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  1. Glenn E. says:

    The Republicans made a big deal about getting the Line Item Veto for the president, when the Democrats had the majority vote in the Congress. And only after the LI Veto was finally passed, and George Bush had to ponder how he could refuse to use it, to strip graft and bloat out of bills, approved by any party of Congress. Then the Republicans whistled up the Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional. Even though, it never occurred to them to consider that, all the while they were arguing for it, a year before. Shouldn’t Congressmen know what’s Constitutional, well before they pass a bill that violates it? What’s this waste of taxpayer money, processing bills, only to have them stuck down after the face. a bit later. It use to take decades the a sea change in political thinking, to have a bill repealed. But now it’s like every election cycle. Making a football of such bills, for political gain. Thank you F-ing Supreme Court Jesters.

    I have one thing to same about telling Ron Paul to throw in the towel. “Dewey Defeats Truman”. Look it up. The Chicago Tribune predicted Thomas Dewey would win the presidency, based on polls taken over the phone (as the story was once told). Back when mostly rich people had telephones. And I guess they all loved NY Governor Thomas Dewey, the way today’s rich love Romney. But Truman won the election, cause the common citizen voted in larger numbers. Talk about someone who SHOULD drop out, is Newt G. (cause who can spell his last name anyway?) . And I’m sure more people love Ron Paul than Newt. But he sticks around just to keep Paul for being in second place, in some state’s primaries. But seriously, Newt gonna drop out eventually, and then endorse Romney. Even though he almost always ran neck and neck with Paul.

    Congressman Curry? They’ll stomp you into the dirty, and destroy your spirit.

  2. Glenn E. says:

    So some guy living in Pasadena CA, gets robbed of his backpack and laptop, by a pair of teens. And calls 911 and tells the cops they had guns. Later the cops corner a pair of students in and alley, and when one reach for his waste, the cop blows him away. The police didn’t find any weapon on the teens, nor any stolen property. So rather than taking the responsibility for their cops being trigger happy. The Pasadena police have decided to blame the 911 caller for falsifying the report, by claiming the suspects had weapons. The guy later admitted he did this, to get the cops to respond faster. Because apparently, they can’t be bothered with investigating simple personal property theft, if no weapons are involved. Because you know, they might turn their weapon on somebody important. But people exaggerating a robbery situation really isn’t that unusual. So the police blaming the 911 caller for causing them to respond with deadly force, is just a “my dog eat my homework” excuse. “Oh a citizen informed us guns were involved, and we took him at his word. So the very first suspicious persons we came across, we blew away to protect the public.” These days, unless you can cause your arms to drop off. The police can claim, after killing you, that you “reached for something”, even if you only had your wallet. And that was good enough to justify a deadly force response. “Hey the guy had no arms, put it looked like one of his bare foot was reaching for something.” I guess all that training we once heard the police go thru, to not blow away unarmed suspects, isn’t being done anymore. Or it was a bogus claim all along. And in reality they’re worse than Dirty Harry, who never blew anyone away who didn’t deserve it. Which of course was Hollywood pro-cop propaganda, back in the day. Wanna bet a more recent cop movie results from all this recent public outcry of police behavior. Of Course there’s already enough cop shows on Tv for whitewashing authority’s actions.

  3. t0llyb0ng says:

    An agreement has been finalized wherein Israel sells liquified natural gas to Russia via a Syrian port?  But Israel would still have to build an underground gas pipeline with a concrete roof over it, right?  Assuming they wish to make it invulnerable to missile attack.  It can’t all be liquified & shipped off.

    There has been a breakthrough in the containerization & transportation of liquified natural gas, one supposes?  The stuff is pumped into steel tanks?  What do those look like?  Or will they pump the liquid directly into tanker ships, bypassing the need for discrete & unwieldy tanks?  Have we figured out how to efficiently liquify & transport natural gas here in Amerika yet?

    Clippity-clop was in D-flat.


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