Don’t rock the boat, slaves! Do as we say or else!

Mitt Romney loyalists, seeking a show of strength and solidarity at next week’s GOP convention, struggled Friday to placate restless Ron Paul supporters while also weakening the powers of such insurgent candidates in future Republican primaries.
‘‘It sends the message that when the establishment doesn’t get the outcome they want they will use the process to change it,’’ said Mike Rothfeld of Virginia, who tried in vain to block the ouster of Maine’s delegates partial to Paul. ‘‘It will not be good for the party. It will not be good for Mitt Romney.’’

  1. Hyph3n says:

    Oh no… the sudden realization that Republican have just been using the Libertarians. Why I betcha most Republicans have never even read Ayn Rand!

    Don’t worry… the next time Republicans are routed from power, they’ll pick up the Libertarian torch again (only to drop it when they get into power.)

  2. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Trying to suppress the Paul vote for Romney, won’t work.

    It was hilarious to watch Blitzer more upset than Rand or Ron Paul, about those delegates…

    Its transparent what both Blitser and Uncle Dave (whom we don’t mention at family outings) are trying to do…suppress the Paul vote for Romney.

    Won’t work. Obama will destroy America as we know it, if allowed a 2nd swipe at the apple.

    • Rick says:

      All Wolf Blitzer cares about is ensuring Israel is safe under mother hen USA.

  3. LibertyLover says:

    They made a serious ass-play.

    I really do think they are purposely tanking the election.

    If the RNC were serious about winning the election, they would have nominated Ron Paul and made sure he won the nomination.

    Here’s why:

    1) 80% of the Republicans will vote for whoever the nominee is.
    2) 20% of the Republicans will only vote for Ron Paul.

    If they had selected Ron Paul, they would have 100% of the vote.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Ran Paul like any liebertard is a kook and while 80% of Pukes will vote straight ticket no matter who is nominated–when NutCake Fringe Candidates are nominated, 20% of the Pukes will vote Dumbo or not at all.

      A large tent might hold a lot of fruitcakes, but they are still fruitcakes.

      Silly Hoomans.

      • Thomas says:

        Hey bobbo thanks for the tip. On principle my wife and I were going to vote for Paul, (which as we all know would help Obama) but I’m convinced as well as my whole family that we have to vote for Romney.

        Well done sir!

      • LibertyLover says:

        Still hanging out under the bridge I see.

    • Dallas says:

      That’s some weird math. Just say’n

      • LibertyLover says:

        80 + 20 = 100 is weird math?

        You must be a product of the public school system.

        • NewformatSux says:

          Obamaphiles are not good at math. That’s why think Obama has cut spending, and his proposed budget cuts it more.

        • Dallas says:

          Well your arithmetic is ok. The rest of your calculations are messed up. Shall I prove you wrong or wait till a next comment page hides your stupidity?

          • LibertyLover says:

            80% of 160 million people is a lot of people to count and prove me wrong 🙂

          • Dallas says:

            Ask your engineering staff.

            And…80% + of sheeple once believed the moon was made of cheese

          • LibertyLover says:

            Sometimes, Dallas, I wonder if your cat just doesn’t walk across your keyboard.

  4. NewformatSux says:

    Hijacking a future Ron Paul was only part of the story. There were more rules changes, and it had nothing to do with Ron Paul, and entirely to do with allowing Romney to rule like a progressive once he is elected. He wants to stave off conservative challengers by allowing the RNC, populated by his people, to rewrite the rules at anytime for the primaries.
    The anti-Ron Paul rules change isn’t horrible. Mitt Romney wins a primary, then Ron Paul’s followers go in and steal all the delegate spots. How is it fair for Romney to win a primary and Ron Paul to get the delegates? They compromised by saying that delegates will be bound according to state party rules.

    • LibertyLover says:

      The truth of the matter is:

      A larger percentage of Romney’s fans showed up at the poll booths than did Paul fans.

      A larger percentage of Paul’s fans showed up at the caucuses than did Romney fans.

