So a few towns in Northern Washington are talking about becoming “Transition Towns.” This seems to be despite the fact that nobody knows what this means. It’s part of Agenda 21, the scheme to produce one world government run by the Elites. So I find this video supposedly explaining it in 5 minutes. This is worse than the Werner Erhard EST crap. It is pure blather that says nothing. What am I missing? Why do I see this as pure nonsense.

  1. B. Dog says:

    Yup, it is crap.

    You have to give credit where credit is due. Werner Ehrhart went to the former Soviet Union and instructed the entire Soviet Presidium or Supreme Soviet or whatever on how to lose. Thus, they were able to lose the cold war, which was a good thing. I believe the U.S.A. should have been more generous in victory.

  2. What? says:

    The spokesperson has made a career of “admiring the problem”.

    He will never produce anything.

    But he will sure admire the problem!

  3. honeyman says:

    I have no idea what that guy just said. The inference was a re-invention of society based on goodwill toward all mankind. Good luck, fellah.

  4. The Pirate says:

    Obviously this guy is pontificating the demise of future energy options in conjunction with the innovation and pioneering that will be crucial for the survival of those in need of energy when the future depleted energy options become less robust in providing for the need.

    In other words …. duh.

    Since winded rectal orifices with an agenda don’t need to have solutions, a camera and a microphone are about as far as the “innovation” travels.

    In other words … doh.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what you’re missing. The video is all about oil and the demand for oil to produce energy. The assumption the video is making is that everyone is aware of the finite supply of oil. It also assumes the audience knows what “peak demand” is or that they can see a parallel in where we’re going from what we may have learned from history. In short, the video assumes the audience is up to date and that they can think!

    The part I think you (JCD) are missing is that when the oil supply runs out that there will then be a need to “transition” to a different source of energy (assuming this happens within our lifetime and that we haven’t cooked our collective butts off the planet or something). There appear to be certain groups of people like city planners, developers, etc. who want to accelerate this change and do it now – hence the term “transition town.”

    I admit this is a terrible term that implies something much more sinister. Nevertheless, it’s a little too easy to assume there is no energy crisis and that there is nothing wrong with the planet. And in as much as the planet is concerned you might be right – the planet is just fine. It’s the people and most other life on the planet that may find it hard to continue given the current course we all appear to be on. But if you can afford to live in a economic bubble then you probably don’t really care.

    • dusanmal says:

      What you are saying is half-plausible cover story. True intent is population control in every possible aspect with “crisis” as an excuse. Sorry, no banana.
      Similar ney-sayers at the start of 20th Century couldn’t imagine Earth supporting much more than 1 Bil people. Those idiots too used the argument just as an excuse. End result were likes of Hitler and Stalin. “Transition” would give us similar 21st Century totalitarians as the true end result.

      • Anonymous says:

        Did you watch the same video I did?!

        Try watching it again and ask yourself just where was anyone talking about over-population? Sure, there may have been an implication that there are too many people, but the subject was about the finite supply of oil and how we need to “transition” away from it.

  6. john smith says:

    I dont have a problem with developing a sustainable future, however, just not the corporations version of it, in there version, you and i will be hamstrung for things like travel, [think bicycle only etc], no meat, travel passes, checkpoints, no interstate or overseas travel, crammed into coffin sized houses, etc etc. Meanwhile the elite will be running around burning energy like they always do, so how is it fair then? If they are so determined to create a sustainable future, then why are they shutting down organic farms, arresting the Amish for home made milk, denying natural medicine practices and the like, can you see the contradictions here?

    Since when has the corporation given a flying fudge about our planet? They put the blame on the little guy, to deflect there own responsibility, i bet you wont see rothschild and the like running around on push bikes, living in dog kennels.

  7. CrankyGeeksFan says:

    In Florida, vocal and angry protest groups attend meetings held by various government bodies. These groups argue against any restrictions being placed on land usage and basically want to allow unfettered development. These groups are supported by sod farms and other parties who have a vested interest in housing developments.

    I say “Hooray!” for the group shown here.

