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  1. Tony says:

    Wouldn’t negative “job losses” be job gains?

  2. Alburn says:

    At least we haven’t double dipped into more job losses. I like to be optimistic.

  3. deowll says:

    Don’t you worry none. The President has a plan to put everybody to work for the government using his health care plan as a bases for further expansion.

    Of course he can’t get anyone to vote for the budgets he sends to capital hill including the Democrats. Not a single vote. I think Herbert Hoover got more respect than that. This is the second year in a row nobody would vote for his budget.

    • Cursor_ says:

      Are you not a child of someone that worked for the CCC or WPA?

      If not, then shut your mouth. Those people went through the depression and was damn lucky to get those jobs to remain working men and women.

      They were still strong and able enough to put down those jobs and help beat the terrors of the world.

      And IF you are a child the parents of that generation, then shame on you. For those gubmint jobs helped put you into this world.

      The preamble of The Constitution states clearly that the Union was created not only for defense and liberty but also for the general welfare.

      And if you do not believe in that then you should not say you are for the document the way the founding fathers wrote it.


  4. Joseph says:

    Actually, what’s most depressing is that the longest recoveries have been the last three, and they’ve progressively gotten worse. Each crash we’ve had since the 80s has gotten worse and worse. Whatever recession or crash comes after the one we’re coming out of will be horrific.

    • hmeyers2 says:

      Do not fear.

      There will not be a “next” recession in your lifetime.

      The question is more one of whether you have several decades of longevity to see the end of the one we have now.

    • Cursor_ says:

      When have you gone to a soup kitchen?

      Have you seen large lines lined up for soup and bread out on the streets?

      Have people jumped to death or poisoned themselves because they lost everything?

      Have you seen Obamavilles or Bushvilles yet?

      Do people wear their clothes into rags?
      Do people stuff cardboard into their shoes when they get holes?
      Do people have to raise their own food because there is none or little in the shops?
      Do people make food at home because it is cheaper than going out?
      Are restaurants failing at a record pace?
      Are all the theme parks uncrowded and empty?

      The answer is NO.

      We are nowhere near what it was like in the 30s.

      Not even close.

      So are these recession worse each time? Hardly. We have more of everything despite the recession. More now than they did in the 80s or 90s. And there are more millionaires and billionaires than back then.

      So it is not as bad as you would believe.

      History has much worse times. With famines so bad that people resorted to digging up corpses and eating them.

      We are not even close to that.

      Get a clue.


  5. McCullough says:

    This can’t be true, the recession ended in 2009….you’re just a racist, Mr. D.

  6. Dallas says:

    No job loss/recovery surprise as Corporations have and continue to ship manufacturing jobs overseas to satisfy Wall Street.

    Who’s happy?
    (1) Wall Street investors
    (2) 75% of the employed sheeple as Walmart has great prices , and beer, CableTV is affordable.

    Who’s unhappy?
    (1) The unemployed and underemployed
    (2) 25% of the employed who fear they are next

    • jbenson2 says:

      Remember the prediction from Dallas last year:

      on January 27th, 2011 at 4:53 am

      Still waiting for the horrorwitz predicted collapse for the Fall of 2009. I predicted Obama economic performance as follows:
      2009 Year 1 : stop the free fall. Strengthen the trusses of the economy: done
      2010 Year 2 : economic and job growth, stock market confidence : done
      2011 Year 3 : employment gains , unemployment under 10 %. : WIP
      2012 Year 4 : happy sheeple, more weight gain , gym memberships up : TBD
      2013 Year 5 : Obama second term ; teabagger implosion ; GOP looks for new brand.

      Horrorwitz 0 , Dallas 5

      • Dallas says:

        I’m right on target. Here’s the update.

        2011: Done ! Employment gains >200k/mo and unemployment WELL UNDER 10%

        2012: WIP Happy sheeple as consumer confidence through the roof! Wall Street gains. Sheeple are getting fatter. This

        2013: WIP. Obama leads in EVERY swing state.

        Dallas: 5 , Horrorwitz 0

  7. dusanmal says:

    Bigger, longer and uncut by any of Presidential measures.

  8. charleymount says:

    Didn’t anyone here notice when economists, financiers, political scientists, most governments – and a few educated politicians – were explaining this was called the Great Recession because it is the largest economic shock since the Great Depression?

    Or were you too busy in your momma’s basement playing World of Warcraft.

    Did you think full employment would resume right after more Republicans were elected? Better – do you think the economy will resume the same range of cyclical unemployment we’ve experienced since 1946 or have our corporate masters brought us to a new percentage of structural unemployment?

    Or – why am I even asking these questions here?

    • Cap'nKangaroo says:

      you beat me to it. there was the Great Depression and this was called the Great Recession because it dipped so close to a depression.

      some people would even credit this president for avoiding that dreadful outcome. my money is on Ben Bernanke for steering clear of that iceberg.

  9. bobbo, holding his nose as this is about the Economy says:

    Yep, this is not a “business cycle” but rather a “reset” to a new norm===all kinds of underemployed people as job creators continue to get tax credits to ship jobs overseas and those at home are being further reduced by automation = computers and robots.

