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  1. andycatus says:

    I could not see it and had to cheat. Perhaps my monitor is a little dark. Its more scary once you realise it is clipperty-clop Lucifer herself and she is somewhere in your home right now.

  2. Bub says:

    I’m not sure, but the rich guy character on the Monopoly™ game’s face is kinda there on the big pillow in the front. But, I don’t know, the pressure is enormous, … I *really* want to win that car!

  3. Steve says:

    Not half as scary as my mirror this morning.

  4. Animby says:

    I had to blow that damned thing up to fill my whole screen AND read the instructions in order to see it.

    And we wonder why people see Jesus in a cheese sandwich…

  5. orchidcup says:

    It is a terrorist hiding under the pillow on the left.

    Be very afraid.

  6. Uncle Patso says:

    There is a part of the human brain that’s hard-wired to recognize faces, and we often see faces in random objects and shadows. A quick search will lead to hundreds, maybe thousands of links to “faces in objects” pictures. There was a particularly friendly face I used to look for in the patterns in the tile on the bathroom floor in an apartment I lived in back in the ’90s. I wonder if the folks who live there now can see him…

  7. Buzz Mega says:

    OMG! Hello Kitty!

    …or is it Gingrich?

  8. Yaknow says:

    Hell, that ain’t scary am use to it. That’s my ex mother-in-laws house, she is always hiding somewhere.

  9. msbpodcast says:

    Looks like E.T. hiding under a cushion. Meh…

  10. Well, I didn’t see it but when I did I browned out in my habit.

  11. Skeptic: Post # ≥1 says:

    Well, THAT was a waste of 5 minutes! If that scared you, you’ve probably been brainwashed by some sort of religion.

  12. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior Art Critic says:

    I couldn’t see it until the link told me where to look. The gestalt of the hooman brain is to look at the center of a picture–that is where “the subject” is supposed to be. So then I expanded my point of view outward from the center, and still didn’t see it.

    YOU KNOW, in Rorschach terms, only neurotics focus on the perimeter of things. I do wonder “what it means” when your brain fairly objectively “avoids” seeing “monsters?” That too is psychiatric==representing a life with stressors in it, and rare is the person without them. But if it “looks like” a face, then thats what it is. Worth a quarter, if its in the loose change.

    Speaking of Monsters–its “Being Human” marathon on the Crap-Sci-Fie Channel. I’m up to here with all the vamps and werewolf BS in our pop culture right now so I had not watched it before. Starting with episode 5 though==I gotta say, not bad as these things go. Not Masterpiece Theater, but not bad.

    I don’t mind vampires trying to kick their habits, but what is this crap with them walking around in the day time? NOBODY can deal with reality==not even vamps. Don’t they know their own history?

    No body willing to recognize limitations.

    Same as it ever was.

  13. observer says:

    This type of pic was popularized several years ago under the title “When you see it you’ll shit bricks.”

  14. deowll says:

    I vaguely saw what looked like the face of a bearded man in the pillow to the left but to be honest I’d rather play this game looking at clouds.

  15. Confuzled says:

    There’s a Ghost in that picture as well.

    Just above the couch flying horizontally past the door from right to left. The top left of his head (remember he’s sideways) is just above the two lemons.

  16. Glenn E. says:

    I saw nothing scary or odd. And I refuse to be suggested of it, by weaker minds. If it’s not clearly obvious to see at first glance. Then there simply isn’t anything there to see. And just the wild imaginings of bored people. Who should spend more time looking for fluffy animal shapes in the clouds.

  17. sargasso_c says:

    In America, demonic furniture comes with matching drape and cushion.

  18. hellobobbo says:

    Bobbo please look up the word gestalt. You detract from your credibility when you misuse words like gestalt.


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