  8. memesis says:

    So this is like an AA meeting for the energy concerned?

  9. t0llyb0ng says:

    no hyphen in naysayers
    homemade is one word

  10. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    EXCELLENT VIDEO!! One mans dream for a sustainable future. Won’t happen, but thats not what the video is about. It is also not about one world government. so….trying to make sense of it as legitimate, or as Agenda 21 won’t make any sense at all===because that is not what it is about.

    A brick is a brick. A brick may be part of an outhouse, an oven, or a nuclear factory==3 totally different end uses, but the brick is still just a brick.

    But lets parse:

    So a few towns in Northern Washington are talking about becoming “Transition Towns.” This seems to be despite the fact that nobody knows what this means. /// He clearly said its about becoming energy self sufficient.

    It’s part of Agenda 21, /// He never said that did he? And even if it is, whateve that is, this video is just a brick.

    the scheme to produce one world government run by the Elites. /// Well, no one else could do it.

    So I find this video supposedly explaining it in 5 minutes. This is worse than the Werner Erhard EST crap. It is pure blather that says nothing. What am I missing? Why do I see this as pure nonsense. /// You aren’t missing anything–you just made a totally faulty connection.

    Dots are like that.

  11. Manitou says:

    There is nothing to understand in the video. The guy is cheerleading, not explaining. He’s a motivational speaker.

    Only at the very end of the video do we get any idea of the “design”. Basically, it’s about encouraging people to ride bicycles.

    • Benjamin says:

      I tried riding a bike to work and it took me three hours. Not doing it again.

  12. dadeo says:

    There is more video on the youtube page. Sounded like a pitch to me…not buyin’ it. Too pie-in-the-sky..

  13. Skeptic says:

    We are already transitioning. You can’t just plop down towns anywhere. You have to have access to water, arable land etc. Being near the ocean or a waterway leading to the ocean is prime.

    What will actually happen, and what IS actually happening is that our established cities are transitioning right now. There are more e-bicycles on the road, we are redesigning electric grids to accept wind and solar power, buildings are more eco friendly…. and on and on.

    The real challenge will be how to deal with 12 billion people, keep the internet going, etc. This guy is thinking on an unrealistic scale in lala land.

  14. WmDE says:

    That’s the kind of positive attitude that Made America GREAT©™®

    Sorry there is prior art.

    NSFW. Nudity on YouTube… for 5 years?

  15. tomdennis says:

    My yard has been organic since 1970. Where I have lived has been organic since 1967.
    I had to compromise because my wife does not like bugs so our home kills bugs.
    I built a solar heater for my pool and I would be solar on our home but Kentucky is 20 years behind the planet and everything has to operate on coal.
    So the plan is not far fetched and it is an international plan.
    You have to think first about the planet and the space you occupy.
    Everyone has to make a step and I stepped forward in 1967.

  16. jpfitz says:

    It’s all bogative to me.

  17. Somebody_Else says:

    If I wanted to read conspiracy BS about agenda 21 I’d go to Fox news…

  18. President Amabo (Threaded comments are unworthy of Americans.) says:

    Bicycles are recreation, not transportation.

    1. Constitutional amendment making it illegal to live withing 60 miles of where you work.

    2. Constitutional amendment banning mass transit.

    3. capital punishment to anyone building an automobile smaller than an Avalanche. (can be powewred however you want as long as its not more expensive.)

    Work within those guidelines and yo might be able to build a society worthy of America.

  19. deowll says:

    The knowledge that we would someday hit peak oil has been around for 70 years or more. This is hardly a new idea.

    We may actually be at or near peak oil and demand from China and India is going to equal or exceed demand from the EU and US. Further our government has been notably foolish about looking out for the best interests of the US so we don’t have even a half way sane energy policy.

    Bottom line though is that by building coal liquefaction plants we should be good for another two or three hundred years or so and by then tech should be around to allow the people living to make their best choices using tech not now available. Since we don’t know what that will be planning for them is a complete waste of time.

