1. Uncle Dave says:

    “Ooh, goody! A shiny new toy to play with!”

  2. deowll says:

    Hamburger? I’ll show you hamburger!

  3. jpfitz says:

    Bull-ish on gold.

    Where’s my magic cape.

    Darwin at work.

  4. Eric says:

    SAY “WHAT” AGAIN Motherfucker!

  5. pcsmith says:


    Look at the bulls hoofs.

  6. CCroom says:

    Red Bull does give you wings.

  7. Dallas says:

    “and this next one for the queer ass outfit”

  8. noname says:


  9. aa14873 says:

    His bulls were never the same again.

  10. And you thought American Ninja Warrior was tough!


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