    Remember all the talk decades ago of: “What will we do with all our spare time?”…..Well, that was based on the wealth of our society being spread more evenly between the classes, not the rape of everyone by the top .1%

    So, while Romney is putting in an elevator to move his multiple cars around in his new house built after his tear down of the original $12M house, I keep my old heap on the road as I can’t afford a better used one.

    Cars are like basic healthcare–as Romney says: if you work for it you can have it.

    Rich = Criminal.

    • hmeyers2 says:

      Question: why are there still so many fat people everywhere?

      You’d think some of them would lose weight.

      And Obama wants to mandate it so healthy people have to waste money buying insurance they don’t want to pay for those people to get scooter carts, diabetes medications, and have their feet amputated to subsidize their fatty people behaviors.

      • Gildersleeve says:

        Having trouble with the diet, eh? Tough losing that last 20 lbs ain’t it?

        • hmeyers2 says:

          Diet: Boiled eggs. Milk. Flour. Chicken. Zero calorie soft drinks. Coffee.

          Hard to prepare. Cheap. Combined with some vigorous physical activity 2 days a weeks for 3 hours (paid!).

      • Dallas says:

        Why fat people?

        Easy – pink slime is high in fat, costs $11 a tube and can make 11,000 chicken mcnuggets.

  10. Ray says:

    If you turn it sideways, it looks great!

  11. David says:

    Er, actually that looks great. In the sense that it’s EXACTLY on track where it should be. It’s the same curve as all previous recessions, just larger. But the up swing is in progress, and will take longer since the down trend was SO much stronger. It’s what I’d expect for the 2nd worse downtown since the Great Depression. If you think we should have 5% unemployment in 3 years after that, you’re a fool and have no sense of reality or economics.

  12. hmeyers2 says:

    This problem could be solved in 5 minutes with tariffs, cancelling NAFTA and some other trade agreements.

    But it won’t happen because:

    1. Everyone wants cheap stuff made in China from clothes to iBaubles.

    2. No one in the USA wants to do the hard labor of making this stuff (if there are tariffs, it could be for a livable wage).

    3. Big multinational corporations get to make campaign contributions these days and we pretend they are “American companies” yet they do most business and employment overseas.

    (Remember Clinton getting in trouble for accepting a big bag of $$$ from a Chinese dude? Today: What’s the difference between Apple or General Electric or Toyota or Sony? Are Apple or General Electric or Haliburton supposed to count as “American companies”? There are few “American” companies if their manufacturing is overseas or in Mexico and they sell most of their products globally).

    4. We would have rather large amounts of inflation if we imposed tariffs and started making boots and DVD players and steel in the USA again.

    So … welcome to 2012. None of your problems will be solved and we will somewhat permanently (20-30 years?) be a rather unemployed nation.

    Don’t waste time blaming Obama or Bush or so forth … the above is so stacked against the USA that trying to make changes would be political suicide for someone’s entire political party.

    Get used to it.

    • Dallas says:

      I agree tariffs, etc would be a solution but the response from China will not go unanswered. Again, the control is with wall street and the 1%.

      The American sheeple have no clue they are being fed a load of shit from their corporate masters.

      It’s time the US government impose hefty taxes on us companies exporting jobs overseas. The Teapublican sheep will resist because they are the lackys of the 1% and 5% brainwashed to vote themselves into a life of misery.

      • hmeyers2 says:

        Well that kind of misses the problem that these giant companies grease all the politicians of both parties.

        GE pays no tax for a reason. GM took their bailout money and closed US plants and opened at least 1 in Mexico.

        The bank bailouts by both Bush and Obama had no small amount of $$$ to foreign banks that do mortgages in the US.

        We’re screwed.

        And look at “I stole $200 million from IMF Global” Mr. Corzine. A Democrat. Gates? A Democrat. Steve Jobs was a Democrat.

        I’m just pointing out this isn’t a “political party X or Y” is screwing us deal. 1%ers don’t have to care about politics, they are above the system.

        This is triangulation.

  13. Lou says:

    Thanks Free Trade

  14. Grandpa says:

    About the only jobs left to send to China are ______________. That’s right, this will be a jobless recession, a recession that is caused by continued unemployment. No jobs to lose if you don’t have one.


  15. NewfornatSux says:

    I’m sure the usual suspects will post that this is a structural weakness, that no president can solve.

    Lucky for us that North Dakota boosted its production by half a million barrels, and this will be a million barrel real soon, or we’d be paying over $5 a gallon by now. Of course, in the president’s statements drilling won’t lower prices, and he is supporting lots of drilling to lower prices.

  16. Gildersleeve says:

    I think you can link a great deal of this to the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act by none other than Bill Clinton and the then Congress. The banksters have been feeding off our blood ever since. It’s a wonder the charts are pointing upward at all. If Mr. Obama wants to show some backbone, he’ll put this back into place.

