LMFAO! Perfect example of how politics poisons the mind.

  1. George says:

    No, no, no! This doesn’t fit the media narrative that only Republicans want to kill people. This has to be fake. Democrats love everything and everybody, except God and fetuses.

  2. Agent Arnaz says:

    Oh Lucy, dis ees de Seecret Service, You got some ‘splainin to do!


  3. deowll says:

    Did she just make the no fly list? Sorry granny but that’s what happens when you speak you mind on Candid…Okay she had to know she was on video. Such a nice old lady. Jeez, Maybe it’s time for her to go to a senior care center?

  4. Ah_Yea says:

    A true liberal. When you get older, discretion is the first thing to go.

    Or possibly she is one of these new-wave Pro Choice Liberals who believe it’s ok to have a retroactive abortion, adding Romney to the already killed 54+ Million children since Roe vs Wade.

  5. bobbo, one true Liberal accusing Obama being too far Right says:

    Ah Yea—pimping for the already dead walking over and kicking the almost dead?===HAW, HAW!!! Well, whatever gets you thru the night.

    I wonder how many names the SS has already gone thru in order to put this old woman on their list?

    Really McCollough—abusing the aged this way. Your mother weeps.

  6. bobbo, one true Liberal accusing Obama being too far Right says:

    This is a better one. Evidently that computer program the Feds have spiders Twitter pretty good.

    I would have a hard time serving in the SS…. hard to believe anyone would be this stupid:

    Black guy with dreadlocks threatens to Kill Obama on twitter. I’d like to hear the reason why as the guy doesn’t look like Corporate Material to me…… but maybe I’m just a racist.

    What a country.


    • bobbo, one true Liberal accusing Obama being too far Right says:

      Whoops, my bad. Skimming way too fast. Dude was high on marijuana, whatever that is, and listens to a lot of rap music.

      My best guess: the guy is 100% mouth and thinks threatening to kill someone is a sign of respect? Like calling someone dude?

      Good call by the SS. I wonder what Lee Harvey Oswald would have been tweeting back in the day?

      So many silly hoomans. So many guns.

    • McCullough says:

      Dreadlocks make you stupid.

      But seriously, do you think all black people should fall in line. Besides promises and taking away their civil rights, what exactly has he done for blacks?

      • bobbo, one true Liberal accusing Obama being too far Right says:

        I think all stupid black people should/will/have fall in line.

        The word on the street is Obama just removed the requirement to work in order to get welfare. Why shouldn’t out of work MJ smoking dreadlocked rap listening low life be for Obama?

        didn’t Obama say he wasn’t going to make casual drug use a Federal enforcement issue while upping the number of those arrests?

        The poor should always vote the dumbo’s and Barrack is a Dumbo.

        I’ve been caught out. I’m just a racist.

        I hate it when that happens.

        • McCullough says:

          Maybe the guy is smarter than we thought.

          • bobbo, one true Liberal accusing Obama of being too far Right says:

            Ahhhh McCullough–the closeted liberal. When push comes to shove, you are willing to give the unknown the benefit of a doubt.

            It would mean there are at least two kinds of smart though. …….. Not only a racist, but an elitist too? Two shoes, and a comfortable fit.

  7. NewformatSux says:

    We were told Sarah Palin’s target map led to Gabby Gifford’s shooting. Surely this person is guilty of something.

    • bobbo, one true Liberal accusing Obama being too far Right says:

      Well…? What do you think NFS? “Led to” is a bit overstated, but I think using bullseyes to target candidates for “termination” does contribute to an environment of gun violence rather than careful consideration of the pros and cons when voting.

      Don’t you?

      • better living through rhetoric says:

        Ever feel like the Big Bang happened again, just a little while back, and all this rhetoric is just background radiation and noise?

        I do. Perhaps we’ll coalesce into something better this time.

        What say you?

  8. The best part is that she’s probably now on Obama’s drone kill list.

    • ali b says:

      no, but she is probably now in the Drone Remote Pilot Team, probably as a supervisor or legal advisor. Special target assignment, middle age white guys on above average income.

  9. bobbo, one true Liberal accusing Obama of being too far Right says:

    better living through rhetoric moves from the intricacies of linguistics to the boundaries of metaphysics asking:
    9/6/2012 at 6:32 pm

    Ever feel like the Big Bang happened again, /// No, never do. For me, the Big Bang is an intellectual realization. I get emotional/feelings when looking at a clear night sky and realizing each little white dot is an entire galaxy. Mystical, magical–just like feelings.

    just a little while back, and all this rhetoric is just background radiation and noise? /// No, I think the analogy that I see is faulty right from the start. Background radiation is about an event that happened a long time ago–nothing analogous to the white hiss we hear now. So–a similarity but not a sameness. Background radiation is evidence of our evolution and our future, again–no analogy to the meaningless white hiss we hear from both Political Parties.

    I do. Perhaps we’ll coalesce into something better this time. /// About 5 options and how to bend your analogy to something that fits. I’ll take this one: Yes–every election an opportunity to do better, or to avoid worse, or however the choices align themselves. Better: telling the truth from a lie. Knowing who is just white hiss versus someone who brings a bit more honesty and reality to the table?

    The truth is: The Republicans just want office to feather their own nests and they do that by selling out exclusively to the SUPER RICH. All you have to do is measure the white noise against their track record. Its right there—-just look. Obama may or may not be able to do what he promises but he did quite a bit of what he promised to do in 2008. I’d rather have Obama fulfilling half his promises made than the Republicans fulfilling any of their promises made.

    Clear marching music, not a white hiss.

    What say you? /// Open to change.

    • better living through rhetoric says:

      I say we take all our issues, break them down into bite size pieces (healthcare isn’t a single issue) with a fixed budget, put’em in a hat, and each side gets to fix or improve whatever they draw (unless they agree to trade first).

      If there’s an odd number of issues, the last one is given to the Liberatarians. After 4 years, we see how it goes.

      Sounds fair. What could go wrong?

      • bobbo, one true Liberal accusing Obama of being too far Right says:

        Sounds like background noise to me.

        Reach for the stars, but keep your fee on the ground.

  10. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Apparently its a heart felt literal threat—but in saner times it would be ignored….the total context, particularly her age and inability to carry out the threat, would overwhelm all other considerations.

    Judging by the rhetoric, her place among Democrat intelligentsia won’t be challenged soon.

  11. gquaglia says:

    Nothing will happen to her. Holder’s DOJ will direct that she was only expressing her first amendment rights and not serious. If the tables were turned however and this was a republican speaking on Obama, they would already be in Gitmo.

    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      Holder’s racist application of various laws is one of the prime reasons Obama has got to go. Its not good for race relations, when the Attorney General is racist and applies the law according to his racist views.

      • gquaglia says:

        Holder gets his marching orders from the top. You can fill in the blanks.

  12. orchidcup says:

    I would like to kill the Southern Baptist preacher that molested my mother while she was recovering from general anesthesia after surgery in the hospital.

    I would like to kill every Catholic priest that molests altar boys, or shields another priest from prosecution.

    I would like to kill every subhuman white trash loser that assaults his wife and children in a drunken stupor.

    I would like to kill the Patriot Act.

    I would like to kill the TSA.

    I would like to kill every corporation that maims, injures, or kills people by gross negligence or willful disregard for human rights or safety.

    I would like to kill ignorance, pejudice, hatred, greed, and intolerance in human beings.

    I would like to kill people that watch too much television and perceive it as reality.

    I understand what I am saying is an expression of outrage towards those objects that I perceive to be vile and evil.


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