Where are these tanks going? These were seen on Jan. 20 2012 in Watsonville, CA. Who says America doesn’t manufacture anything anymore!

Found by Joshua Dale

  1. MrWindows says:

    They are being sent to Oakland to bolster OPD’s removal of the Occupy Oakland hippies.

    But as Richard pointed out, they are APC’s, not tanks, more properly armored scout vehicles. Probably on their way to the Desert Warfare Training Center for work-up.

  2. deowll says:

    Not even one tank. Those are Strickers equipped with missile launchers and some tank recovery vehicles.

    • PMitchell says:

      strikers are on wheel those are Bradley Fighting Vehicles they are on tracks

    • Cap'nKangaroo says:

      The vast majority were Bradleys, an heavy infantry armored fighting vehicle.

      And the few wheeled vehicles I saw were tanker variants of HMMT made by the Oshkosh Company in Oshkosh, WI. Basically, the heavy mobile fuel trucks for the Bradley’s.

  3. Notthedepartmentof says:

    They’re being shipped to the black helicopter factory to be painted black by Mick Jagger, who is really Margaret Thatcher in drag. Once ready, they will be used to hunt marijuana growers in the Pacific Northwest. The government, of course, seems to be unaware that this will cause the growers to create an alliance with all the various tribes of Sasquatch, who will then descend on Seattle with mind-control rays shooting from their eyes.

    No, seriously. And they’ll cleverly time their attacks for next Thanksgiving, when all the grocery store shelves are depleted of
    aluminum foil, so the public is defenseless.

    You laugh now, but I’m stocking up this spring, and I urge everyone else to do the same. Think of the children!


    Not The US Department of Aluminum Industry Kickbacks

  4. NICKtheRAT says:

    did u get this frum me 😉

  5. John E. Quantum says:

    Was that a very large oval track, with the same cars and cargo going by several times, like in the old Stalin era bomber flyovers of Moscow? Someone wants you to think you paid for lots of tanks with your taxes.

  6. Stan says:

    With the vehicles being green – I suspect to replenish stock in Europe or Korea. I doubt they are going to Maastrich Belgium so the best guess is to the Korean Border.

  7. Glenn E. says:

    More tanks in the US equals crowd control against those starving unemployed citizens, who might take to the streets to oppose how government takes from the poor and gives to the rich. Gearing up for the growing “unrest” stateside? Training for the eventual urban assaults, domestic? Or just using them to scare us into submission?

    Does anyone even use tanks anymore? I thought it was all armored Hummers, overseas. The US doesn’t fight that kind of “conflict” with tanks, anymore. That’s an all-out war toy. A big gun mounted to an steel ATV. A rolling artillery piece. A cannon on dozer treads. Not much use in seeking out terrorists or insurgents. Unless you want to take out whole city blocks to do it. Won’t that make the US friends of all nations.

    No. I think that tanks are obsolete relics, of a time when their use was the only conceivable means of stopping a highly organized army, bend on world domination. Nobody has had to fight such a war since WW2. Tanks’ continued manufacture and use have been overkill, for all the brush wars and smaller conflicts that have cropped up since. Tanks became obsolete, when the A10 tank killers came out. That could destroy anything similar an enemy might employ. So the US doesn’t need this equal armament, anymore.

    Tanks make very poor construction equipment. And the Army would probably make more use of those, in clearing debris, and rebuilding destroyed towns. And they’re certainly cheaper to build. NO DAMN USELESS GUN on top. We have bazookas and shoulder launched rockets, now. Who needs a gas-propelled 120mm cannon, that never gets fired? When so many smaller, lighter, more effective choices exist? It’s just a big steel terror, used to intimidate the unarmed (or under-armed) civilian population. Immune to bottles, rocks, and clubs. But not to very much else. Even some college student in China faced one down. Remember?

    Beat swords into plow shears, my ass! What swords? Pound tanks into something far more useful. The US Army does too much 19th century thinking, keeping tanks around. Likely keeping their favorite arms maker well financed. We need that steel to fix our domestic infrastructure. Rebuild rusting bridges. Not for tanks! No tanks.

