This family is a piece of work. Who does this sort of video?? Is this what family realtions have come to? Back-and-forth bickering on Facebook? Maybe this was an elaborate hoax. Let the parodies begin!

  1. dadeo says:

    Some surprisingly good parenting comments on this here. Thanks for some positive in the shitstorm of negativity that we get splattered with daily.

  2. Micah says:

    By posting a message on Facebook about his disappointment in his daughters actions, hasn’t he put himself on the level of a 15 year old? I’m not a parent myself but I hope that if I ever become one I will be able to be the adult in these types of situations and do my best to keep family business in the family. A 15 year old is still a child. Now not only will she be punished at home but also by her peers who now have an inside look at her life at home. She will be judged by her fathers reactions and most likely made fun of for them.

  3. db says:

    Who in the world spends $130 on SOFTWARE????

  4. MartinJJ says:

    If this ain’t a hoax, this father just showed how immature he actually is himself also. He has no clue about being a good parent. First he gives her all the expensive gadgets and then complains she won’t work for it. Next he tells how much he had to do as a teen, like that would motivate her. He’s obviously not aware that the majority of teens just think parents suck. Period. It’s a phase in growing up. Normally these matters are discussed and resolved at the dinnertable or so. Her showing her frustration on facebook implies that not happening in this household either. Blame the dude for that. Stealing her password and using it (public) isn’t really smart either and also shows a lot of disrespect for her. As an ‘IT-guy’ probably working for companies, it also makes you wonder what he does with others private information. Sysadmins usually get fired over this kind of crap. Using a gun to set an example doesn’t really have much to do with good parenting either. He probably only started another facebook flamewar now.

    I bet his daughter is buying bullets also now :)