      If they could have proven that Romney actually won the majority of all potential voters, then I would say your argument holds water. Can you prove this?

      • NewformatSux says:

        The caucus numbers are a small fraction of the primary voters.
        Romney has no real basis for complaining about stolen delegates after he stole one from Santorum in Michigan. Besides, Paul and Romney were on the same side in this election. That is why Paul didn’t even try to win Virginia, which he could have, but it would have denied Romney any delegates in the state.

        • LibertyLover says:

          The caucus numbers are a small fraction of the primary voters.

          Not really. They are a small fraction of the electorate.

          Just as the primary voters are a small fraction of the electorate.

          There is really no way to determine if the primary truly represents the electorate.

          That is why there is a caucus.

    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      If Romney were going to etch a sketch conservatism away and rule like a progressive, he wouldn’t have picked Ryan as his VP…

      That was a governance pick, Ryan knows how to shepherd legislation as well as crunch numbers.

      And it wasn’t to promote progressive policies, Obama has set liberalism back 100 years with his anticolonialist “bankrupt America for the sake of the third world policies.”

      • Rick says:

        Oh come on now, we were bankrupt long before Obama got the nomination for president. Bush raised our already incredible 7 trillion dollar debt to 13.5 trillion, Obama was just more of the same, albeit at a slightly slower pace.

      • NewformatSux says:

        He wants to pass amnesty with his preferred VP pick Marco Rubio.

        He also prefers to give states waivers rather than repeal ObamaCare, which he invented.

        He started the global warming bandwagon with his state filing the lawsuit that set the EPA in motion.

        He needs flexibility after the election. He bought off Ron Paul early.

  5. scandihoovian says:

    Gary Johnson needs more media coverage, at least involve him in the debates. The world is more complicated than just red/blue, right/wrong, yes/no. Corporations are colorblind btw.

    • Rick says:

      Why not do this…..get Gary Johnson to be republican, take over the GOP and steer that party to common sense.

      • NewformatSux says:

        He was a Republican, left it because Romney wouldn’t let him into the debates. Only libertarians bought by Romney are allowed into debates.

  6. Egon Ruuda says:

    I would vote for Dr Paul, I will not vote for either of the official candidates this time though, as it is between same and same. The difference between them is only in colour. Dr Paul get my vote this time, even if it means throwing my vote away.

    • Egon Ruuda says:


      • NewformatSux says:

        LOL, that means you are voting for one of them. You had it right the first time.

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

          Excellent parsing. Ha. ha.

    • ± says:

      You jerk. You almost have it right. No one throws their vote away. Even though your vote is wrong (no one should ever vote ever again for anyone who ever was a D or R) your thought is in the right direction.

      People should vote with only a sole criterion in selecting their choice. And that is to pick that person who if everyone else picked them too, would be the best choice. This method, by definition, disqualifies “lesser of evil” choices. Write in votes are totally OK and may even represent the best possible choice in the country.

      People who think it is is OK to vote for (known) evil should be disqualified as voters.

  7. ECA says:

    Iv been watching(off and on) and When did ron paul loose the top 1 and 2 position??
    Iv watched the debates on “ron paul not shown” in the polls, even tho he was leading in the polls.

    WHEn was he fully dropped?

    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      Paul did poorly in the early state primaries. In my opinion, he never survived Santorum’s charge of not accomplishing anything other than being a protest vote…

      To clean up Obama’s mess, we need someone with a history of accomplishment….and sadly, although I thought the charge overstated and liked Paul much more than Santorum….he scored a point Paul never overcame.

      • Dallas says:

        I’m pretty sure your endorsement was the fatal blow.

      • Rick says:

        Paul did very well in primaries even though in many states there were lots of incidnents of vote tampering. When the delegate selection process rolled around, there were further shenanigans and agents of Romney were working hard to ensure Ron Paul wasn’t going to win. Even so RP nabbed 5 states, so the GOP increased it to 8 states to lock out delegates. Oklahoma decided to not send any delegates at all because they were infested with Ron Paul people. Massachussets banned all 17 delegates that supported Ron Paul.

