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  1. ECA says:

    Dave, Curry…
    do you know why the USA hasnt PUSHED fuel efficiency??

    They found out after the 70’s and the requirements, that TAXES SUCK…they raised SOME taxes..mostly HOMES/property tax to get it back.

    The USA is the only country that does not charge Fual tax as a percentage..we have the LOWEST fuel tax in the world..and it WAS supposed to pay for roads..
    Every time the Efficiency goes up, they loose about 20-30% of the taxes..

  2. ECA says:

    Cargo container…PLUS the electrical insulation, Plumbing…
    Go find some farm property, developed for Elecltical and a well…(TEST THE WELL)…
    USE 4-6inch Poly spray on insulation OUTSIDE…

    • ECA says:

      ADD the OLD Metal roofing OUTSIDE…this leaves a buffer for the heat, and its SHINY…
      Panel the inside and you are set..

  3. Publius says:

    Adam doesn’t know wtf he is talking about, white minority

    please mofo

    Adam you need to get some big city police friends and ask them in private for their opinion as to why the US incarceration rate is higher in the USA than all other countries.

    I won’t divulge the answer. Adam has to start to do his own research.

  4. Publius says:

    Adam: “Dangerous for this to be politicized this way”

    You are light on facts Adam, very light. Opinion, not so light. That’s how it works then here like everywhere else.

    Adam: Go find out what the Florida lawmaker said who actually wrote the “stand your ground” law.

    Do you research this time Adam.

  5. deowll says:

    Both Adam and John need to do some research on what it was like before we got antibiotics to treat TB.

    Then they need to think real hard about what it’s going to be like once we _can’t_ treat TB. A lot of people are going to die which I suppose will make the greens happy unless the people who catch TB happens to be a family member or them. It won’t be pretty.

  6. Glenn E. says:

    NY mayor Bloomberg is just being an elitist, and is using this phony “health concern” to keep the homeless less fed, to drive them out of his city. It’s “get out of here, or starve. The rich folk don’t want you here. And we’re not letting you eat donated food anymore. We’ve declared all such food donations as unhealthy.” Catch 22. Sure they’re unhealthy. For the rich to have to face so many well fed homeless, down the road.

    I picked up on this Hispanic guy having a typically jewish name too. How does that happen? Do Hispanics have to adopt jewish names to earn financial elevation. Is this anything like how black slaves adopted white men’s names after being freed? The news media, the politicos, and others are mistakenly labeling this tragedy as something racial. But it’s not. The key word is “gated”. How many of us live behind a big iron gate, locking out the riffraff of the general population? You don’t get a housing subdivision gated, just for the hell of it. It takes high end real estate values, to justify it. So a bunch of million dollar home owners hired this Zimmerman as their private sheriff. With the unwritten mandate to keep the riffraff out, at all cost. Even if a few have to be shot, to make an example of them. “Stand Your Ground”? Give me a break. What’s next, for tailoring laws for the rich? A stand your alligators in the castle’s moat, law? A stand your torture rack down in the dungeon, law? A stand your boiling oil from atop the stone fortress, law?

    The shipping container housing idea, reminds me of what I saw in an old 1974 George C. Scott movie, “Bank Shot”. In that comedy, one of the characters lives in an auto dump. But his home is made of old school buses, cut apart and welded together. It was surprisingly roomy on the inside. I think it had two levels. And very bright, with all the intact bus windows letting in the sunlight. So I guess it made from a fleet of half a dozen or so bus body shells. Why it had to be in an L.A. auto graveyard, I don’t know. Building codes? Shipping containers? What about all the school buses that wear out? Gut them, cut off their ends, weld them together, and you’ve got something with built in windows and ceiling lights. I’ll have to look at that movie again. I don’t know if it was a readily made home, or something the movie studio threw together for the picture.

  7. Glenn E. says:

    I’ve been doing a little reading about this NSA supercomputer complex they’re building out in Utah. And I believe it was Wired magazine that first mentions it. But others picked up on it, like the New American. Anyway, someone points out the the original article’s assumption that any supercomputer design would easily crack a 256 kit cypher of emails, is total baloney. So what’s the real propose of project “Stellar Wind”? Are they just going to use it to harass the average law abiding taxpaying citizen, who doesn’t bother to employ super strong encryption of his emails.? So they end up going to prison for admitting they download one copyrighted work. Meanwhile the real terrorists hand carry secret messages to themselves, because they know the US gov. could be surveilling them.

  8. *wingz* says:

    If I can’t download this to my ipod, or any other MP3 player, in what way is this still a podcast?

  9. TooManyPuppies says:

    Adam Curry discovers the use of shipping containers in construction 10+ years late and thinks it’s a “new” phenomena.

    Show’s over folks, the shark is jumped.

    • Kent says:

      Yep, been around for a while and doesn’t seem to have really taken off. Most of these houses use a lot of framing, which in the end, means you’re not saving much. Now, if you just live in a shipping container you might be ahead.

  10. Glenn E. says:

    Now the misnews media is saying the Florida shooting was “racial profiling”. Absurd. First, Zimmerman isn’t a cop or Federal agent. He can’t do anything that could be labeled racial profiling. He has neither the training, nor the legal authority. And I seriously doubt that “Stand Your Ground” laws authorize profiling either. If anything, Zimmerman could be charged with a “hate crime”. But I think they’d have to prove intent. And that’s even tougher than disproving self-defense.

    What’s not clear to me is Zimmerman’s motive. They say he was a volunteer of the neighborhood crime watch. First. Watchers don’t go ARMED! Maybe Florida is different than everywhere else, such watches exist. Zimmerman was even told not to follow or pursue the suspect. But he did anyway. And forced the confrontation. And yet the police aren’t charging with anything. As the neighborhood he was protecting was “gated”. Was he “watching” from inside or outside of the gate? Was the boy inside or outside? We’re not getting very much news from the news.

    If he really was a “volunteer”. Then he must either own a home there, or live with someone who does. As a boarder or relative. If none of that applies, then he was hired by the neighborhood, to “watch” it. Nobody works for free these days! Either way, this makes those who organized the neighborhood watch, partly responsible for what happened. But again. The misnews media will have none of that. The community won’t be blamed. Instead it’s being shifted to the public’s law enforcement servants, the police. That’s why they’re calling it “racial profiling”. That’s a cop thing. The chief of police resigned, because he knew he couldn’t win either way. His police career is over. When this all blows over, they’ll probably rehire him as a consultant or something. Likely he knows about too many closeted skeletons, to remain jobless.

    These morons in the “gated subdivision” had been robbed three time? And I’m thinking, “What no alarms? Do they even lock their doors when they’re away? Do they figure being gated, is precaution enough?” So now they’ve hired a gun-totting vigilante to protect their pricey homes from needing strong locks. And if that means the occasional hooded passerby gets gunned down. Well, that the price of living too near to wealthy A-holes.


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