There’s an agenda behind those cookies the Girl Scouts sell, one bent on promoting communism, lesbianism and subverting “traditional American family values,” according to an Indiana lawmaker. That’s the reason Rep. Bob Morris, a Republican representing Fort Wayne, insists he won’t go along with a resolution meant to honor the Girls Scouts on the organization’s 100th anniversary…

“After talking to some well-informed constituents, I did a small amount of Web-based research, and what I found is disturbing,” Morris wrote Saturday to Republican House colleagues in a letter obtained by the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

Morris alleged that the Girl Scouts of America and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts “have entered into a close strategic affiliation with Planned Parenthood,” which he claimed is trying to “sexualiz(e) young girls through the Girl Scouts.”

Even worse, he wrote, only three of the 50 role models promoted by the Girl Scouts have even “a briefly-mentioned religious background.” “All the rest are feminists, lesbians, or Communists,” he wrote.

As proof, Morris notes that the “radically pro-abortion” Michelle Obama is honorary president of Girl Scouts of America, which “should give each of us reason to pause before our individual or collective endorsement of the organization.”

After learning all this, he wrote, he pulled his two daughters out of the Girl Scouts and instead put them in American Heritage Girls Little Flowers, a parent-run group best described as a center for recovering Girl Scouts.

It’s always heartwarming to view consistency in the ideology of our politicians. Even if it’s consistent dementia.

  1. Dallas says:

    Teapublican candidates need to hold a final bake off (punn intended) for the loon right and be done with it. A panel of selected loons will decide the winner. Three minutes for each issue facing America as follows:

    – Supports females the most.
    – Would protect fetus’s the best
    – Build most effective Anti-Mexican barrier
    – Hates gays the most
    – Why Jesus loves me best
    – Three ways I’d kill Castro
    – Poor people need me because…(finish sentence)

  2. observer says:

    Thin Mints are good but $4 a box seems a little high. Oh well–I don’t mind showing my support for a good cause, and that certainly includes lesbian girl scouts.

  3. Yaknow says:

    I am soooooooo tired of this level of stupid ass politics Morris is displaying, and its not only Republicans. It demonstrates that they way we ALL think and treat OUR politics is juvenile.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Speak for yourself and all other partisans.

      Recognizing all politicians have to prove they aren’t full of it is a good starting point. The moment the conversation veres away into group identities, the stupid tree grows fast and tall.

      It starts slowly, then becomes firmly entrenched as dogma/habit pattern. Harder to break than smoking.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anyone buying the Girl Scouts cookies might want to stay away from the SODO-MINTS or the LADY (IN-GIRL-PARTS) FINGERS!


    Thank(s) Conan for the heads up.

  5. NewfornatSux says:

    Bobbo, the vote was 5-4 for the Boy Scouts being able to keep their policies. Freedom won 5-4, one more liberal appointee, and freedom loses.

    Your reading comprehension is low today. Who cares if Boy Scouts is a religion or not. The point of comparison was Boy Scouts forced to take gay scoutmasters, attracting pedophiles as scoutmasters, leading to a Catholic moment.

    • Dr Spearmint Fur says:

      Pedophile Catholic priests are straight. They Cardinals who cover it up are gay since they wear dresses. But they are not homosexuals.

  6. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    NewfornatSux reasonably says:
    2/23/2012 at 8:15 am

    Bobbo, the vote was 5-4 for the Boy Scouts being able to keep their policies. /// I’m sorry NFS–I don’t know which of the very many BS cases you are referencing. Short Precis or a link? Its rare that freedom wins for one side without taking freedom from somewhere else?==IOW, its always a balance of competing interests, often the “same” interest of a sort.

    Freedom won 5-4, one more liberal appointee, and freedom loses. /// Freedom is not partisan. Only idiots are. Please exercise your Freedom to think more lucidly.

    Your reading comprehension is low today. /// Always seeking a lesson, to be corrected, = makes my position just that much better. Sadly, years of this attitude has left me finding such lessons more rare. I suppose much of life works that way?

    Who cares if Boy Scouts is a religion or not. /// Well, it goes to constitutional/legal and therefore even social analysis. You can discriminate/interfere with the BS more than you can with Religion BECAUSE OF BS not being a religion. It is the gravamen of many disputes especially on this forum. Not all disputes so indeed the issue can be irrelevant. Not as I have used it of course. Whatever might you be confused about now?

    The point of comparison was Boy Scouts forced to take gay scoutmasters, /// was’t that your “freedom” moment? If not, again==what was the instance you referred to?

    attracting pedophiles as scoutmasters, leading to a Catholic moment. /// Ah–OK, I get that, but only now, thank you for NAMING and CONNECTING those dots. So many here aren’t even capable of that. …… Still….. you are only preening your ignorance and bigotry.

    Until I see facts/data suggesting otherwise, I think pederasty (against both boys and girls) is equally present in gays and straights==whatever that low percentage might be. So==gay pedophiles are attracted to same sex institutions as well as heterosexuals ones. The sin of the Catholic Hierarchy though is that of pride. Pride and a misplaced notion of redemption and forgiveness of all sins? Funny how an otherwise laudable notion get misapplied? So==we can assume equal numbers of gay or straight being attracted to any group but certain groups not culling thru and disciplining illegal behavior? You Know: like College Football Teams or our Congress: people who think they are “privileged” or “anointed” or “chosen” with little outside review? Have you notice the number of female teacher predation on young male students in the news? Now THAT seems disproportionate and totally “weird” to me showing once again that rape is a product of power relationships and not so much that of sexual interest although being totally entwined in everything I do, that is more a statement of faith than anything else. But its hetero’s being illegal/immoral within hetero institutions.

    Not as simple minded as your bumper sticker, but probably closer to the truth==until a better explanation comes along.

    I challenge the blogosphere: anybody got any numbers, facts, data or can we all just project our own personal fantasies and bias into this subject?

  7. kerpow says:

    “I did a small amount of Web-based research”

    And thats where you could have stopped reading the article.

  8. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    He’s got a nice smile. I’d do him. er, that is, if I were gay or something. I’m not gay. I swear. I’m just sayin….

    • msbpodcast says:

      The creep radiates insincerity and looking at that face just makes me think “Do NOT BEND DOWN in front of this used-car salesman ’cause he’ll fuck me up the ass (at 3:43) and change me to clean his dick.


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