Saw this at the beginning of this week’s Frame Rate show on TWIT. It’s from Tom Scott.

  1. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Ruined by “lawyers”? How so? Laws are made by Congress, bought and paid for by Big Business. Lawyers are but the small tools, the cogs, by which some components are crafted.


    Just look, just LOOK–and loosen the bonds of silly thinking that are destroying your life and that of your kiddies.

    Vote Dumbo–its a bad choice, but the only real one.

    Yea, verily.

    • deowll says:

      We were very bluntly told why a Democrat Congress can’t do tort reform by a leading Democrat. It certainly made the news. See if you have the brains to either recall it or look it up.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        I’m against tort reform. Why should I look it up or guess at how far up your rectum your head is?

        “Some” tort reform is appropriate…change always is.

        But I don’t fall for a return to unregulated vampire capitalism ushered in under false labels.

        Care to EVER be specific?

  2. George says:

    If you think about a song you’ve heard, don’t you think the artist deserves a royalty payment? After all, what is listening or viewing if not a just a sort of thinking?

    This is obviously just a vision of hell. Postmortem torment by the RIAA and its lawyers could be called nothing else I can think of.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Call it: the end of the slippery slope we are already half way down.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh please!

    This is a funny video made to poke fun at the ridiculous EULA’s we are all subjected to – and which most of us never read! Make the wrong “choice” and you’re pretty much reduced to a virtual zombie.

    If anything, this video would hopefully make people think twice and possibly reconsider things like getting a Facebook account (if they don’t already have one), rushing out to purchase Windows 8 the day it becomes available, or simply being an Apple douche bag!

  4. Play it again Sam says:

    Zuckerberg’s next venture… Facebook Premium.

  5. Glenn E. says:

    Actually there are several really awful movies I wish to have deleted from my memory. If only I could have it done now, rather than when I die. Top of the list, “Robocop” (and pretty much everything else Paul Verhoeven has done), “Total Recall” (see?), “Galaxy of Terror”, “The Green Beret”, “The Stand” (in fact all of Stephen King’s made of Tv total waste of my time movies I’ve seen but especially “The Stand”), “Bio-Dome” (even the 10 minutes I saw was 11 minutes too much), “Lawnmower Man” (at least I didn’t see the sequel), “Howard the Duck”(Jeffrey Jones did a far better film that year, why’d he screw that up), “Tunnelvision” (fortunately I’ve nearly forgotten it), “Rain Man”, “Mission Impossible” 1 & 2.

    Yeah, not only would I NOT pay to keep those movies in my “future life”. I’d pay to make sure they were gone for good.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Sadly you can’t legislate good taste.

      Otherwise there would be a fence constructed from the rotting corpses of every Jerry Springer, every Rush Limbaugh, every Snooky and the list goes on…

  6. jim g says:

    I would like to have THIS video deleted from my memory:

    • WmDE says:

      Tail Gunner?

    • msbpodcast says:

      But its funny and an absolutely, stunningly stupid concept. (Or is it just that I have a penchant for shimapan.:-) )

    • spsffan says:

      Oh, that’s actually funny.

      I’d like Bobbie McFarren’s “Don’t worry, be happy” to begone.

      Oh, and anything to do with Donald Trump, any Kardashian, Octomom, George Bush (both of them), Antonio Villaregosa, Santorum…..

      • Cursor_ says:

        Bobbie McFarrin would like it to be gone as well.

        So also the leader singer from A Flock of Seagulls would like to stop doing I Ran and the lead singer from Dexy’s Midnight Runners could live without Come On Eileen.

        Of the three I thought that McFerrin had not much to offer besides that lame one hit.


  7. Peppeddu says:

    It’s fascinating, but fortunately, it’s an unlikely scenario.

    Technology always gets cheaper and more affordable as time goes by.
    As soon as we get the technology to run our conscious on some kind of a network, companies will scramble to make the technology available locally, some free, and some others even open source.

    This is the ultimate killer app, and when something’s important, it will be cloned. Guaranteed.

    • Cursor_ says:

      Oh great Linux for Life.

      Yeah that is what we need my LIFE being cared for by a bunch of basement dwellers with NO LIFE of their own.

      Sign me up for that.


      • Peppeddu says:

        Well, I prefer to run my conscience on my current host (my body)

        When that will be unable to carry me around, I wouldn’t mind to be hosted somewhere else (Linux, Windows or whatever happen to be around) until we can get robots that are good enough to replace our bodies.

  8. t0llyb0ng says:

    If you’re olde you can go back 40 years to a different Tom Scott.

    Without YouTube I’d never have found him again.

    40 years later—should this stuff still be under copyright? Locked up behind a paywall.

  9. Dallas says:

    Never mind EULA’s. The important issue of the day is just how sleazy the Super PAC idea is going to play out.

    Remember, the infinite and anonymous money poured into SuperPAC’s is the eternal gift the GOP has left to America. That’s right, voted for along party lines, this shithole should soon make it’s round.

    Let see what’s cooking in Karl Rove’s kitchen for the sheeple to swallow.

    • Mextli: ABO says:

      “infinite and anonymous money”
      You must be talking about the left coast the land of George Clooney and pals.

      • Dallas says:

        Yep, the whole political system is now down that shitty path because THAT is the way it’s played now.

        Thanks to you and your shit hole party.

  10. mharry860 says:

    Wow Dvorak, I’m sorry that the same losers all ways comment on everything on here. This was actually very accurate, but these asshat followers can’t leave politics out of it. At least 90% of politicians are corrupt and that is both sides, politics isn’t about what is right or wrong, but who wins. I come here to see the 3rd side and then make the mistake of reading the comments of your trolls.

    • msbpodcast says:

      That’s why I’d remove the incentive for winning.

      We’d save ourselves so much trouble, cost and lives if these 1%ers couldn’t constantly game the system.

      Just ban political parties for 100 years.

      Nothing else.

  11. Lou Minatti says:

    Seems awful quiet here. I can’t recall a time when had nothing new for 2 days.


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