        Newtie and Ricky weren’t even in the running, Romney’s Mormon army never even paid them much heed, they were just a piece of gum on his boot to peel off and toss.

        Ron Paul was the real enemy to him.

        • NewformatSux says:

          LOL, before the Michigan primary, prominent establishment folks were saying if Romney lost, they would have to recruit another candidate to replace him.

      • Yoda says:

        The flip-flop is strong with this one. Yes.

  8. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Another Obama term is too frightening to take the chance of him winning, although I supported Paul, I’m now voting for Romney.

    That allows libertarianism another day to win, an Obama win would result in the dissolution of the Union much like Russia broke up….a bankrupt mass with No America to bail it out.

    • Rick says:


    • NewformatSux says:

      Paul was on team Romney from the beginning. He attacked everyone but Mitt. In Virginia, he could have won the primary, but he held back because it would deny Romney crucial delegates. A Paul win would have meant no delegates for Romney.

  9. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Thomas making an admirable effort says:
    8/29/2012 at 11:27 am

    Hey bobbo thanks for the tip. /// Not a tip, just an observation. My tip would be if you even think of voting Puke since 2006==why not just go ahead an slit your wife and kiddies throat and avoid the politics of it?

    On principle my wife and I were going to vote for Paul, /// name that principle?

    (which as we all know would help Obama) /// and thats why I respond. Very sane of you to recognize the damn result of our two party system. I do wish you could make a valid vote for Paul without it effectively being for Obama==but we’ll never have cumulative voting and that is a shame. Keeps the National Committees and Dark Money Men in charge and control of our politics. Again, cutting the throats of our loved ones and ourselves. Too many idiots think effective voting for their worst candidate is somehow the honorable thing to do.

    but I’m convinced as well as my whole family that we have to vote for Romney. /// Not even if you are Super Rich. I assume you have taught your kiddies to play checkers and not chess?

    Well done sir! /// I do applaud your humor.

  10. sargasso_c says:

    Very nice photograph of Mitt’s dad. Thank you!

  11. orchidcup says:

    Perhaps this will cure the people of any delusion that your vote is worth anything.

    We need a third party or a fourth party.

    The Dems and Pukes are opposite sides of the same coin. They both lead to bigger government and corporate dominance.

    The individual is dead. Long live the corporate person.

  12. Rick says:

    How sweet it is, the GOP disenfranchising their own voters!

    The big news of course is that MORMONS everywhere are rubbing their hands together, because many of them did their part to help get Romney the nomination, such as infiltrating primaries, handing out fake delegate lists, ballots, flyers, voting dozens of times at straw polls, and of course contributing millions to Romney PACs.

    The fulfillment of the Joseph Smith “White Horse Prophecy” is on their minds, as they believe their magic underwear protected candidate is the sign of Mormon takeover of the USA as prophesized by JS if he ever becomes president.

    This is what Mormons actually believe.

    • orchidcup says:

      White Horse Prophecy

      Do you refer to this nonsense?

    • So what says:

      Rick you out alfied, alfie in the what the hell have you been smoking category. The nutballs of the world tip their tinfoil hats in your direction

      • Rick says:

        I don’t believe it, but THEY do.

        Trust me I talked at length with a Mormon I used to work with. he grudingly admitted the whole space god thing, the white horse prophecy, but he refused to talk about his magic underwear, but I could see it under his shirt.

  13. The0ne says:

    “…still won’t ever vote for Barack O’bama…”

    I didn’t know we had more than two people running for the presidency? I don’t see any issue here at all really. They can get upset as much as they want and even piss in Romney’s water cup but at the end…the quote.

  14. orchidcup says:

    I can’t tell if you are a spam bot or a Republican bot.

  15. orchidcup says:

    Wonderful. We are overjoyed and ecstatic.

  16. NewformatSux says:

    NBC news will negate the speeches given by minorities. At this rate, they won’t even put up a video of Barack Obama.

