Lets face it. Apple products are more cult driven that based in logic and reason. There are some advantage to them in some ways where PCs have advantages in other ways. But for the average person either one will do everything that they need and are just as easy to use. However Apple users are willing to pay a lot more and have far fewer choices than PC users and companies like Orbitz are are taking advantage of that difference as you can see in this article.

Imagine walking into a retail outlet and asking how much a certain item costs and instead of an answer you get a question: How much do you have?

Online merchants however don’t have to engage in such an overt shakedown, because they already have a pretty good idea how much you have, thanks to data surrendered to online tracking techniques.

The latest example of this comes from travel website Orbitz, which has been presenting Mac users with more expensive travel options than Windows users. According to the Wall Street Journal, Orbitz has found that Mac users are willing to pay as much 30% more than Windows users on hotels and has begun presenting them with different and sometimes pricier options through its website.

  1. President Amabo (I see the comment system is still designed for retards.) says:

    I happen to know a Mac user that I also know is quite intelligent. I do believe he’s an outlier though.