  8. Glenn E. says:

    BTW, I counted over a 110 assorted armored vehicles passing on that train. And we didn’t see the start of them (or the finish). So likely it was more. Not all tanks, but mostly. I don’t know what those longer bus like vehicles were. These all are probably being moved from one decommissioned base, to another one that doesn’t have quite so many of them (yet). One day, we could be hip deep in these things, if they don’t stop making them! Park one or two of them in every town square, and public park. If only Seattle had had that many snow plows, recently, eh? Think of the expense of moving that inventory around, to the taxpayer. I’m sure the Railroads love the Army.

  9. Glenn E. says:

    Apparently those “bus like” vehicles I saw (12) were armored fuel trucks. Cause those tanks gotta eat too, ya know. Didn’t see any big guns on those tanks, in a better lit video clip. And the tank camouflage was fairly dark. Not what they’ve been using for the desert wars. So are these new tanks with the wrong paint job, or old tanks with their post Korean war paint job? I can’t believe that all this stuff is brand new. What factory called up the army and said “yer tank order is ready, pick em up”? That’s way too much inventory to sit on, in a tight economy. Several hundred military vehicles have been seen crisscrossing the country by train, in the past year. Not just this past month. Most painted dark green or black. And some the more recent tan shade. But still looking too much like a vintage design.

    Damn those cellphone cameras. Catching the army doing its inventory shuffling maneuver. I’m starting to think this is how they operate all the time. Not just recently. There just weren’t digital movie cameras and Youtube to reveal it. Moving their hardware from one place to another. Nothing would surprise me anymore after seeing the film, “The Pentagon Wars”. Half the army’s inventory is probably on trains, right now. Parked or slowly moving on hundreds of mile of railroad track.

  10. Glenn E. says:

    Here’s another one of those L-O-N-G trains of military gear, filmed about 7 1/2 years ago. Probably a shipment of stuff for Iraq. Hope you got 11 minutes to watch it. Only two engines pulled this whole thing, no engines pushing. So it must have been all level track for most of the trip. You billions of tax dollars, on the move. Was all this worth having to pay more per gallon, for gasoline now?


  11. Axl says:

    Counted 100 tanks and 10 armored personnel carriers….
    Iran here we come?

  12. Jagahati says:

    Looks like an infantry division worth of Bradley’s to me. Either going home to fort hood… or going somewhere else.

  13. Comanche says:

    New DEA task force.

  14. GregAllen says:

    The hope is that they are returning home from Iraq.

    Let’s hope Newt doesn’t use them for his Moon occupation.

  15. Fletcher says:

    Not coming back from the middle east; NATO camo, not desert tan.

    • Johnboy says:

      I agree with Fletcher. The camo is not desert but green. These could be going to the boarder, which I doubt or we could have sold them to some other country maybe. Green camo in the desert makes one an easy target unless we sold them to Iran.

  16. TripHamer says:

    Wait long enough, we’ll probably be seeing them rolling down a road near us.

  17. Breetai says:

    Anyone else notice the squeaking of the train is eerily like march of the toy solders?

  18. Wildsoultion says:

    U.S. Government getting ready for the December 2012 End of World riots! ;-p

  19. Mark says:

    Off to Oakland for the occupy crowd.

  20. Kevin Roa says:

    @Dallas Military trains are actually pretty average in weight. The heaviest trains I’ve run are 24,000 tons. Yes, that is 48,000,000 pounds.

    @BigBoyBC Start early.

    @Joe You have no idea how disorganized it is.

    @Fletcher I hauled many of these trains (load of course was a different color) before the war. Never saw any equipment come back.

    We started hauling trains like this months before the war ever started. I knew it was a done deal. Kinda depressing thinking about how many of our young men would die in this equipment.

    Yes, I’m a locomotive engineer.

  21. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    They could be going to or coming from South Korea by way of either Port of Oakland or Port Hueneme near Oxnard. Lots of military vehicle and equipment pass thru these two ports on the west coast.

    Baltimore handles a lot on the east coast. I have delivered to the port of Baltimore and seen a brigade’s equipment neatly parked waiting to go on one of the big Roll On/Roll Off ships.

  22. RS says:

    According to mil-bloggers, these are older model Bradleys coming BACK from Korea for re-fit to the new standard.

    A similar video months ago shows the new Bradleys heading out the other way.

  23. kb3myham says:

    They are to be refitted at a plant near Lemont Furnace PA. They have been doing this for many years. Just won another multi million dollar contract. So move on, no real news here.


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