  17. bobbo, holding his nose as this is about the Economy says:

    hmeyers2 target fixated on his lost youth says:
    3/29/2012 at 8:33 pm

    Question: why are there still so many fat people everywhere? /// Ahhh, that is a multi-factorial issue. Lots of common reasons like sedentary life style, environmental pollution, food additives, culture and so on AND individual factors like individual biology (genes), location, job, age, immediate peer group and on and on

    You’d think some of them would lose weight. //// Some do.

    And Obama wants to mandate it so healthy people have to waste money buying insurance they don’t want to pay for those people to get scooter carts, diabetes medications, and have their feet amputated to subsidize their fatty people behaviors. /// Not with the appropriate death panels in place to mandate healthy choices along with the insurance to cover those who won’t sing the party song.

    Continuing this tangent totally off topic, I also feel the need to lose some weight. I did this some years ago and the effect of eating less was quite dramatic: I became physically more cold all the time–cold fingers, butt, feet and I have fewer and smaller bowel movements. I think this is all related to my body resetting its operating parameters giving a steeply declining return on effort when diet mode is entered.

    The alternative was an exercise program and sure enough my body sabotaged me again. When I exercise more, I get more hungry.

    fun to watch this happen. My solution was a very conscious program of the Zone Diet and an hour of exercise 5 days a week. Having to concentrate on what and how much is being eaten and artificially exercising out of normal/required habits is a demanding task. Lasted about 2 years and then I took up baking as a hobby and stopped walking the neighborhood with my walkman playing the good tunes.

    Music is “ok” but I’d rather read a book? Never did get around to books on tape. Somehow I can’t listen and walk at the same time.

    Growing old. But I’ll confirm, even this process of degeneration has its pro’s and con’s.

    Same as it always is.

    • Hmeyers2 says:

      Life is a gift. You take care of it.

      Although I am rather of the atheist streak, I simply do not believe in pissing it away and find revulsion in those who do.

      Mormons believe your body is a vessel and your duty is to take care of it. They don’t drink, smoke … and I would imagine fewer of them are overweight but then again this is America.

      A concept more people in this country should learn to appreciate. Religion, areligious or anything in between.

      • bobbo, holding his nose as this is about the Economy says:

        You touch on an interesting subject: its obvious we Hoomans have a religious impulse that must be exercised (sic) on some stupidity most often some religion, politics, sports.

        but what of a “new wave” “dedicated interest” to sublimate this religious drive? The most commonly stated is science or Mother Earth, but making one’s body a thing of worship ((outside of Hollywood Narcissists)) is a nice additional direction.

        However, I see I have made anti-theism my own religion—or is that science? or reading?

        Or just the ying and yang of pros and cons?

        I recall reference to an article I didn’t take the time to read that overweight people are not “necessarily” unhealthy. Without reading, I know that comes down to spinning the definitions used.

        I do like music though.

    • NewfornatSux says:

      >When I exercise more, I get more hungry.

      Yes, and it’s OK. To go even more off-tangent, it is feedbacks like these that make the whole global warming argument fall apart. Under their theories, eating more makes you hungrier. 100 calories more per day, instead of causing you to gain 7 pounds, becomes 20 because of these feedbacks.

  18. jim g says:

    Yep. Change you can believe in.

  19. smartalix says:

    What an incredibly insightful and intelligent post, it is obvious that you have a strong grasp of the issues.

  20. NewfornatSux says:

    Combine this chart with the chart put out by the Obama Administration of the unemployment numbers with stimulus and without stimulus. They are behind both numbers.

    Canada wet the opposite way, cut its budget, cut its corporate tax rate, and came out of the recession very well. Maybe it was because of all that shale gas the President won’t import.

    • Dallas says:

      The unemployment rate is measured with the same yardstick as it always has been. Quit lying.

      Obama’s economy will grow at 2.9 pct in the first quarter and the Canadian economy will grow at 2.5 pct. Quit lying.

      The US population and economy is far larger. more complex than the 11,000 penguins living in Canada exporting oil and trees.

      • MartinJJ says:

        Just keep believing Obama’s (or should I call him muslim Barry Soetoro now?) fairytales and nothing will change indeed.

        Stimulus packages are your taxdollars. Quantitative Easing is just printing more dollars by the FED. If you only use a tiny bit of common sense, you can see both do NOT add to any growth of an economy. Ain’t 16 trillion dollar debt enough to prove that?

  21. NewfornatSux says:

    What does measurement of the unemployment rate have to do with the estimates put out when the stimulus was being voted? We were told if the stimulus passed it would improve the unemployment rate by X amount over no stimulus, and instead we get a rate worse than the no-stimulus amount.

  22. NewfornatSux says:

    Penguins are at the South Pole. Perhaps you meant polar bears?

  23. jmm11z says:

    I am more concerned with the word “embiggen” being thrown around (at least in a seemingly serious context).

  24. JimD, Boston, MA says:

    With Manufacturing effectively “Hollowed Out” – THERE ARE NO JOBS TO RETURN TO !!! Except perhaps CEO Positions whch never seem to be OUTSOURCED !!! Wonder why ???


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