Virginia’s controversial transvaginal ultrasound bill hit one Republican lawmaker close to home. In the bedroom, to be precise. He said a fellow lawmaker’s television discussion of the bill cost him sex with his wife. State Del. David Albo (R-Fairfax Station) was addressing the House of Delegates Friday when he described his failed seduction of his wife Tuesday night. Albo had driven home from Richmond following debate on the bill, which would have required women to have a transvaginal ultrasound procedure before receiving an abortion.

  1. Dallas says:

    Wow! Republicans have sex with their wives?

  2. Zybch says:

    Forcibly of course.

  3. UncDon says:

    Sexist pig!

  4. Dr Spearmint Fur says:

    Bad news Davey boy. You ain’t getting lucky tonight either.

  5. Yank E. Doodle says:

    I’m sure he can think of a temporary workaround.

  6. deowll says:

    Never get in the way of a loving mother who wants the right to dispose of her unborn baby like used toilet paper.

    • tacotrainwreck says:

      I certainly wouldn’t. Gotta keep that population down somehow.

      • Cursor_ says:

        The US is not replacing itself as it once used to.

        We NEED more procreation in the US, not less.

        Japan is worse. Their replacement rate is so low they could face a real threat by the end of this century.

        The world is not over-populated. It is just the population is all compacted in the same old places it has been for 5000+ years.

        Time to up the population and get some elbow room from one another.


        • msbpodcast says:

          I’m so glad you pointed this out.

          Therefore you are committing yourself and your pocketbook to feeding, clothing, raising and educating the progeny of such forced unions.

          Unborn babies… I’ll just put you on the rotation for adoption, shall I?

  7. Gildersleeve says:

    This has nothing to do with political differences. The wife was looking for an excuse to stop having sex; this was a good an excuse as any.

    As for you population control idiots, that is sooo last century. Population growth in the west doesn’t exist – this is happening in the developing nations and third world. We don’t need more tools for advancing abortion. But we DO need to to stress that sex is for GROWNUPS – people who can afford to raise children. Hence the need to help grow the middle class.

    • tacotrainwreck says:

      Most grownups can’t afford to raise the children they have. But since it’s not a problem, maybe you can pay to keep them fed. East, west, up, down, in, out, whatever. If you don’t think overpopulation is a problem, the big red idiot stamp is on you.

    • Cursor_ says:

      If we all waited to have children when we have enough money for them we would be in our late 40s or dead.

      Child rearing is for the young and fast. Have to chase after them monsters. And when you are 48 the last thing you want to do is chase after a screaming naked two year old dashing for the door.

      You instead sit back in the lounger in front of the TV and say awww hell let ’em run.


      • Dr Spearmint Fur says:

        Quit jabbering and get at it. Put up or shut up, so to speak.

        I must be the father 5 or 6 kids, at least.

  8. Howard Beale says:

    did i miss part of the story?
    did he discuss the bill with his wife (i assume she is a she) and she explained draconian nature of this pointless bill and he then withdrew his support so he and this story can have a happy ending?

  9. Buzz Mega says:

    How about this:

    ANY issue dealing with women’s sexual apparatus that comes up in any forum of governance can only be voted on by the women in that group and if there is not a plurality of women available, will be put to the population of women for adoption or not.

    This includes everything. Abortion issues. Birth control issues. Ultrasound issues. Notification of parents issues. Rape issues. Cosmetic issues. All of it.

    Similarly, women may not participate in any governmental action concerning male sexual apparatus. Only men can vote on issues of circumcision, condom wearing, sperm bank deposits, etc.


    • Hmeyers2 says:

      This makes too much sense, therefore it will never happen.

      It is rather tiring to listen to hare-brained ideas coming from some born-again White man on what he thinks women should do in his misguided idea of the perfect world.

      It would at least half make sense if it were a woman proposing the crap that women would have to go through.

      I’m not even “pro-abortion” but rather I get the idea that this is a far from perfect world and sloganeering and blowhard speeches does not change this universal truth.

  10. Uncle Patso says:

    Buzz Mega FTW!!!

  11. Yaknow says:

    It is a John Stossle moment. Republicans have been so entertaining the last 10 years, how can you compete with that.

  12. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and Junior Social Critic says:

    How about knuckle dragging neanderthals who want to impose their brand of religion on the rest of us not be allowed to vote on any issues be they male or female?

    Another poster, another thread, commented some Puke voting FOR insertion of a probe in a woman’s vagina for the purpose of humiliating them for religious conformity purposes was also railing against pat downs before flights as being a violation of individual liberty. It shouldn’t go without mention that “Dr Paul” the otherwise libertarian also supports this invasion===or maybe just the contraception bill, ===or maybe just the no abortion bill? Who can keep up?

    • Hmeyers2 says:

      Dr. Paul is apparently a hypocrite.

      He said “Why can’t we decide what goes in our own bodies?” which I guess was something about how drugs should be legal.

      But if it is an abortion-inducing drug would that still be ok in his book? Some reporter should ask him that one.

      I don’t even get the libertarian + “anti-abortion” angle … those 2 combined do not make a great deal of sense.

      • spsffan says:

        Well, actually, I understand it, due, oddly enough, to a philosophy class I took in college.

        You see, I can’t prove that abortion is not murder. I’m sure it isn’t, but I can’t prove it. Neither could anyone in the class of 200 or so at UCLA.

        So, suppose, just suppose that abortion is, in fact, murder, equal to butchering a newborn baby. If so, even a died in the wool libertarian has to be against it. I don’t know many people this side of Charles Manson who are in favor of legalized murder.

        Now, I’m more of the opinion that it is closer to getting rid of a parasite than to murder. But I and nobody else I’ve ever run across can prove it, and I can’t honestly 100% say that those who take the opposing view are wrong. Happily, I’m not a woman and am not in the business of impregnating them.

  13. Republicans want to lose says:

    Welcome to the brave new Republican Punanny State personal freedom be damned YOU muse have this ultrasound you don’t have to look at it and its not medically necessary but YOU MUS HAVE IT.

    come on old white claim to be straight men listen to your wives

  14. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    Wasn’t American Idol on that night? She just may have decided she would get more enjoyment watching mediocre singers oversell their performance.

  15. Dr Spearmint Fur says:

    Hmeyers2 went through this thread like shit through a goose. Nicely done.

  16. GregAllen says:

    Wow, this is a guy surrounded by too my sycophants.

    Can you imagine how insufferable this guy is at dinner parties?

  17. spsffan says:

    The real question is, why did she ever want to have sex with that ugly, fat slob to begin with?

    Besides, they have already reproduced. No need for them to have additional sex.

  18. JimD, Boston, MA says:

    Listen, when a Repuke/Bagger opens his mouth – HE IS LYING !!! All he wants is NO TAXES ON THE 1%ERS AND CORPORATIONS – ALL ELSE IS A ***HOT BUTTON*** !!! If all they ran on was NO TAXES ON THE WEALTHY, they couldn’t win a race for DOG CATCHER !!! So, all we hear out of their mouths is lies and hot buttons !!! So, if you work for a living, YOU SHOULD NEVER VOTE FOR A REPUKE/BAGGER – all they want is to TRANSFER THE TAX BURDEN ONTO YOU AND OFF THEIR OWN FAT ASSES !!!

  19. Glenn E. says:

    So perhaps all states’ delegates should be mandated to have sexual mistresses, financed by the taxpayers, so they don’t suffer the consequences of creating laws that offend their spouses. It might actually impede lawmakers’ legislating, if they had to live in the real world, like the rest of us. Government whores, for government bores.

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