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  1. orchidcup says:

    Bureau of Labor Statistics: BulLShit

  2. t0llyb0ng says:

    Condi likes sweetmeats & parakeets
    Leather shackles & grackles
    Indian spices & Japanese rices
    & cantaloupe slices

    • orchidcup says:

      Your infatuation with Condi is ingratiating and compulsive.

      • t0llyb0ng says:

        So that means you like it, right?

        Ingratiating:  charming; agreeable; pleasing.  [dictionary.com]

  3. orchidcup says:

    If you question the scientific conclusions of the scientific method and do not subscribe to the mainstream theory advanced by the scientific community you are a skeptic and a heretic.

    If you question the authority and authenticity of the Holy Scriptures and do not subscribe to the mainstream interpretation of organized religion you are a skeptic and a heretic.

    Free thinking and critical inquiry and analysis of generally accepted thought is a sure sign of mental illness and evil intentions.

    Four out of five people agree that alternative viewpoints cannot be tolerated in a free society.

    • DaveX says:

      In the scientific community there is nothing wrong with being a sceptic and a heretic, but you have to provide evidence, facts, logic and reasoning along with your ideas. Religion doesn’t recognize these things as legitimate arguments against faith. When Adam plays a sound clip and makes stupid noises, then comes back with useless hyperbole, it delegitimizes the entire show.

  4. ECA says:

    Working Farms is considered seasonal work..
    In the OLD days a farm would hire another 100 people to get harvest in and for planting..
    NOW the corp has eliminated most of this, using major machines..

    Gotta ask this..
    HOW do you make money, by selling materials to other nations, to have products made, to IMPORT them back to the USA, then ship them out and sell them.
    Yes, I can see more then a few companies benefiting..but NOT the corp. UNLESS, the corp owns all the process.. From the lumber/metals, Shipping, processing to base product, Making a finished product, SHIPPING AGAIN, then distribution, sale in the USA..
    There is a TON of overhead in this list. Is it so cheap to SHIP, PROCESS, MAKE, SHIP again…? that its worth the TIME?? this has to be a minimum of a 1 month turn around.
    Wages would have to be LESS then $0.10 per hour..
    Are prices THAT HIGH in the USA that a factory cant DO IT AS CHEAP??(good chance)(power, gas, property taxes,…)

    Its entertaining, that most BIG companies have condensed down from LOTS of stores spread across a city to 1 store in 20+ miles.. TONS of jobs went away. And wages didnt go up.

    The only thing I can figure out is MATERIAL cost in making things, in the USA is so high, it costs to much to MAKE anything. I dont think its wages.(dont blame wages) The cost of materials in the USA is WAY HIGHER then international prices.

  5. ECA says:

    But even with HIGH prices for materials..
    China loves our materials. WHY?
    it cost Tons of money to ship WOOD over the Pacific.
    THEn we import wood from CANADA, to replace it, and ADD a 25% tax to it?? WHY??

    • orchidcup says:


      The granite company down the road closed their processing plant 12 years ago. The plant provided finished granite products for builders. This is the same granite that the capitol building in Texas is made of. The plant provided employment for dozens of local residents.

      Now the granite is quarried here and SHIPPED TO CHINA for processing into counter tops, table tops, building facia, etc. and then SHIPPED BACK HERE to sell at the local showroom of the granite company.

      I will never be convinced that it is less expensive to do this rather than paying local workers to process the granite LOCALLY at the PROCESSING PLANT that STILL EXISTS and SITS EMPTY.

      The price of finished granite is now MORE EXPENSIVE since the company started shipping the granite to China for finishing.

      Conspiracy? Maybe.

      • ECA says:

        The fun part is you consider SHIPPING, then processing, then SHIPPING again..you are taking an added 1-2 months…Then IMPORT taxes..then you can add handling in the USA, and MORE shipping by truck.. And Granite isnt light..
        WHAT is the reasoning?

        I hope you know that there is NOT supposed to be import tax on ANYTHING, that CAN NOT be created in the USA. So since we dont make DVD players in the USA, there isnt supposed to be a tax on them. its an anti-competition law. So that Oranges from Mexico are supposed to be TAXED, but arnt(according to NAFTA)

        Think about the COST of DRYWALL..compared 1/4-3/8 Wood panels. WOOD is so expensive, and even sheet rock(CHALK) is getting over priced..ANd most of the sheet rock in the USA comes from…??? CHINA.

        So, HOW can we ship our MATERIALS over to China so CHEAP?? WHEN IT COSTS SO MUCH IN THE usa FOR THE same thing..

        • orchidcup says:

          WHAT is the reasoning?

          What is the point in reasoning with a corporation that is NOT A PERSON?

          Yes, raw granite blocks are VERY HEAVY, and SHIPPING THEM TO CHINA in a shipping container CANNOT be economical.

          You tell me the reasoning behind this, then we will both know the answer.

