Five million Brazilian farmers are locked in a lawsuit with US-based biotech giant Monsanto, suing for as much as 6.2 billion euros. They say that the genetic-engineering company has been collecting royalties on crops it unfairly claims as its own.

The farmers claim that Monsanto unfairly collects exorbitant profits every year worldwide on royalties from “renewal” seed harvests. “Renewal” crops are those that have been planted using seed from the previous year’s harvest. While the practice of renewal farming is an ancient one, Monsanto disagrees, demanding royalties from any crop generation produced from its genetically-engineered seed. Because the engineered seed is patented, Monsanto not only charges an initial royalty on the sale of the crop produced, but a continuing 2 per cent royalty on every subsequent crop, even if the farmer is using a later generation of seed.
In essence, Monsanto argues that once a farmer buys their seed, they have to pay the global bio-tech giant a yearly fee in perpetuity – with no way out.

  1. GregAllen says:

    >> Gazbo says:
    >> So if corporations are people, why can’t we bludgeon them to death in a dark alley?

    Or give a corporation the death penalty if they kill people?

    Or kill other corporations?

    Since corporations are people, we need to start treating them like people.

  2. Daws says:

    Um, I see a way out. Don’t buy their seeds next year.

    As for breeding new generations with their seeds that’s simply a violation of the contract, and frankly seems like a weasily way to get around it.

    “Oh we’re not using your seeds we’re just using seeds cross bred from them that happen to keep the traits that were the whole reason for our buying your seeds in the first place, that you spent millions researching and developing and testing, and wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t put them in there.

    Thanks for letting us take it for free, see ya!”

    Yeah I don’t think so…