    What about man made global warming? For the last ten years this planet has not been getting warmer. The southern hemisphere is cooling. The arctic ice last winter was as extensive as at any time in the last 10 years and the Bering strait was blocked by ice arcs three times. The lower 48 was the warmest place in the northern hemisphere relatively speaking but Alaska set all time snow fall records and Eurasia froze.

    Based on sunspot activity and known solar cycles we are heading into a long cooling trend which means insulating you homes just might be a good move.

    What about man made CO2 sob, sob? Isn’t it going to kill us all sob, sob?

    In geologic and biologic terms we have been short on much needed CO2 and plants are able to make good us of even the tiny increase in this absolutely vital trace gas however if you want it to have a meaningful impact on climate it needs to become much, much more abundant.

    The science is actually in on that. The only way the prophets of dome were ever able to sale that scenario to even the lack wits looking for a way to do cash transfers through crap and trade was to claim it would cause the levels of water vapor, a much better greenhouse gas, in the upper atmosphere to go up and satellite data demonstrates cloud levels have fallen ~100 feet which is the reverse of what they need for that to be happening.

  20. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Do-ill==you’ve trotted out this tripe 3-4 times now, never with a link. I’m sure you have a link for this, aka–you didn’t just make it up, but I’d like to see your source.

    What “exactly” did they say?

    Peak Oil and Coal reserves for 200+ years isn’t the issue. The issue is we are going to suffocate in our effulence if we don’t stop burning carbon for energy. ITS NOT ONLY ABOUT mere temp change, weather change, sea level rise, and ocean acidification.

    No–its about consequent changes after/along with all that like releasing the hydrates stored in the permafrost, shallow seas, and deep ocean locations. We very literally will poison ourselves from methane gas if we get warm enough to release it. H2S, hydrogen sulfide is another gas that will be released at higher temps. It also is a killer.

    That–plus I don’t believe for a minute you actually conveyed the facts accurately.

    Where is your link or are you actually reading the contrary press from 30 years ago? Why not throw in their are more polar bears?

    The sea level keeps rising:

    • deowll says:

      I’m lazy and I don’t want to look it all back up because you are to lazy to use a search engine but NASA is the source of cloud level falling and sea level falling and it is simple satellite data. NASA explained the sea levels are falling as being due to flooding. I’m not aware of any new oceans so I’m not buying.

      The fact that three ice bridges closed the Baring Strait last year is something that is public information and you should be able to easily find doing a search because I did.

      You might listen in to this man

      He actually does a fairly decent job of forecasting major weather events for a month or so out which gives him more credibility than the any government climate agency with me. He can forecast the hurricane season fairly well which is something our government has stopped even attempting to do because it was a total fail whale. This man has a fairly decent success rate.

      While his modals are no doubt in error to some degree that fact that he can make a long range forecast that isn’t total crap suggests his modals more closely approximate reality than the crap being pushed by the doomsday crowd.

      You might also recall reading this or you should:

      The bottom line is the same as always. Climate change is real but we don’t control it nor have we ever controlled it.

      By the way Google has a filter that allows you to check for more current information and I do use it to keep up with things such as what is actually happening on topics like climate change rather than take my information from the hacks in the lame media and the greens who have created some sort of weird religious doomsday cult around the idea that man made global warming is going to destroy the universe.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Figures. You are going to trust a weatherman over the consensus of climate scientists and a blog posting about a letter of protest from again non climate scientists.

        Yes, it only takes one yahoo to disprove the majority. so we have creationist museums showing adam and jebus riding dinosaurs.

        All do-ill approved. Say do-ill==what would happen if we exloded 100 Nukes at ground level? Would that affect the climate at all? Or still nothing we do affects the know nothing status quo? If an effect there would be, why not the same amount of particulates put into the air over the course of 200 years?

        Whats the critical difference?

        No difference = no think.


    • President Amabo (Threaded comments are unworthy of Americans.) says:



      Sorry to shout but some can’t see priorities even in front of their face. It’s wonderful and desirable to look for other energy sources, but only in the context of maintaining and growing lifestyles. We are humans, we deserve better than high density housing and mass transit. If that’s the future, better that all life in the entire universe is extinguished.

