Seems pretty accurate for the current front runners (and The Newt) to me. Why is it so many Republicans want to control our lives via their social agenda politics? Closet Washington Democrats, just with a different set of controls? We need a third party of rational people. Bad!

And then there’s this guy.

Found on Reddit

  1. Dallas says:

    Pretty good! This must be taught in public schools.

    A suitable test is to connect the terms on the left with the definition on the right.

  2. Dr Spearmint Fur says:

    The Republicans are completely out whack jobbing the Democrats. 15 years ago I would never have thought that possible. They’ve turned into some sort of shock TV reality show involving dwarf in-bred baboons.

    The Dems have stayed predictable with their own style of stupid but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Republicans now.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Democraps, Repubes, its all so irrelevant.

      They’re just being played against each other by the 12,400 billionaires who really matter.

      • scandihoovian says:

        Nailed it. They’re the Jesters of modern society, and we’re dumb enough to think voting for new clowns will fix this place.

        • Cursor_ says:

          Then stop voring for them and start a grassroots campaign to get people to come together to create a new constitution?

          Instead of complaining form a solution.


          • Hmeyers2 says:

            Having the partisan masses argue about politics gives them something to do and keeps them out of trouble.

          • scandihoovian says:

            I did try sir. I attended the MN caucus for the first time this year and voted in 2 potential Ron Paul delegates. What have you done so far other than ironically complaining about complainers?

  3. msbpodcast says:

    Well its a race between the right-wing christian agenda and bankruptcy as we shovel more money at the ultra-rich (those people for whom money isn’t even a score card. [In that respect they are no different from the poor, {some of whom have never even set foot in a bank,} who don’t have enough to care.])

    These imbeciles have no idea how they’re just being manipulated…

  4. Mac Guy says:

    Funny, the Dems seem just as hellbent on legislating its constituents to death as the Repubs.

    Can’t say I disagree with some of the assessment, though, despite how slanted it is.

    I’m a Republican. I support gay marriage, am pro-choice (I just don’t like the choice itself), and I’m an atheist. I just want the gubment out of my pockets.

    Go figure.

    • msbpodcast says:

      I’m a Republican.

      NO you’re not.

      If you’re not some rich fuck trying to get richer without earning any of it you aren’t.

      The same goes for the democraps.

      • Guyver says:

        If you’re not some rich fuck trying to get richer without earning any of it you aren’t.

        As opposed to what? Someone on welfare believing that are somehow entitled to everything someone who works for a living gets?

        And who determines what is “earned”? The government or the individual?

        Typical liberal. All you guys care about is equal outcome and not what is fair.

        If anything, MacGuy sounds more Libertarian but associates himself with the Republican party (probably because he doesn’t agree with the Libertarian Party).

        • msbpodcast says:

          As opposed to what? Someone on welfare believing that are somehow entitled to everything someone who works for a living gets?

          Wait ’till you ever need welfare… Then it’ll be a gift from heaven, except it really isn’t.

          You only get welfare when you’re at the fuckin’ bottom on the barrel and don’t have any other option.

          Your supposed politician friends will have you peeing in a cup before every check and every welfare agent will make you fuckin’ beg for it.

          Welface is institutionalized abuse.

          • Guyver says:

            Wait ’till you ever need welfare… Then it’ll be a gift from heaven, except it really isn’t.

            If I EVER need welfare, I would not make a career of it and try to get off of it in a quick and timely manner instead of milking the tax-paying public.

            You only get welfare when you’re at the fuckin’ bottom on the barrel and don’t have any other option.

            Strangely liberals never cease to amaze me in all the ways they’re able to collect on welfare without having to work.

            Welface is institutionalized abuse.

            Tell me about it. To make things fair for taxpayers, welfare recipients should lose their right to vote until they get off of welfare. Otherwise, there’s a clear and obvious conflict of interest. 🙂

        • msbpodcast says:

          Do you really think the chairman of JPMC actually earns 23 million bucks a year?

          What a sad man you must be…

          • Guyver says:

            Do you really think the chairman of JPMC actually earns 23 million bucks a year?

            What a sad man you must be…

            Could be worse. I could be a whiny liberal with a bad case of p3nis envy worried about who actually earns money versus who doesn’t.

    • Hmeyers2 says:

      “I just want the gubment out of my pockets.”

      You know, the government made those coins and bills and can print as many of them as they wish.

      My conclusion is that you need to use gold doubloons for your money to achieve your goal.

