Private companies could take responsibility for investigating crimes, patrolling neighbourhoods and even detaining suspects under a radical privatisation plan being put forward by two of the largest police forces in the country.

West Midlands and Surrey have invited bids from G4S and other major security companies on behalf of all forces across England and Wales to take over the delivery of a wide range of services previously carried out by the police.
The breathtaking list of policing activities up for grabs includes investigating crimes, detaining suspects, developing cases, responding to and investigating incidents, supporting victims and witnesses, managing high-risk individuals, patrolling neighbourhoods, managing intelligence, managing engagement with the public, as well as more traditional back-office functions, such as managing forensics, providing legal services, managing the vehicle fleet, finance and human resources.

A West Midlands police authority spokesman said: “Combining with the business sector is aimed at totally transforming the way the force currently does business – improving the service provided to the public.

The corporatocracy rolls on. They might as well outsource parliament.

  1. m0les says:

    Sounds expensive.

    Cool poster, very 1984!

  2. Dallas says:

    Why would you want to privatize Barbies?

    … Oh, bobbies!.. Never mind

  3. Richard says:

    Yes, under the theory that if you increase the number of managers, and hire a cheap unskilled workforce, that things will get done better.

    • Animby says:

      When I lived in England and Scotland, my wife’s longtime friend was a cop and, so, our circle f friends included a bunch of “bobbies.” Trust me, they already have a cheap, unskilled workforce. It’s a very good ting, indeed, that most are not allowed to carry firearms.

  4. BigBoyBC says:

    Here comes Omni Consumer Products. But hey! At least they’ll get RoboCop.

  5. NobodySpecial says:

    But if they hire a huge workforce of unskilled thuggish morons to act as police who will protect our airports from international terrorism?

  6. NewfornatSux says:

    This is a good idea. the only time I ever read about British cops arresting someone, the crime is either using a gun against a home invader or rapist or thief on the street, carrying a gun, carrying a hammer or some other tool that could be used as a gun, selling things in pounds instead of kilos, or speaking something against the law like Islam is bad or homosexuality is bad, and maybe Islam says homosexuality is bad.

  7. RS says:

    It’s going to take a lot more than private dicks to restore the UK to manhood.

    They have fallen quite far down the slope of moral relativism and victimization as noble.

  8. msbpodcast says:

    They might as well outsource parliament.

    They’re already doing that.

  9. Animby says:

    Just thinking: When a small town in the LA area hires the LA County Sheriff ti provide law enforcement to it’s citizens:

    a) isn’t that city hiring a police force?
    b) isn’t LA County making a profit on the service it provides?

  10. Coronel Brimp says:

    England was a fairly polite and civil society for decades, and crimes occurred at fairly reasonable rates. Then they started importing huge numbers of wogs. No connection, of course. None. Uh-uh.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Shame to say so but you’re correct.

      The Brits have largely imported their problems. (The most common name in England is Patel.)

      Its all due to having nothing but a couple of islands and still shouldering the, ahem, White Man’s Burden.

      Meanwhile, crime statistics in the ‘States started going down with the introduction of legalized abortions and the pill.

      The very next year babies were not born which meant that they couldn’t grow up to become a burden on society.

      After 25 years that meant the absence of a whole generation of surplus people that we didn’t get to abuse.

      The pill has saved us all from millions of poor, bored, teenagers having millions of babies who didn’t grow up to be poor, bored and pissed-off teenagers, sponging off their poor, bored and by now plenty pissed off parents .

  11. Animby says:

    Coronel Brimp says:”England was a fairly polite and civil society” Of course it was. If you discount draw & quartering, and iron maidens, and thumb screws, etc. England has always been a thoroughly vicious society with a thin veneer of absurdist civility.

    Kent: Thanks for that. I’ve seen it before but totally forgotten the sketch. Egad those two were good together.

  12. sargasso_c says:

    Lawlessness is a growing global problem, not just in Britain. Some of the comments here seem to follow BNP propaganda. Large numbers of uneducated, disenfranchised youth are told by TV that they are failures and are unwanted by their society.

  13. Grandpa says:

    No privately hired cop is ever going to arrest me without first suffering from a bullet hole between his eyes.

    … can quote me on that…..

  14. Ken says:

    The government controls police in order that they perform enforcement of social engineering work that progressives demand (war on drugs, war on undesirable behavior, etc.) The very idea of private policing scares the pants off progressives because they could no longer have people punished for being disobedient to the will of the political class.

    Unfortunately, these private police mentioned in the article will be more mercenary than peace-keeper, empowered to do the same job as the government police but without the same (and already extremely limited) accountability. Truly private peacekeepers would serve and protect the people as it is the people who are their employers.

  15. MartinJJ says:

    The british parliament is already “outsourced” to the corporate globalists. If they weren’t, they would never allow such stupid ideas as outsourcing a public service like real police tasks.


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