CrimePush, available on iTunes today, is the latest in mobile technology to provide urban populations with fast, discrete, and intelligent safety assistance. After being held at gunpoint on the streets of Washington DC, co-founder Shayan Pahlevani thought of a way to conveniently help report and prevent crimes for the 21st century.

The company utilizes Smartphone technology to put crime reporting, literally, in the hands of users. After downloading the free iPhone or Android application, users can report an ongoing crime with the push of a button. A package of information including the location of the crime, photo, video, audio, and text description of the crime are sent to authorities immediately. The application also allows for users to report crime anonymously so that they may continue with their busy lives knowing that with a push of a button, police will know and have everything to pursue the criminal. Ordinary users become the eyes and ears of authorities.

Anonymously! Hah, that’s rich. Potential for abuse? I have been told I’m a half empty glass kinda guy, could be true.

  1. Pam says:

    Riiiight. And of course your mugger is going to conveniently leave you with your iPhone.

  2. dusanmal says:

    Next step: mandatory reporting of the crime (and pre-crime) encountered with steep penalties for non-action.
    App should be banned by the law. Author should be jailed for mass human rights violation. Enough of surveillance society already.

  3. Ah_Yea says:

    This app will end up being ignored by every police department in the country and Apple will pull it before you know it.

    Crank call? yup!

    McDonalds coffee too hot! Call the cops!

  4. kerpow says:

    This is awesome! I’m going to download it and use it to report the TSA, politicians, etc. Its supposed to be used to report crime right?

  5. jpfitz says:

    Holy… shit!

    • Animby says:

      Sis, that is about the most ironic thing I’ve seen in ages. Thanks for the laugh.

      PS. Don’t argue with Pedro. You know what they say about people who wrassle with swine…

  6. Martfin says:

    Looks just like the interface used in the hospital in Idiocracy, damn I thought we’d have a couple more hundred years before we got that dumb!!!!

  7. Zybch says:

    “The application also allows for users to report crime anonymously”

    Yeah, and if you believe that I have this bridge to sell you.
    The mere act of sending in a report immediately exposes your IP address and most likely other info (IMEI, OS version etc) to whatever company/corporation collects the reports and passes them on.

    I can see this being of great use to organized crime gangs. Just pay a few dozen people to go to the other side of town and report 5-10 crimes each, leaving the real criminal activity to carry on cop-free miles away.

    • CrankyGeeksFan says:

      It should also send GPS coordinates.

      I thought that 911 services needed to upgrade their equipment to work with MMS. I guess the data is going as an internet application.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So now I suppose we can start “anonymously” reporting people who fail to signal lane changes or cut in lines.

    Even if this were true, I don’t believe it. Cause anytime a cops is interested and/or willing to help is when it means big bucks, potentially bad press, or if they happen to be in the area. Any other time, it’s just spam!

  9. Animby says:

    I don;t understand the significance of this app. My phone has always had an app to report crime. You just press three numbers…

  10. I say any way that we can reduce crime should atleast be tried out – and I quite like the concept of having everything in one place(images/video/notes etc). Kinda makes me feel like inspector Morse lol

  11. Em Pleh says:

    The system better have a way to punish or ignore prank callers.

    Like the little boy who cried wolf, abusers will really need it some day, only to be ignored by the authorities.

  12. MartinJJ says:

    I need a button to report Janet Napolitano. Or can I use “Threat” for that?

  13. Glenn E. says:

    Notice the “Drugs” icon has an MJ leaf built in. In fact its the largest part of the whole icon, as well as being top center. So I guess the app maker is in bed with the Feds, who still want a plant to be illegal. They couldn’t put a razor blade symbol there? Or something else that indicates Cocaine use. No, weed their choice of baddest drugs. See some weed, push the button. See someone snorting coke, ignore it. No sugar cube symbol for LSD, either.

    • MartinJJ says:

      Thats the only button that does not connect with emergency response services, but with your local dealer. The CIA needs to sell all that opium they fly into the country from Afghanistan also. Oh well, you can call that an emergency response service also.


  14. EstCstCrkPt says:

    Ive done time because a Cocaine dealer agreed to snitch on other area dealers in return for a lighter sentence. I only sold marijuana and was doing it mostly for free smoke and to pay my Cable-internet/food/gasoline/automobile repair bills (local mechanic paid him with cash, herb, and the occasional 6 pack of microbrew.) I was not doing it for a sports car, exotic vacations etc. Just basic stuff, I didnt even make enough to pay for cable tv.

    Well all that coke dealer had to do was wear a wire and buy 80 dollars worth of marijuana and his felony slipped from him and stuck to me. Well the feds thought id turn over my weed supplier. I said Hello No and served my time!

    I’m long done with my time, and my supplier is still by my side supplying me the best bud.

    NA all the way BABy!!!

  15. EstCstCrkPt says:

    Hangout at the airport and hit the sexual harassment button every time someone gets groped!!!


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