Not actually talking about the “news” here, more like helping spread the party line…
In the video the president talks about student loans, something that has recently been discussed in the No Agenda podcast.

  1. Mr Diesel says:

    Wow! One asshat talking with another asshat.


    • Harry says:

      Tell that to bin Laden

      • Mr Diesel says:

        I would except the President Bush’s policies on interrogation provided the intel to have SEAL Team 6 go in and grease his ass.

        Anyone can give the order to go, it’s all the other things that had to be done in order for asshat to look like a success.

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

          Holy Crap—what color Kool Aide do you drink?

          Meaning: what do you use for your source of news?

          Birther too I assume? Aliens building colonies on the dark side of the Moon?

          Sad to see a brain used as a door stop.

          Ha, ha. Sooooo stoopid, you got me to respond. Well done troll.

          • BigBoyBC says:

            Not Aliens, Nazis have built colonies on the dark side of the Moon…

            Geeze Bobo, get with the program.

  2. NewfornatSux says:

    The whole point is to paint Republicans as obstructionist to get young people to vote for him. If it actually passed, Obama would be the one who suffers. At least they specified Stafford loans in the video, but I think lots of people will think all the student loans will have their rates lowered. They will be very disappointed to find out they are not getting relief. It is not all student loans, but federal government loans, not all federal government loans but Stafford loans, not all Stafford loans but subsidized Stafford loans, and not all subsidized Stafford loans but new subsidized Stafford loans.

    Even if it doesn’t pass, I think Republicans will not take much of a hit since plenty of student loans are going to be keeping their low rates as well without the proposal.

  3. The Pirate says:

    This is definitely George Bush’s fault.

  4. jbenson2 says:

    In other words, Obama fiddles while America burns.

    We’re a couple days away from the first quarter 2012Q1 GDP report, and the indicators are turning very ugly.

    Today’s bad news comes from the manufacturing sector, where durable-goods orders had their worst month in three years. New orders for manufactured durable goods in March decreased $8.8 billion (4.2%)

    And in even worse news, inventories continued to rise even though demand fell significantly. Inventories of manufactured durable goods in March, up twenty-seven consecutive months, increased $1.7 billion or 0.4%.

    In 2012Q1, we have had two very bad months (January and March) for durable goods, a bad January for overall factory orders which will likely get repeated in March, and a hiring slowdown.

    Don’t be surprised to see something significantly bad for a GDP report in a couple of days.

    • smartalix says:

      Did you even bother to listen to what Obama was saying? I would call what he was doing talking to his constituency using whatever means he has at hand. WHat he said in that “Jam” was real information for the audience of that show.

      The fact that the Right is trying to make hay from this only shows how pathetic their position is, or they would use their policies and solutions as their argument. Since they have no solutions, they have to act like crybabies. THis is especially disingenuous in the history of “mission accomplished” Bush.

  5. Wow. I think they were right, Clinton was the first black President.

  6. Sea Lawyer says:

    The easy availability of federally subsidized student loans has achieved what should have been the expected result – increase the demand for higher education, increase the price paid by those who demand it. Nothing to see here.

  7. tahlkewl1 says:

    Why do we blame high gas prices on “Big Oil” yet when tuition rises many x the cost of inflation we’re’..whadda ya gonna do..More and bigger loans I guess..

  8. jbenson2 says:

    So Obama was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

    I have a hunch that before his term is up, President Dog-Eater is going to host Saturday Night Live.

  9. NewfornatSux says:

    That was slow-jamming? Obama at full-jamming sounds like Al Gore.

  10. Howard Beale says:

    Good stuff WTG Jimmy nice get

  11. Mustardtits says:

    I was beginning to feel hopeful but after seeing this I now know we are totally and completely fucked,

  12. Sea Lawyer says:

    It is impressive how completely willing he is to pander to interest groups with an election looming.

    • Howard Beale says:

      I think if it were simple pandering he would have a different stance legalizing pot. He’s is just letting young people know where he is on issues they might care about.

      You can bet Mitt would go on Fallon too

      I remember Nixon on Laugh-In this is nothing new.

  13. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    What do all you asshats not understand that the Big O said clearly: “You are the economy.”

    Good point though about tuition support being inflationary. An even bigger point is education system not geared for the jobs market we have…thats always been a rough fit at best but “something amiss” is always behind double digit inflation in a near static economy.

    Education, healthcare, military. I suppose the simple minded, er JBenson, will post that all three have the government involved. but why is the government involved? And right behind the government we have the RICH!

    Honestly–I am only just now seeing this RICH = CRIMINAL meme of mine coming into play. Repeat a theme often enough and it even becomes clear to the author! –Ha, ha. This is how the truth is revealed===slowly. To those who care to notice.

    Well, something to think about as I go look up what a Stafford Loan is and how that might make any difference.

    Think of the kiddies!!! We need more poly-sci and journalism graduates.

  14. BigBoyBC says:

    I don’t see the story here. Politicians have been giving us a “song and dance” routine for decades.

    I’m just happy to see Barry has some time away from all those job jobs he’s creating and the economy he’s so instrumental in fixing.

    • smartalix says:

      The econonmy has been growing steadily for over a year, and would have grown faster if not for the obstructionist GOP preventing infrastructure spending.

  15. NewfornatSux says:

    This is how to do well on Jimmy. Then again, it helps if you are Justin Timberlake.


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