  5. JDS says:

    We have the government that we deserve. I see people complaining about the Dems and Repubs and yet continue to vote for them. It is clear that Obama is the least smelling turd in the barrel. So if that doesn’t sit well with you pick from another barrel. So far Rocky Anderson looks the best to me. Check out and see if he is a better choice for you. Now the obvious question is Rocky WHO? …and the typical reaction is “He Will Never Win”…then check out the first sentence above.


  6. RS says:


    I have an idea.
    Let’s set up a system to pay women to have children. But only if they are not married. And if some guy shows up wanting to help take care of them, we will punish the woman by taking away the payments.

    How’s that for a war on families.

  7. Pew says:

    Democrats can’t smell their own stink.

  8. shooff says:

    This is the most spot on thing ever posted on this blog.

    In fact I can see the Obama team writing the commercials right now……”I’m unemployed…..and my wife drives two Cadillacs.” Mitt Romney will be a big hit in Ohio.

    Santorum is no Catholic in my book, he’s an opportunist looking to make a paycheck.

    Hail Obama PR Machine, these fools are writing all your best stuff. They must be of lower IQ than W.

    Paul and Gingrich have high IQs and some standards… they don’t qualify to be president. Save the retorts about Newt.

    Only Putin will have an easier time this year at the polls than Obama

  9. Publius says:

    >Closet Washington Democrats, just with a different set of controls

    Show the Democratic translator you’re referring to

    Or is it BS?

  10. Animby says:

    Unc Dave: You seem to be doing a lot of trolling these days. Why not be fair? Find a translator for the Dems. too. I feel sure it would start with some lovely definitions for “Hope and Change.”

  11. Animby says:

    BTW: Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a press conference scheduled Thursday afternoon to release his investigation as to whether O’Bama is eligible for the Presidency. You can find a link with more info on today’s Drudge report. This is a scary man. But, if his “posse” has found anything of substance, it would certainly throw a new wrinkle into this election. Let’s face it: If O’B wins, we’re screwed. If the Repubs win, we’re screwed. Might as well have some fun with the foreplay…

    • Dallas says:

      I like my odds with a second Obama term by a wide margin. The elections will show that to be the case.

      I’d much rather have a steady hand at the wheel given the unrest in the middle east cesspool and the europe financial crisis.

      The Teapublican loons looking to be president is the WORSE set anyone has seen in decades. The only guy with a brain, Jon Huntsman was voted off the island before sane people got to him.

  12. deowll says:

    Brought to you by the unfriendly folks Democrat department of disinformation doing what they do best: mocking everyone that disagrees with them.

  13. Howard Beale says:

    Still trying to figure out witch one of those you thought was wrong?

    They seem right on the money

    A better response for you would be to use the Democrat’s Orwellian “Newspeak” for their campaign planks.

  14. ABO says:

    If you believe that freedom of expression is sacrosanct but would like nothing better than to deny it to anyone who doesn’t share your views, you are a liberal.

    If you believe that the 1st Amendment separates church from state, but not state from church, you are a liberal.

    If you believe that endlessly discussing a problem amounts to actually solving it, you are a liberal.

    If you believe that the results of progressive programs are irrelevant and that only good intentions count, you are a liberal.

    If you believe that a decades-old drunk-driving episode in George W. Bush’s biography comes under the “people’s right to know” doctrine while the entire past of Barack Obama is protected by his right to privacy, you are a liberal.

    If you believe, with Nancy Pelosi and Valerie Jarrett, that unemployment benefits are a boon to the economy (but without taking this brilliant insight to its logical conclusion: that the path to unprecedented prosperity lies through 100% unemployment), you are a liberal.

    If you believe that Jimmy Carter, who has been working indefatigably over the last three decades to subvert his country’s foreign policy, is the best ex-president ever, you are a liberal.

    If you believe that the anarchists, hoodlums, and hobos who make up the Occupy movement are noble idealists who truly represent the 99 percent of America while the Tea Partiers are Nazi troglodytes and racists, you are a liberal.

    • Cursor_ says:

      And if you believe that Obama is a liberal when he has kept most of the policies of Bush, then you think Bush was a liberal as well.

      So too Bush Sr and Reagan.

      The trouble is that no one seems to know what a conservative or a liberal is because most are poorly educated. They have to be so the ruling elite can maintain control.


  15. pwuk says:

    Just remember, whoever you vote for, the government always gets in.

  16. NewfornatSux says:

    Haha. The Democrats are busy trying to put more and more things under the purview of government, and then just attacking Republicans hoping its enough to get reelected. Gas prices rising by design, and pretending its not what they want.

    The Democrats view of freedom is you are free to interact with your citizens, but your freedom from the government is by decree of the government.