      (I could say more but I’m holding back and being very low key..)

    • diane says:

      it all seems a bit hinky to me. The national transition town sites are full of non-logic-happytalk-gobbledgook. It’s too vague. The people promoting them are all spouting whatever “close walmarts” “sustainable greens” “good water, and air” “smaller government”. But seems to just be to get people signed on.

  21. Anne says:

    “Nobody” clearly means you and nobody you care about and that’s an okay sample pool for a personal opinion but it’s a bad sample pool for policy.

    A transition town is one that has been proactive in restoring the food, energy and skills they would need to have to live without a steady flow of cheap oil. It’s about ensuring farmland nearby, that gardeners and farmers understand which crops can grow with natural rainfall, how to use compost, crop rotation and permaculture to reduce dependence on fertilizer and pesticides. It is about homeowners knowing how to make repairs with improvised materials instead of waiting for Home Depot to get a replacement in. It is about looking at the resources that are available locally and putting a premium on keeping industries alive that can produce those resources — even if it is at a craftsperson level.

    If you don’t like the liberal, lefty name to it, call it homesteading. Call it survival skills if you like — although it’s a bit different in that it’s about getting everyone in the town to that point and not about being the last person in your town standing.

    I won’t bother to point you to the transition towns website, but if you’d like an exercise in imagining what this might look like, check out “Island in the Sea of Time” by SM Stirling.

  22. JimD, Boston, MA says:

    Perhaps they are preparing for the arrival of the “Mother Ship” (on Mother’s Day !) – just be sure to hold onto your BALLS !!!

  23. t0llyb0ng says:

    One word, no hyphen:

    halfway, manmade, snowfall

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      half-way, man-made, snow-fall


      half way, man made, snow fall


      almost there, hand crafted, frozen water


      I’m as dumb as shit, global warming denier

      its all the same thing.

  24. Recap says:


    1. What’s the problem?

    2. Is there a way to eliminate “the problem”?

    3. Is there a way to postpone “the problem” if it is inevitable?

    4. What’s the last day on which we can procrastinate yet still fix “the problem”?

    If the “movers and shakers” can’t agree on answers to these questions, I suggest we PARTY ON and beg the foregiveness of future generations for “kicking the oil can down the road”.

    • deowll says:

      To me the problem is that hucksters, some of whom are pretending to be scientists while violating all the rules of science, are scamming an utterly scientifically illiterate public by using the kinds of scams normally only effective on the most ignorant and superstitions people imaginable.

      Bobbo for example wants me to link him to articles that support what I say rather than use a search engine himself or spend the time needed to look up raw data and see if somebody really fudged something or check out what was already known and if that data got adjusted yet he thinks his views are better and based or more solid information even though his postings suggests he’s got at least a suspicion he may have been at least slightly lead astray.

      On the global warming front I was recently not amused to see on Weather Underground that they were using a chart to show the infamous hockey stick curve created by a not overly respected NASA scientist that conveniently stops about 10 years ago that makes what he claimed was a whole degree of climate change using rather fudged data look vastly large than it was.

      Fudged because the real data suggests the 30s were warmer than the present. It’s only the “adjusted” data that suggests anything else.

      This is the same dude that triggered the protest by the 50 gentlemen from NASA however it is my understanding that his prophecies of doom draw in about 100,000,000 a year to the agency so I doubt if they are going to make any changes soon.

  25. Joe Pocolardee says:

    He has big ears.

  26. Airsick says:

    “Agenda 21, the scheme to produce one world government run by the Elites” I don’t think I’m being cynical when I ask, “But isn’t the world already run by the elites?”

  27. Glenn E. says:

    For those of you who say and believe that the majority must always be right. And their combined wisdom and experience can’t not be disputed. I give one example of the lone visionary who disproves the rule. Alfred Wegener. Read and learn.

  28. MartinJJ says:

    Transition towards the FEMA camps? Those towns maybe have a railroad?

  29. Milo says:

    This is all very well and good if people will change…

    OK, that’s the end of that I guess!


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