    People who spoke but were not included:
    Luce Fortuno, Artur Davis, Ted Cruz, Brian Sandoval, Mary Fallin, John Kasich, Kelly Ayotte, Sher Valenzuela, Mia Love.

    Ann Romney and Nikki Haley the only women or minorities who were included, Kasich the only white guy not included.

    • Rick says:

      NBC subsidiaries in Oklahoma have put up 2 new channel formats that are decidedly rightwing in flavor.

      One is called “Freedom 43” and the other is good old Channel 4 NBC, but the news often sounds like Fox News.

  17. TThor says:

    Mister America
    Walk on by
    Your schools that do not teach
    Mister America
    Walk on by
    The minds that won’t be reached
    Mister America
    Try to hide
    The emptiness that’s you inside
    When once you find that the way you lied
    And all the corny tricks you tried
    Will not forestall the rising tide of
    Hungry freaks, Daddy . . .

    They won’t go
    For no more
    Great mid-western hardware store
    Philosophy that turns away
    From those who aren’t afraid to say
    What’s on their minds
    (The left-behinds of the Great Society)
    Hungry freaks, Daddy . . .

    Mister America
    Walk on by
    Your supermarket dream
    Mister America
    Walk on by
    The liquor store supreme
    Mister America
    Try to hide
    The product of your savage pride
    The useful minds that it denied
    The day you shrugged and stepped aside
    You saw their clothes and then you cried:

    They won’t go
    For no more
    Great mid-western hardware store
    Philosophy that turns away
    From those who aren’t afraid to say
    What’s on their minds
    (The left-behinds of the Great Society)

    – Frank Zappa 1966

  18. NewformatSux says:

    Republican convention devoted an hour to the Pauls, even though Paul won zero primaries. The changes were not about Ron Paul, but about keeping down the Tea Party in 2016 after Romney pushes for amnesty and other liberal ideas. He was always a liberal pretending to be conservative. He would have run for the Senate as a Democrat except Ted Kennedy didn’t retire as he was expecting, so he pretended to be a Republican to at least be on the ballot.

    • Rick says:

      The problem with Ron Paul is that he has supporters, and much of what he says doesn’t fit into the “mainstream” republican platform as anointed by the ultra wealthy.

  19. NewformatSux says:

    Republican convention devoted an hour to the Pauls, even though Paul won zero primaries. The changes were not about Ron Paul, but about keeping down the Tea Party in 2016 after Romney pushes for amnesty and other liberal ideas. He was always a liberal pretending to be conservative. He would have run for the Senate as a Democrat except Ted Kennedy didn’t retire as he was expecting, so he pretended to be a Republican to try that way.

  20. NewformatSux says:

    Even worse is the media reaction to this move. They decided to blame Republicans as racist, and when called on, won’t retract the story. The minority Paulbots were shouting no-no-no very loudly, and Boehner declared that the ayes have it. They kept shouting, and to drown them out the other side started chanting USA USA USA. Boehner in the meantime called up the next speaker to get past this. The media reported it as Republicans shouted USA at a Puerto Rican speaker!

  21. NewformatSux says:

    The Ron Paul influence doesn’t end with a speech or a video tribute. The platform calls for auditing the Fed, a gold commission, internet freedom, and reducing overcriminalization.

    From the platform:
    The resources of the federal government’s law enforcement and judicial systems have been strained by two unfortunate expansions: the over-criminalization of behavior and the over-federalization of offenses. The number of criminal offenses in the U.S. Code increased from 3,000 in the early 1980s to over 4,450 by 2008. Federal criminal law should focus on acts by federal employees or acts committed on federal property – and leave the rest to the States. Then Congress should withdraw from federal departments and agencies the power to criminalize behavior, a practice which, according to the Congressional Research Service, has created “tens of thousands” of criminal offenses. No one other than an elected representative should have the authority to define a criminal act and set criminal penalties. In the same way, Congress should reconsider the extent to which it has federalized offenses traditionally handled on the State or local level.

  22. JCD's Love Child says:

    Moran will vote for Richard Nixon.


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