What are the following reports and what do they mean. This is one of the things we will be discussing on the Tuesday DH Unplugged.

  1. orchidcup says:

    The underemployment rate of 15.20% should say something about the economy in general.

  2. spreeuw says:

    be sure to mention shadowstats values john

  3. Dallas says:

    Add the Quarterly Sheeple Fearometer (QSF) and Cuban Vote Suckup Indicator (CVI) to the list.

  4. Lucky Pierre says:

    SELL ! SELL !

  5. *wingz* says:

    While the US dollar stays low the long, slow recovery will continue – short Apple in 6 months!
    (PS: shows 2 weeks in a row, what is going on here?)

  6. deowll says:

    It is very, very hard to find a place to invest ones saving that will pay anything.

    • orchidcup says:

      I invested in physical silver when it was trading @ $15.00 an ounce.

      I sold it all when silver hit $48.00 an ounce.

      Now silver is trading @ $34.00 an ounce.

      If you get into silver now, you can sell off when inflation kicks in and silver trades above $60.00 an ounce.

      Handling physical silver is a pain, but buying and selling on eBay eases the pain a little bit.


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