Michael Baker was arrested after posting a Facebook photo of himself stealing gas from a police car in Jenkins, Ky.

My guess, future Wall Street investment banker. Does whatever he wants with the expectation and understanding that he won’t be held accountable. Only he’s not currently a Wall Street investment banker.

  1. Sheila says:

    i understand the sentiment but making it public was a mistake


    • bobbo, the ONLY true Libertarian on this blog, all others being dogmatic posers says:

      WTF are you talking about: “the sentiment.”?

      Stealing public property is not a “sentiment” by most values or is this all part of the survivalist mystique?

      Totally sure you have survived survivalism, or have you been gone so long that up looks like down to you?

  2. McCullough says:

    Idiocracy rules!

  3. George says:

    Jail me, I’m Irish!

  4. bobbo, the ONLY true Libertarian on this blog, all others being dogmatic posers says:

    Dave–why Wallstreet? The meme on them is that they are the brightest among us.

    Who steals gas from a police car and posts the fact to Facebook?

    My prediction: future cop.

  5. andycatus says:

    “was arrested after posting a Facebook photo of himself”

    That’s the nub of it right there. Round up everyone who does that. Sick of it all.

  6. John S says:

    Maybe we can use this as an example of why America is losing jobs to China. As we see here in a fine example of American youth who would rather steal gas from the Police and post to Facebook then to go out and get educated in a skill or profession. Or maybe the poor guy was just down on his luck trying to get to his community college for classes? Right?

    • scandihoovian says:

      Excuse me, but I just purchased a super cheap standup fan from Walmart today for $25, and it said “Made in America” on it. Wear it proudly people, American labor is so stupid and cheap these days it’s actually bringing back manufacturing.

  7. kmfix says:

    There’s really no proof that he was stealing. Unless he admitted to it.

    He could have just said he saw that stuff there and thought it would make a great picture, but the stuff wasn’t his nor did he put it there.

  8. Rider says:

    There is no way in hell he was actually siphoning gas. Anyone who has tried to do it in the past decade will tell you it no longer works, the have screens that prevent the hose from making it into the tank.

    • orchidcup says:

      Maybe there are screens on some vehicles, but not any of mine. Besides, a thief can poke through a screen with almost anything.

      Locking gas caps prevent gas theft.

  9. orchidcup says:

    Was the person holding the camera and taking the photo also arrested as an accessory to the crime?

  10. orchidcup says:

    Note to myself: Don’t hire this kid for any kind of a job.

  11. So what says:

    Thanks Kentucky for continuing to keep Missouri looking good.

  12. Frankenchrist says:

    Stupid and from Kentucky.

    Has to be a Republican.

  13. pwuk says:

    I think he was putting in the petrol, look he’s even pointing at the direction of flow.

  14. Anonymous says:

    So if you can’t tell the cops to put down the cell phone and buckle up then you might as well steal their gas. (Check out the short video just a few postings before this story.)

    Personally, I see one concerned citizen (who might have a unique way of counting and possibly saying “cops are number one”) trying to protect his local peace officer. I’m sure he was going to give the gas back after the cop had a chance to sober up.

  15. Anonymous says:

    My guess, future Wall Street investment banker…

    Damn straight!

    Anyone who would see a problem like that and then act without concerning himself too much with all the “red tape” is a born leader! (Gee. I wounder where we’ve heard that before?)

    FYI: you don’t last too long on Wall Street if you’re a follower.


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