  17. moebeans says:

    A few hundred years ago Santorum would have been the guy standing by the rack “praying” over the poor schlub they were torturing to death to save their sole.

  18. NewfornatSux says:

    Class warfare stop pointing out that the system is rigged.

    Yea, Obama saying he would raise tax rates as a matter of fairness even if it meant less money for the government, is just him pointing out the system is rigged.

  19. LibertyLover says:

    Both [conservatives and liberals] hold the same premise—the mind-body dichotomy—but choose opposite sides of this lethal fallacy.

    The conservatives want freedom to act in the material realm; they tend to oppose government control of production, of industry, of trade, of business, of physical goods, of material wealth. But they advocate government control of man’s spirit, i.e., man’s consciousness…; they advocate the State’s right to impose censorship, to determine moral values, to create and enforce a governmental establishment of morality, to rule the intellect. The liberals want freedom to act in the spiritual realm; they oppose censorship, they oppose government control of ideas, of the arts, of the press, of education (note their concern with “academic freedom”). But they advocate government control of material production, of business, of employment, of wages, of profits, of all physical property—they advocate it all the way down to total expropriation.

    The conservatives see man as a body freely roaming the earth, building sand piles or factories—with an electronic computer inside his skull, controlled from Washington. The liberals see man as a soul freewheeling to the farthest reaches of the universe—but wearing chains from nose to toes when he crosses the street to buy a loaf of bread.

    – Philosophy Who Needs It, 186

    • Dallas says:

      The conservatives want freedom to act in the material realm; they tend to oppose government control of production, of industry, of trade, of business, of physical goods, of material wealth..

      Agree and support this. So, where is your representative platform to drive this philisophy in an election?

      The GOP has been hijaaked by the parasite Christian Taliban and lunatic fringe. To make matters worse, the GOP campaign panders to the lunatic fringe first and weeds out everyone with a brain. Jon Huntsman being one of the first casualties. So, you’re left with a Santorum parasite and an out of touch filthy rich moron.

      I like my odds with Obama.

  20. damontsar says:

    I am sad ex Republican the last Republican president I voted for was Bush Sr. liked him both times he had a good mind and was level head. Now Republicans are crazy church must be in control of you in your house and at work its scarey. I like being a little left on somethings and a little right on others. but the new crazy GOP really scare the crap out of me. I have three girls and that party was to take away they rights what up with that.

  21. MartinJJ says:

    Given the state of Congress is in, one Neo Nazi more or less like this Arthur Jones won’t make much of a difference anymore.

    – Bought elections by the Pacts and lame stream media resulting in a global banksters puppet President.
    – Bought Congress members by lobbyists of giant corporations
    – Neo Nazi’s denying the Holocaust in Congress

    Nothing democratic about it anymore. And you still expect the rest of the world to listen to the USA? They are not blind to the facts. Most americans are. Wake up to reality please. Vote Ron Paul. The ONLY candidate that will bring REAL change.

  22. JimD, Boston, MA says:

    Repukes CANNOT TELL THE TRUTH !!! All they want is MORE TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH !!! Even Romney’s 15% is TOO MUCH !!! So the Repukes just use HOT BUTTONS to try to divide the electorate to get into office, where their first order of business is TAX CUT FOR THE RICH !!! Reagan did it, and so did “W” (Or Dumbya as he is know to his friends!) !!! That’s what all these Repukes are proposing now !!! After 30 Years of Repuke Rule that all but DESTROYED AMERICA !!! JUST SAY NO TO THE REPUKES – WHEREVER THEY APPEAR ON ANY BALLOT – FEDERAL, STATE, OR LOCAL !!!

  23. Breetai says:

    Your kidding right?

    Liberal translator
    End the wars; No war is legitimate unless it was started by a democrat.

    Clean up the environment; send our dirty jobs too poor slave nations so I don’t have to see it.

    The Patriot Act and NDAA are destroying civil rights. unless a democrat signs it.

    Corporations and lobbyists are destroying America: unless that corporate lobbyist works for the unions.

  24. Glenn E. says:

    I take exception to items three and four. I seriously doubt that most politicians, GOP in particular, even believe in any religion. They merely exploit everyone else’s religious beliefs. George Bush II claimed he received God’s word, just before running for high office. But since leaving the presidency, we’ve heard very little from him. Doesn’t his religion require him to keep up the fight? Or at least do something useful with his time, in his retirement, besides playing golf? But he doesn’t even do anything for the GOP, let alone for the religion he claims called on him. He was actively “religious”, only as long as it got him elected and reelected. But he no longer takes a stand behind anything, other than a five iron. Yeah, real religious. Just like Ronald Reagan was. Or rather wasn’t.


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