Amazing – if you have an SBCGLOBAL email account – now AT&T and run by Yahoo – there’s no way to change your email password online. Un believable!!!!

How do these people stay in business?

Oh – and – it’s not my account. I’m helping a friend.

  1. orchidcup says:

    Fortunately, I don’t live in an area that is monopolized by AT&T.

    I have three choices for ISP.

    • Ande says:

      It is much worse than these posts indicate. AT&T does not back up their customer’s accounts. Nothing is archived. They lost my data going back through 2005. See my blog If they did the same to you, contact me at the blog. ~Ande

      • Sau wei Ma says:

        Poor me. I just became a new victim. What should I do?

        • Ricardo says:

          Finally called AT&T DSL Care Specialist at
          877-722-3755 and got results. I actually found “Change Your Password” at Had spent a week searching for a solution and raising the decibel level inside my house; neighbors didn’t complain…yet. If you’re in my boat, your Yahoo! email address and AT&T email addresses were merged, and changing the password for AT&T changes the password for Yahoo! email. This should fix the problem…I’ll see. Hope it works for you!

  2. Lou Minatti says:

    I had a 10+ year old Yahoo account that I used as the default for AT&T DSL service about 5 years ago. (I had quit using the Yahoo account at that point.) I cancelled the DSL in 2008 but little did I know that the two accounts were merged. About a year ago my account password was hacked and the spammers started using my old account to send reams of crap. I could log in but could not change the settings. It was literally impossible to change the password or EVEN CONTACT ANYONE AT YAHOO! No phone, no e-mail address, NADA. It took me days before I got someone at AT&T and it was escalated way up the food chain.

  3. Lou Minatti says:

    It was really bad… almost as bad as the new comment format on! I see there are 28 comments, but only two appear.

    • orchidcup says:

      The new format sucks.

    • msbpodcast says:

      See the “ << Older Comments” thingbee at the bottom left hand side of the page?

      Click on it and you’ll be brought to the older comments.

      I’ll refrain from personal attacks insulting your lack of perception.

      • Lou Minatti says:

        “See the “ << Older Comments” thingbee at the bottom left hand side of the page?

        Click on it and you’ll be brought to the older comments."

        My bad. When I see a link that says "35 Comments" in a bright red box and I click on it I was naively expecting to see 35 comments instead of the last 4. I admit to not seeing "Older Comments" in small light-grey text.

  4. sargasso_c says:

    Email is in depreciation, as a technology.

  5. pedro says:

    “How do these people stay in business?”

    For the same reason mac does: fucking dumb sheep.

  6. Zipthebunny says:

    Yeah, what a mess.
    I did find a way to change your password.
    You need to follow the links for “forgot password”, answer all the security questions. If you get through all that you’ll be able to select a new password.
    Yes, your probably screwed if you dont remember your security questions.

  7. It does not help their cause if they also charge much higher than other email marketing companies. Truth is that their service is quite sub standards without innovation.

  8. Steve Palla says:

    Even worse: I have three email addresses with AT&T. So when my wife’s email address started acting up, it kept trying to get me to reset my AT&T user password for the master account…which would screw up my email. I just want to change/reset the password on one email account. HERS not mine, HERS. No way to do this without multiple calls to the help desk.