Radio talk show host George Noory — host of Coast to Coast — had his vacation plans unexpectedly changed into escape plans when the limousine he was supposed to be taking ended up being driven by a would-be kidnapper. Here‘s the segment from Noory’s show explaining the incident:

The incident, Noory says, began when a limousine style van picked him up at the airport, purporting to be his transportation to his hotel. On the way, Noory noticed that the van was taking him through a less-than-savory area of Mexico and that the driver was behaving oddly. When Noory tried to exit the van, the door handle broke off in his hand. Only through a real stroke of luck was he able to get away by hailing another car and paying the driver $100 in cash.

Noory’s ordeal has been described by law enforcement officials as an “express kidnapping,” meaning a kidnapping where someone is picked up by a van and driven around to various ATMs, where they are forced to empty their bank accounts at gun point.

  1. So what says:

    “When Noory tried to exit the van, the door handle broke off in his hand. Only through a real stroke of luck was he able to get away by hailing another car and paying the driver $100 in cash.” How did he get out of the van again?

    • Yaknow says:

      I thought the same thing, then I listened to the interview. It brought up more read flags. Like, when all these people where after him once he was out of the van. Implying those people were criminals. But, he was able to stop a car and pay the driver $100 to drive him to safety? Then he explains he got out “somehow,” after the handle broke off? Either his is the worse story teller, or he smoked too much mota that day.

      What…he doesn’t know what is going on in Mexico, despite all the news reports? He only pays attention to the last state department warning concerning Mexico? Hell, illegal immigrants freaking don’t go back to Mexico because of the high crime rate.

      • dadeo says:

        Either his is the worse story teller, or he smoked too much mota that day.

        Naw, Noory just isn’t all that quick on the uptake, is all. Considering his business, his chosen career, is listening to and telling stories on the radio, this speaks volumes and verifies his stupidity. And he says this happened 2-3 months ago? It wasn’t news then and only serves to inform me what I already know about the Clear Channel late night host now. George should fire up a little bowl now and again. It would loosen his puckered, stiff on-air style.

  2. steve says:

    noory needs a long vacation so art can come back and resume the real C2C.Sorry George but so many of us art bell fans from yesteryear,but thanks for keeping the show alive.

  3. Dallas says:

    Too bad the criminal element has taken over that country. Cabo, Cancun, Acapulco … Glad I went years ago because I’ll never visit Mexico again.
    Costa Rica is about the only place I’ll go until maybe when teabagger Fidel Castro croaks.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Thank you Dallas for reminding us how well the War Against Drugs is working for us.

      Quite a bit of tension there. Mexico shredding what little progress they make in order to support the corrupt Gringo Government up Norte Way.

      I would like to go back to the South Western Coastal area of Mexico===but not until drugs are legalized plus a few years to let associated crimes like this one die out from lack of participation.

      A good case study for what is just starting here in the GOUSA.

      Legalize it. Tax it. Regulate It. Medicinize it.

      Lets get real.

      • Yaknow says:

        Legalize, tax, regulate, drugs….they all ready are. Pharmaceutical companies are till the biggest drug dealers in the world. The government gets their taxes.

        But as far as pot is concerned, it can’t be taxed or regulated. Anyone one can grow it as easily at their house plants. Government gets very little tax from that. Seed companies are the only ones benefiting them most in the business part of it.

        Since the 60’s prescription drugs have been abused as recreationally. Let’s thank those dealers, I mean doctors that supply those scripted drugs.

        Drugs deemed illegal even if legalized would still create a black market for cheaper drugs or drugs not produced due to regulations. Then we are back in the same situation on a smaller scale.

        Then there is all the social problems magnified if drugs are legalized. Crap how can I put this there will be tons more people across the board living drug addicted lives. Having their lives and other’s lives ruined because of drug use. Drug addiction fuck up your decision making, your perspective, you emotions, thoughts, etc. Look what it did to to Whitney Houston’s life and career. One of a million examples. If drugs are legalized it isn’t going to make people lives better.

        Then there is powerful lobbying groups like the insurance companies which don’t want drugs legalized. It would ruin their high profits.

        Drug cartels are going to fight legalization through any means; money, corruption, violence and what ever else it takes to make sure drugs stay illegal. For them drugs are money and money means power. That is the struggle going on in Mexico. If drugs are legalized cartels lose their opportunity for real power. Everyone else involved in the selling of illegal drugs lose their their easy money.

        I am not against finding a ways to stop the effects and power of drug cartels have. But there is no magic bullet. They way to stop all of this is to stop people from getting high. That isn’t going to happen.

        Mexico is the new Columbia of the 80’s. Mexico isn’t going to follow the path of Columbia, it is the upgrade they learn the lessons of Columbia and upgraded. Mexico eventually soon will be run by one dictator drug cartel government, replacing the traditional corrupt government it always has had. It’s national product will illegal drugs that they will insure drugs do stay illegal push that agenda politically on the international level.

      • Dallas says:

        Agreed. Pharma is keeping this illegal plus the judicial system makes a ton of money on this. Teabaggers see this as a jobs program that can’t be exported.

    • jpfitz says:

      Go to Cozumel, forget Cancun. Cozumel is safe still.

  4. Traaxx says:


    Lay off Noory, I enjoy listen to his show…..I’m sure there’s a easy way to explain this…..I like the show, I don’t believe most of it, and I don’t doubt that Mexico has more than one crook and it is the kidnap capital of the universe.

  5. sargasso_c says:

    Somewhere a Mexican taxi driver is wondering why his American fare tore the shit out of his taxi and bust out of it waving money at strangers in the street.

  6. Fate says:

    We’ll meet again, Mr Snorry

  7. Glenn E. says:

    As someone previously mentioned, but I’ll second it. There was some lost details of how Noory gets out of the vehicle, if the door handles broke off. Did flashing some cash, get someone to open it from the outside? They must not have been driving very fast, if that was possible. So he was slowly being abducted thru the busiest of streets, where flashing a C note got him abducted by a different cabbie. And what happen to the real driver that was supposed to pick him up? Because you’d think there’d be two guys holding up “Norry” signs at the airport, unless one got paid off. It sounds like the travel agent may have set him up. Anyway, I think he’s covering up for own reckless attitude.

  8. Amnesty for cartels says:

    I used to like Art Bell. I don’t care for Noory, because he accepts every stupid thing his guests talk about. Not an ounce of skepticism on his part.

    If you like the genre of Art Bell, try Mysterious Universe podcast. At least these two Australian guys are critical of the stuff they expose.

    I have an internet radio permanently tuned to the Art Bell archives. It’s sometimes dull, but often interesting. They exist on a channel dedicated to airing Art Bell reruns.

    The best thing ever, of course, is the enormous material compiled by the recently late William R. Corliss.
    I have most of his books, which are basically anthologies of articles from legitimate science magazines, and periodicals which are quite unexplained.
    One of my favorites is his book about strange meteorological oddities…. Out of print, but you can find it on Amazon used books. I can’t remember the name of it now…. William Corliss passed away a few years back, and he is missed. He used to publish a newsletter of newly found oddities from the scientific literature, and he would always mail them to me with quite old stamps affixed to the envelope. Good old Corliss. I miss him.


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