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Art By: Thoren

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  1. NICKtheRAT says:

    nice art thoren 🙂 Mr Dvorak, can you somehow be on TWiT on april 1st so i can meet you 😀 ill be in san fran from the march 31st to april 7th

  2. Peppeddu says:


    You don’t need to replace the mixer just for a noisy potentiometer.
    Get a bottle of CRC 5-56 (the multipurpose lubricant spray) and spray just a couple of drops into the potentiometer where the metal contacts touch the graphite (you can’t see it, it’s inside of it)

    After you spray it, twist the potentiometer back and forth several times to make sure the oil spread where it’s needed it.
    In about 30 seconds it will be as good as new.

    I’ve been using this system for the last 25 years and so far it has been working flawlessly. I’ve recently fixed a series of old FM radios from the 70s, the owner was throwing then away for this exact same problem. 30 minutes and $5 later they were as good as new.

    But if you still want to replace it, just let us know where you decide to dispose it… 🙂

  3. Publius says:

    Some of the things said recently by the State of Nevada Attorney General regarding ISPs and intellectual property to his lobbyist buddy CEO Chris Dodd, were just astoundingly corrupt and brazen (reference the No Agenda podcasts from some time in March 2012; at the moment I forget which exact episode).

    Admittedly my note here is tagged onto the wrong episode but I hope John Dvorak sees my note.

    The intellectual property buggy-whip makers, like CEO Chris Dodd and Co., are probably the same ones who are responsible for the proposed FEDERAL INTERNET ID.

    The proposed federal internet ID’s main purpose is to enable the government to REVOKE your ID once it has become entrenched. That’s mostly it! In this way, a federal internet ID is much like a driver’s license, in that it’s something the government can revoke on account of any one of a number of unapproved behaviors by the “privileged holder.” But, this internet ID thing is much easier to revoke without delay than your ability to hop in your vehicle and just go somewhere.

    What’s worse, once and if a federal internet ID becomes used by and entrenched by unwitting web sites, then there will be virtually no way for a revoked person to use all the web sites they need to use without that ID, since the web sites will have switched to using that system for authenticating customers. That’s a big deal, because today, it’s not just a web site, but it’s TV and phone and email and news and bank accounts and many business and individual shopping purchases and business transactions which are enabled through the internet now. What if you find you suddenly can’t use the internet at all, can you imagine what you will do as an individual or as a business? You will do damn near anything to get it back, that’s what.

    What’s even worse than that, every single use — by those in good standing, not just those in bad standing, ie, those for whom a warrant has properly been issued — of that internet ID, will be tracked, compiling a list of web sites you have visited, and more broadly all the IP addresses you have requested whether web or email or otherwise, and it will be directly recorded onto storage systems directly owned by the federal government.

    This means the government will no longer need the cooperation of ISPs to help the government track what every American did on the internet at any time. ISPs won’t need to be consulted for any customer usage logs during an investigation or in a dragnet data fishing expedition. ISPs today (pre-national internet ID) have cost problems with storing massive traffic logs of their customers. As a result some ISPs today avoid logging their customers’ usage details, citing excessive cost of data storage for tracking every web site their customers visit. But with this new program, the ISPs will be happy enough to be relieved of storage costs for customer usage logs, so they will jump on quickly with this national internet ID program, and this is unfortunate for people who actually like the US Constitution and the privacy protections it provides regarding searches, and dragnets, by the American government.

    PLEASE NOTICE it will also no longer matter whether people used some proxy or second level ISP or The Onion Router (TOR) to access the internet. Any time your internet ID is being used to authenticate you when you visit a web site, then you are NOT anonymously using that web site — proxy or no proxy — when a national ID is in place and you are using it because you must.

    Proxies are no longer anonymizing!

    Please stand AGAINST the proposed policy of a national internet ID. There is virtually no benefit for citizens, nor for web sites nor most businesses which agree to adopt a national internet ID. Web sites already authenticate their customers just fine without a new government national internet ID. Moreover the potential for abuse of a government national internet ID is far too large if American history is an indication. There can only be several risks suffered by people and business in an adoption of a national internet ID, such as how important is the continued use of the internet to you or your business?

    Refer back to the old American history regarding the Stamp Act, as referenced recently by former Judge Anthony Napolitano.

    Intellectual property is shaping up to be the once and future source of government abuse on people and domestic businesses.

    Thank you for your attention.

  4. Publius says:

    Here, former judge Napolitano discusses the British government’s abuses onto its American Colonies, which it did using intellectual property and the Stamp Act.

    Today I learned that intellectual property has a long and sordid history of abuse by government in the American Colonies.

  5. deowll says:

    You know the Bible contains the nutty claim that in the end times nobody will be able to conduct business without having the sign of the bad guys on them in the form of an ID number. At one time that just seemed nutty. I mean how could they possibly enforce something like that?

    They can now. One country has already gone cashless and this just adds up to more of the same thing. The government is going to own you.

  6. Glenn E. says:

    As you’ve probably heard, “when God closes a window, he opens a door”. And so whenever US Congress and the Pentagon plays God and winds down a war in one place, they begin winding up a new war somewhere else. This Kony thing sounds as if it’s the next reason to keep the US military budget as astronomical as possible. (next)

    Let’s face it, Obama wasn’t addressing ranchers and UFO fanatics in New Mexico. It had to be defense contractors. The very guys who helped make or test the preditor drones. So that joke was mostly an inside joke thing, with the defense secrecy crowd. Not for children’s ears, because Obama mentions kids asking him about Roswell. Pul-lease. (next)

    Adam. You might be able to replace the noisy “knob” part, if you can handle a soldering iron. But I swear they design this audio gear with emptying some asian warehouse of cheap, obsolete parts, in mind. So that you can never find the same component anywhere else in the world. I’ve been down this road a few times, with some consumer grade electronic crapola. Just buy another new piece of crap audio gear. (next)

    Local honey producers are likely being prevented from doing taste tests, by the Sioux City honey manufacturing monopoly, that supplies most of the major grocery chains. And Sioux mixes various sources of honey. Some which many be from China, but they won’t say. And then they super filter it, so pollin tests can’t determine its origins. The problem with Chinar honey is issues of lead and antibotic drug contamination. There’s a reason it’s banned from sales in most parts of the world. But not in the stupid USA. (next)

    Talk about NPR. My local PBS station was ran some elitist piece of crap this weekend, that I’m sure rich jerks love. Performing horses. Something called “Appassionata”, which is actually the name of a Beethoven sonata, is some European imported horse circus for people who can afford the opera tickets to go see it. Basically big horses trained to perform like pet dogs. So naturally my PBS Tv station showed and advertised its upcoming appearance in town. Because they’re paid to promote this stuff. The digital tuner’s EPG refused to explain what I was seeing at, out of disbelief. Which is usually a sign they just don’t care to explain it to us commoners. Or it crammed in at the last minute. They’re always showing things like the royal family, various equestrian events, and long haired plays nobody else cares to stay awake thru, if they actually had to work hard for a living. But every two or three months, they act as if this will all go away if we ALL don’t support, what only a small number wish to see. And their contributions that determines the what’s seen. Not the majority of viewers.


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