Someone was bound to post it. Worth the journey.

  1. ramuno says:

    The rap gimmick is a little boring, but may be interesting for enough people to get a dialogue going. Kony has been reportedly not in action in over 6 years and the “charity” suspect.

  2. ECA says:

    LETS see….
    What could have been done with ALL THE MONEY, spent in this last war…for 1 person, group…

    FIXED every school in the USA..
    Fix most of the bridges(over 1/2 are condemned..)
    Given almost everyone $1000+
    A BETTEr health system for 10 years..
    BUILT more then 1 NEW skyscrapper, TALLER then the one destroyed

    ALL that or we could have gotten to MARS and back and started a colony on the MOON..
    This person has been leader of this/that and the other nation FOR YEARS.. DOING the same SPIT.

    • soundwash says:

      ah, -no amount of money will “fix” the schools

      our entire “edutainment” system was designed from back in the 30’s (i’d say 1910 or 1916, i forget) to create a nation of idiots that have of an ice cube’s chance in hell of having an “original” thought.

      -we only taught how to memorize and regurgitate utter crap, not how to actually think or lean on our own..

      -this country has been run to ground in ruin by havard, yale and the rest of the ivy league grads. -from presidents to “prestigious” economists like larry summers (one of the derivatives creators) -anyone who holds these edu’s (especially) in high regard needs to have their head checked.

      you think all happened by accident?

      i suggest you read or listen to John Gatto (ex-nyc school teacher) or that gal that did the whole history of the dumbing down edu scam.. i’ll look it up shortly..)

      they will open your eyes to what has always been in front of you..

      [i]giving money[/i] to everyone is kinda pointless.. better to use it prosecute the corrupt thieves running the country and expose the fact almost all of the debt this country holds was “created” via fraud and is illegal, null and void.



  3. ABO says:

    I don’t know this guy, but to me, he is in the same category as the Kardashians. I don’t give a shit.

  4. chris says:

    That is really very good.

  5. Rap with a message. Isn’t that what rap music should be about and not dog breeding and gardening …. otherwise known as bitches & hoes!


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