Economist today, front page is ‘State Capitalism’ and they spend very many pages on that glory. My friends, I sit back with State Capitalism as a nicer phrase for Fascism. Reading the article and also related to the show, the new mime is actually a cry for Fascism/National Socialism/Communism…. totalitarianism, for the friends of the powers.


    • I agree with this assessment. And much of the problem stems from the fact that this so-called state capitalism is actually crony capitalism.

  3. observer says:

    Wow, JCD mentioned Conway’s Game of Life. That sure brings back great memories. Cool simulation.


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