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How bad has education gotten in this country that an electorate could produce (a Dr. yet!) and vote into office someone who hasn’t learned how to do even the most trivial of critical thinking?

Rep. John Fleming has deleted his Facebook post linking to an article in The Onion about a fictional Planned Parenthood “Abortionplex.”

In a Facebook status on Friday, the Louisiana Republican alerted his followers to The Onion’s May 18, 2011 article, “Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex” and wrote “More on Planned Parenthood, abortion by the wholesale.” Fleming’s spokesman Doug Sachtleben confirmed to POLITICO the post has since been removed from the congressman’s Facebook page and said the office had no further comment.
The fictional Abortionplex includes more than 2,000 rooms dedicated to the procedure, as well as “coffee shops, bars, dozens of restaurants and retail outlets, a three-story nightclub, and a 10-screen multiplex theater — features intended not only to help clients relax, but to foster a sense of community and make abortion more of a social event.”

The Onion’s editor, Joe Randazzo, said the publication is proud to count Fleming as a reader.

You might also enjoy some comments made by less gullible readers of the Onion article.

  1. Animby says:

    Gary & Bobbo:
    I did not mean to indicate I had any serious moral reservations to the practice but it’s like hunting flies with a shotgun instead of a swatter. I don’t have stats but I’d bet more women die each year from abortions than childbirth.

    As for the embryo? I’m conflicted. I agree that IUDs and the so-called Plan B contraceptives may be abortifacients depending on the definition you choose to accept. To me it’s just a few cells. You lose more cells by brushing your teeth.

    But, after it has implanted and grown beyond the blastocyct stage and gastrulation has taken place, I start to think of the thing as a life. And I am sworn to protect life whenever I can. And please leave religion and souls out of the equation for my “morality”.

    Bobbo: “you admit to coal mining, military service, commercial fishing, speed limits over 40 miles per hour, cell phones in cars” What? I don’t believe I’ve ever addressed any of these issues on DU. Why do you so often malign me? However, even though I seldom drive, I will state here and now unequivocally, I am in favor of speed limits over 40 mph on suitable roadways.

    • DrWally says:

      Actually you are wrong in your stats. I just did some really quick lookup and found (for 2004) the mortality rate for mothers was 13 per 100,000 live births.

      For abortion, female mortality was about 1 per 1 million for abortions on or before 8 wks, 1 in 29,000 for 16-20 wks and finally 1 per 11,000 for 21 wks or more. Even for this last group (1.5% of all abortions), that is only 9 per 100,000.

      You would have to conclude abortion is safer than childbirth, since 94.6% of abortions take place before 16 weeks of pregnancy, with 61.8% before 9 wks.

      Sometimes facts just don’t fit your preconceived notions.

      • Animby - Just Phoning It In says:

        I bow to your research. In my defense, most abortions I see are not done in sterile (or even clean) situations. I should have looked up the numbers prior to making the statement.

        • Dr Spearmint Fur says:

          You spend a lot of time doing abortions in back alleys to supplement. Or did you just open your mouth to change feet?

  2. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    All Hail the Onion!