Executive Producers: Coby Hung, Sir Alexandr Seleznyov
Associate Executive Producers: Andrew Wilson
Art By: MartinJJ
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  1. ali b says:

    I thought it was a little unkind to mock poor old Bill Clinton and his tragic and pathetic “I can’t hear you!” cries. Not as cruel as the person who took away his hearing aid before pushing him on stage, but unkind none the less.

  2. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Where is our Dear Leader’s Government is our community speech?

    Shouldn’t we discuss bringing back the ancient practice of have a room always ready for our benevolent Government representative, whose only concern is our whereab……eh., welfare?

    • Glenn E. says:

      “always having a room ready”. Are we talking convention room or bomb shelter? Because they use to have one of the latter, until nukes made it obsolete. Even then, it was kept a secret (the Green Brier Hotel), because its existence was a bit of an embarrassment. They didn’t want the public to know, that Congressmen and Senators planned to slip away to some safe place, while the rest of us get bombed to bits. That was before nuclear ICBMs were invented. Which would easily reduce such shallow constructed shelters to rumble.

      It’s hard to say if there are any deeper, more robust shelters, to take it place. I would think a standby fleet of military aircraft, would be more effective at keeping members of Congress safe above the nuclear wastelands. Taking them to some unspoiled wilderness retreat. Which is probably why that airport in Alaska, that no one uses, exists. So the question should be, “What happened to always having a fast plane ready?”

  3. Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum says:

    Klipaty Klap Klifton riding topless a horse = priceless mental image!
    Thank you.

  4. orchidcup says:

    I will be sending Adam a Honey Boo Boo T-Shirt to wear during the show.

    • B. Dog says:

      Don’t bother. He is not a fan. The worst part of the show was when he invented a veto power to eliminate what could have been a great feature — Honey Boo Boo clips.

      • orchidcup says:

        That is why I am sending the T-Shirt. He will grow accustomed to having her around.

  5. ali b says:

    Interesting how ubiquitous and successful the “both sides as bad as each other” strategy is, even adam and john are redistributing that one. Should guarantee a second obama term.

    • Glenn E. says:

      Not that I care which party wins. But when you think about it. The old saying, “Better the devil you know”, might apply here. It wasn’t Obama’s fault, he was handed an economic mess that G.Bush and Congress created, back in 2004. And after blocking everything Obama proposed, all they do is complain he hasn’t recovered the economy in four years. I’d put it down to just plain racism. But it seems more like the politicians used Obama as an excuse to put the US economy on hold for four years. Until they could get whatever they want passed under a white guy’s leadership. Who just happens to be Republican.


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