        • MartinJJ says:

          Overall the usa has to import more then it exports, due to the lack of a productive economy. That automatically makes everything expensive given the huge devaluation of the dollar. It also adds to the debt rapidly. QE’s make it even worse. It’s an engineered road of destruction of a nation. Once other nations quit using the worthless dollar as the worlds reserve currency, the only thing that momentarily keeps the dollar afloat, the end will be there.

  6. ECA says:

    If there are enough jobs, and they pay a fair wage,, people dont jump around to better jobs..
    But if you have MANY jobs, the employee is always looking for BETTER jobs or wages.. Both/all adults can work and forward their position..do BETTER, buy homes, SPREAD OUT.. and do BETTER..PEOPLE WANT someone for the job so they raise wages..they cant get enough people..
    CUT JOBS.. Make people fight for a job..MAke it so, that if you leave a job, ANOTHER person can take their place.. no matter the job, they have a World of people to choose from.
    Retirement? CUT IT SHORT. When they are getting about ready to retire or spent a good number of years, Pressure them.

    • orchidcup says:

      The outsourcing of labor to third-world countries is the number one problem facing the middle class today.

      When I call Dell customer service 30 miles down the road I get an Indian in New Delhi on the phone that speaks perfect English with an Indian accent that I cannot understand half the time.


      There are people around here that have computer science degrees working at fast-food restaurants because THEY CAN’T SEEM TO FIND A JOB.

      • ECA says:

        Look at top tier wages..
        its the OLD corp thing..
        1 person gets paid GREAT wages while all those below, get CRAP…
        And the only way to get a USA person that you can understand is IF’ you are a corp PAID member, $1000 per year.

        Strange math..
        Take all the jobs and ADD then up and device by the number of employees..
        NOW take off an equal amount of employees and wages, from the TOP AND BOTTOM..10-20-??? then do the average again..See the difference..

        The ORIGINAL OBAMA medical bill, wated to get rid of MEDICAL expenses, by giving Everyone medical..but Congress/Reps. changed it..so that it HAS to be paid by employer..thru OTHER PARTIES..which means that employee wages are as bad as before. The Average money for 1 employee, tends to almost double with all the costs. At $8 per hour and all the with holdings, and medical..you are paying $12-15 per hour..

        • orchidcup says:

          The Obama / Romoney universal healthcare plan is UNIVERSALLY beneficial to the healthcare insurance corporations.

          Make everybody buy health insurance and spread the risk among MANY contributors, and the risk is minimized FOR THE INSURANCE CORPORATIONS.

          This is no different from forcing drivers to purchase a minimum auto liability policy in the state of Texas. Yes, the premiums did go down in cost because of the spread of risk, but it benefits the INSURANCE CORPORATIONS because they have more “customers.”

          Nevertheless, 20% of drivers in Texas evade compulsive liability insurance by various methods and workarounds, so we are required to carry UNINSURED MOTORIST insurance to protect ourselves from the cheaters.

          It all works out great for the INSURANCE CORPORATIONS.

  7. ECA says:

    iN ADVERTS, GO BACK TO other ADVERTS THEY HAVE PUBLISHED…Listen to them and send the SAME to them.

  8. ECA says:


    Every one in this are have to pay for SPORTS/NEWS/RELIGIOUS/ADVERT/music/radio channels on Cable…
    Iv posted the costs before, and the highest payout is ESPN..and you cant take it OFF your cable selection.($5 per month)
    The average number of channels Out of 200, is about 10-20 that people watch. but you are paying for ALL the rest, even if you dont watch them.
    CABLE made it easier for THEMSELVES, and charges everyone for those channels.
    I’d rather pay $1 per channel for the 20 I WANT, then $50 for all the rest.

    • orchidcup says:

      Get a Roku box with streaming video.

      Subscribe to Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime, Pandora Channel, and the Nowhere Man Channel.

      I could have a sports channel if I wanted it.

      There is a No Agenda Channel, too!

      C-SPAN channels are also available.

      I fired the cable company long ago.

    • MartinJJ says:

      Filtering all the channels of your choice on your doorstep will probably make it more expensive, not less.

      But eh? Why just not simply quit watching all the government propaganda? Much healthier for your brain and a lot cheaper. But I admit it is risky. You actually might get in touch with reality again.

      • ECA says:

        iT IS MORE EXPENSIVE.. thats why I suggested $1 per channel.. The average now is $0.25 and you get ALL the channels..if you want them or not..and PAY for them, if you WANT to or not.

  9. ECA says:


    When you LOOSE or the mail is LATE with other services..
    TRY to find a recourse.. FINd out what you NEED to get anything done..You have NONE..

    TRY the MAIL service with a registered mail..They will search EVERYWHERE for it..as they are liable.

  10. Kent says:

    End the Federal Postal Monopoly.

    This has been the motto of libertarians for forty years. Got with the program.

  11. Kent says:

    BTW, do you know the difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic?


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