1. orchidcup says:

    Can she say “racecar” backwards?

    How about “kayak?”

    Or “rotator.”

  2. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and social critic says:

    some people do have word/language skills. I have a large vocabulary but cant see words in rearranged letters like the wifey can. No one can beat her at Wheel of Fortune and like games. Nor at scrabble once she learned the strategy beyond the mere formation of words. This was demonstrated a few days ago with the typo in the Headline: “Tankers” I tried to make sense of tankers but the easy correct spelling was “takers.” And yet, I can read most of those sentences that are very messed up. Different skill?

    The brain is a complicated and fine piece of machinery.

  3. Dallas says:

    Quite amazing. The brain is indeed amazing how it’s wired and functions.

  4. derspankster says:

    I think (am quite sure) that Obama and his pesky Progressive minions are responsible for this!

  5. boomboomboom says:

    No backwards playing to prove what she was saying?

  6. boomboomboom says:

    Hmmm before we rate her on the genius scale maybe some verification is in order. I went to youtube and found the video in reverse and could not make out but a couple of words that her “amazing” brain was saying backwards.

    • jmm11z says:

      why would a word be pronounced the same backwards as it would when read forward? she is simply treating the backwards word as its own word and pronouncing it that way (which is rather amazing… to me at least)
      ex. jejune=enujej a soft j sound v hard j sound .

      • boomboomboom says:

        Well if you could pronounce the word such that playing it backward reproduced the word it would have some novelty and be worthy of being called amazing.

        The way she is doing it is well….zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  7. personallity says:

    …. Cause you are not AMAZING.

  8. orchidcup says:

    There must be a job in the government for her somewhere.

    Maybe she can be an ambassador to backward countries.

  9. James B says:

    Blame Bush!

  10. Joe says:

    She’s pronouncing them as if she’s reading them backwards. What she’s NOT doing is phonetically pronouncing them backwards. Therefore, a reversed recording wouldn’t prove anything.

  11. Ken says:

    My mother could write backwards, in cursive. She said that she learned it in school with her friends, but I suspect that some people just have brain quirks that give them odd skills, much like some people can manipulate body parts that others cannot.

  12. deowll says:

    A fair number of left handed people find that writing backward and reading what they wrote is something they can do.

  13. orchidcup says:

    .Arabic or Hebrew like ,right to left of instead left to right written are languages Some

    .ecitcarp htiw sdrawkcab daer ot deniart eb nac niarb eht taht kniht ot noitanigami eht fo hcterts a ton si tI

  14. Skeptic: Post # ≥1 says:

    I can write backwards if observed in a mirror. Perhaps that video is of her reflection in a mirror.

  15. jim g says:

    So she can talk backwards. Nowhere near as intresting as a schoolgirl who shoots bullets out her ass….. just saying.

    • scandihoovian says:

      A cop made me recite the alphabet backwards once. I made it all the way to Ñ.

      • orchidcup says:


        It’s easy.

      • Animby says:

        I’ve heard of that being done. Stooopid. People in general are not wired that way. I remember as a teenager I needed surgery and the anesthesiologist asked me to count backwards from 100 BY SEVENS! That took so much mental effort I almost couldn’t go to sleep.

        As for this girl, I only wondered: if she and Leonardo had a child…

      • LibertyLover says:

        That happened to a friend of mine. His response, “If I was sober I couldn’t do that!”


  16. Mike says:

    Very impressive, but she is being a bit dishonest when given a long / tricky word – she says ‘Huh?’ as if she didn’t hear the word, but the actual reason is to buy time to think of the answer.

  17. farmits says:

    Can’t see the video, but if you can record then play back backwards try recording this:

    eesupe I’m tea

    Do not playback in mixed company, or do . . .

  18. MartinJJ says:

    Amazing. Makes me think she must be really good at spelling words also. She probably visualizes the reversed words and just reads them, to be able to do it so quickly.


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